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Softech Audio
USA based provider of Asian sourced low budget audio products, please note that the web address provided was undeveloped when this was written so the postal address is a better bet.
Distributed in Brazil by Waldman.
Softech Audio Inc., 10847 Whitehawk St. Plantation, Florida 33324, USA.

Soften Oy
Finnish company that manufactures sound absorbing panels and other acoustic treatments, intended for use in homes and commercial operations more than in studios.
Distribution: In Sweden by Audio Concept and in the USA by Azure
Homepage: .
Soften Oy, Pajakatu 4 C, FI - 20320 Turku, Finland.
E-Mail: sales (at_

Japanese manufacturer of valve amplification, D/A converters and CD players.

Solartron See --> Rocksonic

Solcor See --> Extensiones Eléctricas Y de Audio (Cables, harnesses & interconnects)

Solid Acoustics
Japanese manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio accessories, their loudspeakers are interesting, those are polyhedrons like the old Isophon PA speakers but SA makes versions intended for high end hi-fi applications as well as a sound reinforcement model.
Solid Acoustics Co., Ltd., Minami Azabu Furukawa Bldg. 7F, 1-6-8 Minami Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan Zip 106-0047.
E-Mail: info at

Solid Sound Audio See --> Magnum Group

Solidsteel Audio
Italian manufacturer of hi-fi and AV furniture.
Distributed in Austria by Audio Tuning, in the Benelux countries by X-Fi, in Finland by T. L. Audio, in France by B&W France, in Germany by Audio Trade, in Greece by Tileoptiki-Saravelos, in Hong Kong by First Impression Marketing, in South Korea by Solomon Marketing and in Sweden by Audio Concept

Solid Tech
Swedish manufacturer of isolation platforms etc.
The company handles distribution in Scandinavia by itself except for Norway where it is done by P.M. Audio, distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design, in Germany by Audiostones, in Iran by Audioart Reference, in Israel by Audio Designs and in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore.

Sommer Cable
German manufacturer of audio and AV cables, cable harnesses, tools and related products.
Distribution: In France by Audioprice and in Sweden by Arva Trading
Homepage: .
Sommer Cable GmbH, Humboldtstrasse 32-36., DE-75334 Straubenhardt, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)7082 49133 0. Fax: +49 (0)7082 49133 11. E-Mail: info at

Sonab See --> Larsen Hi-Fi

USA based manufacturer of architectural audio and video products, company originally known as NTML and later as Home Technology Systems but later changed their name to Sonance which was previusly the name of their most succesful productline.
Distribution: In Belgium by New Invor, in Finland by Solito, in Greece by Adamco, in Sweden by Canseda, in Thailand by K. S. Sonsgroup and in Turkey by SSD Ses
Homepage: .
Sonance, 212 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672-7531, USA.
Tel: +1 800 582 7777. E-Mail: webmarket at

Sonex (Acoustic insulation and control) See --> Pinta Acoustic

Song Audio
Canadian manufacturer of valve based amplification and small/monitor style loudspeakers, in addition acts as the local distributor of Vasant K and Loth-X.
Song Audio, 451 Kenneth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M2N 4W4, Canada
Tel: +416 590 1791.

Sonic Art
Australian manufacturer, is also a large distributor of DIY audio components.
Distributed in New Zealand by Kirrabilli Acoustics

Sonic Design
Swedish manufacturer of isolation devices and technical software.

Sonic Euphoria
Manufactures a passive linestage.
Distributed in New Zealand by Reference Audio Systems

Sonic Frontiers
High end amplification and CD players etc.. Also trades under the Anthem brand and is owned by Paradigm.
Distributed in Finland by PCE Systems, in Hungary by Ultimate Audio, in Italy by Xflow and in the UAE by mmaasMedia.

Sonics By Joachim Gerhard
German high end loudspeaker manufacturer, Hr. Gerhard is an ex-Audio Physic designer.
Distributed in Poland by Audio System, in Sweden by Audio Concept and in USA by Immedia.

USA based manufacturer of high end line array loudspeakers in addition to USB to S/PDIF converters.
Sonicweld, 1188 South 1680 West, Orem, Utah 84058, USA.
Tel: +1 801 226 3614..

