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IAG See --> International Audio Group

Ian Edwards
British furniture manufacturer, traditionally best known for their media housing but has recently turned their attention to hi-fi furniture as well.
Ian Edwards, The Old Chapel, 282 Skipton Road, Harrorgate, North Yorkshire HG1 3HE, England.
Tel: +01423 500442. Fax: 01423 705200..

ICL See --> Softtone

Icon Audio
British manufacturer of valve amplification, also handles the UK distribution of KingSound.
Distributed in Spain by Gorbelgrup Serveis

Iconic Manufactuiring Co.
USA based loudspeaker manufacturer.

French high end maker of speakers, amplification and CD players.

iDigital See --> CEIEC (Consumer electronics)

Small USA based high end loudspeaker manufacturer run by Roger Russell an ex-McIntosh director of acoustical research, perhaps not surprisingly the IDS speaker is an tower array with an equaliser for the low end not dissimilar to the Mac towers that were in fact designed by the same Mr. Russell.
Distribution: Worldwide distribution by Haig Audio

IeGO (Power cables etc.) See --> Iego

Ieeshen Optical Electronic Corp. See --> Yoshi Mori Enterprise

iFi Audio See --> Abbingdon Limited

IGECE Konsult
Swedish company, primarily a distributor for the Sound Precision line of pro-audio products but they also manufacture high end interconnects using the Silk brand and speaker cables under the SilSpeak name.
IGECE Konsult KB, Po Box 29152, SE-10052 Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)8 765 90 00. Fax: +46 (0