Sonist Loudspeakers
USA based loudspeaker manufacturer.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong & Macau by Audio Access (Hong Kong)
Homepage: .
Sonist Loudspeakers, 10153 1/2 Riverside Drive, #159, Toluca Lake, CA 91602, USA.
Tel: +818 632 0692. E-Mail: info at

Sonneteer See --> F. T. M. Marketing Limited

Sonocable See --> Nelson Chung (Cables & amplification)

Sonodyne (Speakers & amps) See --> Sonodyne

German business that manufactures lifestyle audio products such as radios and music systems. Company founded in 2007 by Marcell Faller.
Distribution: In Switzerland by DKB Household Switzerland
Homepage: .
Sonoro Audio GmbH, Unter Goldschmied 6, 50667 Köln, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)221 16 79 29 0. Fax: +49 (0)221 16 79 29 290. E-Mail: info ¬at¬

Turkish manufacturer of Hi-Fi and AV furniture.
Distributed in Singapore by Electrades.
SONOROUS, Yeni Çamlica, Mh. Yedpa Ticaret Merkezi B Caddesi, No. 153-154 Ümraniye, Itanbul, Turkey.
Tel: +90 216 661 41 95. Fax: +90 216 661 41 98. E-mail: info at
SONOROUS UK, Unit 8 the Gateway Centre, Coronation Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP12 3SU, Unitted Kingdom.
Tel: 0870 9903219 (UK only) or +44 (0) 14948 896688. Fax: 0870 4204084 (UK Only). E-mail: info at

USA based maker of digital music systems.
Distributed in Hungary and Poland by Horn Distribution, in Switzerland by Audiools by Braintools and in the UAE by Archimedia.

Sonus Faber
Italian maker of high end loudspeakers, originally founded in 1983 by Franco Serblin.
Distributed in Croatia by Media Audio, in the Czech Republic by Finale Audio, in Denmark by McIntosh Nordic, in Greece by Sonus Hi-Fi, in Iceland by Rafgrein, in India by Sound of Music, in New Zealand by Denco Audio, in Norway by Mono A/S, in South Africa by Audio Tronic, in Switzerland by Montana Audio Systems, in Thailand by K. S. Sonsgroup, in the UK by Absolute Sounds, in Ukraine by Dream Audio and in the USA by Sumiko.

Sonus Systems
UK based manufacturer of AV and media storage furniture.

Japanese conglomerate. Involved in every aspect of the audio and visual markets, from personal stereo's through esoteric hi-fi to professional recording equipment and computer based gear. Also owns a host of brands and or companies that it uses to differentiate its products like Aiwa and Wega and Oxford (Digital pro audio). Originally founded in 1945 as Tokyo-Tsushin Kenkyusho by Masaru Ibuka but a year later merged into a new company called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Co. when he took Akio Morita as a partner, the company was popularly known in Japan as Totsuko, but changed into the current name in the 1958 because people in some Western markets had problems pronouncing the original name and to them it sounded very similar to the names of other Japanese companies. The Sony name comes from one of their older brandnames, the Soni-Tape that was used on blank tape products from 1951 to the 60's, the current spelling with an Y at the end is for graphical rather than linguistic reasons, it simply looks better.
Homepage: - Sony Media Division homepage (Blank tapes, CDR' & MD's).
Distribution in Iceland by Aco/Tæknival and in Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul. Consumer products distibuted in Romania by Avitech while professional products are distributed by Stage Expert, Sony Oxford products are distributed in Thailand by M. I. Engineering and their range of professional audio products is distributed in France by Algam and in Sweden by Arva Trading.

Sooloos (Media servers) See --> Boothroyd-Stuart

Sophia Electric Technology
USA based manufacturer of high end valve amplifiers and loudspeakers with production factilities in both the USA and China.
Distribution: In Mexico by Audiomex and in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore
Homepage: .
Tel: +1 703 204 1429. Fax: +1 703 560 3502. E-Mail: sales at

US based manufacturer of AV storage furniture.

USA based turntable manufacturer.
Distribution: In Canada by Toronto home of Audiophiles, in Chile by MOR Audio & Video, in Denmark by San Audio, in Greece by Music Machine in Indonesia by Danumuri Adhika, in Italy by DP Trade, in Malaysia by Music By Design Malaysia, in Mexico by Tel Rad S.A., in Norway by Audioroyal, in Singapore by Music By Design, in South Africa by The Listening Room, in South Korea by Dongwon Merchandise, in Thailand by Audio Excellence and in the UK by The Audiophile Club
Homepage: .
SOTA, 10830 S. Nagle, P.O. Box 247, Worth, IL 60482, USA.
Phone: 708 246 9815. Fax: +708 246 9778. Email: sotaturntables at

Slovenian manufacturer og high end loudspeakers, a baffle less line-source design mounted in a glass frame, visually exiting stuff.
SoulSonic D.O.O., Brezno 71A, 2363 Podvelka, Slovenia.
E-Mail: miro:at& .

Soulution See --> Spemot

Sound Acoustics See --> Pro-Linear

Sound Advance
USA based manufacturer of flat panel loudspeakers intended for in-wall installations etc.
Distributed in Greece by Nick J. Laios.

South African manufacturer of hi-fi and AV furniture, loudspeaker stands and the like.
Distributed in Poland by FAST.

Sound By Design
British manufacturer of Turntables.
Sound By Design, 70 Brae Court, Kingston Hill, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 7QH, United Kingdom.
Phone/Fax: +020 8404 4343. Email: info at or psavic at

Soundbridge Acoustic Labs
Manufacture loudspeakers for sound reinforcement use, company based in the USA.

Manufactures the Superspikes isolators.
Homepage: Distributed in Australia by Fine Audio Int., in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine by Arkada, in Belgium and Holland by Audeo, in Canada by Europroducts Marketing, in Chile by AVTec, in China and Hong Kong by Changye Audio Visual, in Denmark by Hinke, in Finland by AV Komponentti, in France by I. H. T. Services Group, in Germany by I. T. Electronic, in Greece by Mentoyiannis, in Hungary by KáCsa Audio,in Iceland by Einar Farestveit og Co, in Japan by Kanjitsudenki Co., in Malaysia and Singapore by MusicLink, in Norway by Njál Hansson, in Slovakia by Ketos, in Slovenia by Bofex, in South Africa by J.A.D.E. Services, in Spain by Audiofilo, in Sweden by Sound & Vision Support AB, in Switzerland by Balcar Electronics, in Tahiti by Tahiti Music, in Taiwan by Tang Hill International, in the USA by Taylor Sales and in Yugoslavia by Vox Trade

Sound Center
Actually a tiny hi-fi shop in northern Sweden but has their own range of rather nifty loudspeakers.
Sound Center, Formvägen 8, 906 21 Umeå, Sweden.
Phone/Fax: +46 (0)90 18 90 45. Email: k-e-e.nordlund at

Sound Connections

USA based company, makes cables, connectors and interconnects under the Vampire Wire name but a few years back used the Vampwire brand. Company originally founded in 1979 by Stuart Marcus who later also owned Xhadow Corp..
Distribution: In Sweden by Audio Concept and in Thailand by AV BestBuy.
Homepage: .
Sound Connections, 203 Flagship Drive, Lutz, Florida 33549 USA.
Tel: +813 948 2707. Fax: +813 948 2907. E-Mail: sales at

Belarussian high end loudspeaker manufacturer.
Disstributed in Poland by Rhythmica
Tel: +375 296 784 471. E-Mail: info at

Sound Ideas See --> CinemaSonics

Sound Improvement Disc
German manufacturer of accessories and isolation platforms.
Distributed in Benelux by Technology Factory, in Germany by Audiostones and Audiophile Hifi-Producte and in the UK by Custom Design.
SID, Im Bläslesrain 38, 72644 Oberboihingen, Germany.
E-Mail: info at

Sound Lab
USA based manufacturer of electrostatic loudspeakers, hybrid dynamic/electrostatic speakers intended for use in home theatre applications and acoustic treatments.
Distribution: In Italy by Ele.Co, in Sweden by Audionord AB and in the UK by Metropolis Music
Homepage: .
Sound Lab, PO Box 409, Gunnison, UT 84634, USA.
Tel: +1 435 528 7218. Fax: +1 435 528 7219. E-Mail: soundlab_03 {at} or soundlab |at|

Soundline See --> K-Pretech

Sound Magic GmbH

German company that manufactures loudspeakers under the Hans Deutsch brand, the name and the designs are licenced from Austrian acoustician Hans Deutsch Akustikforschung, in addition the company acts as the German distributor of Koss.
Sound Magic GmbH, Glasbergweg 7, 79822 Titisee-Neustadt, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)76 51 93 26 03. Fax: +49 (0)76 51 93 25 98. E-Mail: info at

Soundmatters Int.
USA based manufacturer of AV loudspeakers and electronics.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Sound & Image, in Austria by Vogrin Datenprojektion, in Belgium, France & Luxembourgh by Audio Marketing Services, in Canada by Jam industries, in Costa Rica by Audio Arte, in Denmark by Hinke, in Ireland by Acoustic Dimension, in Norway by Schultz Cable Com, in Switzerland by Dynavox SA and in Taiwan by Minpaks Trading Co..
Homepage: .
Soundmatters International Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA.
Tel: +415 255 1960 Fax: +415 255 1965.

Sound Mechanics
Hong Kong based company that manufactures high end loudspeakers, acoustic treatments, power conditioners and isolation platforms, also active as an OEM, is the current licensee and manufacturer of the Hedlund Horn and distributes Loricraft record cleaning machines in China, HK and Macau.
Distribution: In Norway by Hi-Fi Guiden and in the USA by the The Lotus Group
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage -- HK homepage.
Sound Mechanics, Room 1703, 17/F., Beverly House, 93-107 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2389 3133 (English) or +86 13143963292 and +852 96029332 (Chinese only). E-Mail: contactus (at/

Soundocity See --> Larry P. & Patricia Stepanek (Loudspeaker spikes)

Sound Of East Audio Equipment Co.
A Chinese manufacturer of high end audio products sold under the Esound or East Sound names. Best known for their CD players and it is really only those we get to see in the west, but the company has also shown some prototype amplification products and loudspeakers. Please note that their homepage was missing a few pages when this was written in late 2011 and had been for a couple of years but the company is still with us. Originally founded in 1997.
Distribution: Their worldwide distribution agent is Cattylink Analog Research, but local distribution is handled in Holland by East West Audio, in Italy by Audio Construzioni, in Singapore by Audio Trio, in Sweden by Akkelis Audio
Homepage: .
Sound Of East Audio Equipment Co. Ltd., #504, 116 Shang Du Lu, Haizhu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Tel: +86 020 81799160. Fax: +86 020 81799210. E-Mail: service ]at[

The Sound Of The Valve
Italian manufacturer of high end valve amplifiers.

Sound Organisation See --> Armour Group

Sound Pipes
US based manufacturer of outdoor speakers.

Sound Right See --> Chengdu Xindak Electronic

USA based manufacturer of gramophone pick-ups, loudspekers, stands, amplification and audio testing devices. In addtion the company is the USA distributor of Davis Acoustics, offers re-tipping service for moving coil pick-ups and is an authohrised repair centre for Audio Research, Bang & Olufsen, darTZeel, Jeff Rowland and Revox and provides spares and service for Tandberg products as well. Soundsmith also often have second hand audio products for sale on their homepage and at the shop.
Distribution: In Brunei by Giok Seng Enterprise Company and in Sweden by Audio Concept
Homepage: .
The Soundsmith, 8 John Walsh Blvd., Suite 417, Peekskill, NY 10566, USA.
Tel: +1 914 739 2885 or 800 942 8009 (toll free, USA/Canada only). Fax: +1 914 739 5204. E-Mail: Craig (at<

Sounds of Science

Estonian company that also has a presence in Sweden, manufactures acoustic treatments and mechanical isolation products such as absorbers for home, office and industrial environments in addition to acoustic measurement equipment and software. The company is a spinoff of the original Skype company and notably uses only recyclable material in their products.
Distribution: In Norway by Andervik Audio
Homepage: .
Sounds Of Science Oü, Kungla 11-35, 443 12 Rakvere, Estonia.
Tel: +372 539 802 02 (Estonia) or +46 08 559 22 193 (Sweden). E-Mail: info &at& Skype: SOFSCI

USA based manufacturer of cables and interconnects.

Soundstyle See --> Armour Group

Sound Valves
US based amplifier manufacturer, operated in the 80's under the Stereo Cost Cutters name and was mostly a reseller of audio overstocks and suchlike, and in the 90's it was known under the Sound Values Inc. name.

SoundVision Technologies LLC

USA based company that sells loudspeakers and amplifiers primarily intended for the home installation market under the Tru Audio brand, their products are primarily sourced from China. In addition the company sells 19” racks and power distribution products under the Forge brand but up until ca 2010 they were sold under the Fat Cat Technologies name. The company founded a division called EarJax in 2009 but sold that to Bodyguardz in 2011. SVT was originally founded in 2001 by Ronald G. Davies and R. Brent Howard (ex-Sonance), and for a short while traded as Soda Jerk.
Distribution: In Russia by Qvinta
Homepage: .
SoundVision Technologies LLC , 439 North 3050 East, St. George, Utah 84790, USA.
Tel: +1 888 858 1555. Fax: +1 435 251 9815. E-Mail: sales xATx

Soundwave (Acoustic panels) See --> Offecct (Current maker) or Snowcrash AB (2000 to 2003)

Source Loudspeaker Technologies
USA based manufacturer of mid and high end loudspeakers.
Source Loudspeaker Technologies, 701 Nutmeg Road N., South Windsor, Conn. 06074, USA.
Tel: +860 528 2892. Fax: +860 652 9660. E-Mail: HRSCE at

Souther See --> Clearaudio

South West Analogue
UK based company, primarily a specialised hi-fi retailer but in addition they manufacture generic turntable covers, interconnects and speaker & power cables. run by Graham and Marion Whittley, both ex-SME ltd..
South West Analogue, The Old Dairy, 2 Ash Lane, Winsford, Somerset TA24 7JH, UK.
Tel: + 44 (0) 1643 851351. E-Mail: enquiries (at)

Sovereign See --> High End Unterhaltungselektronik

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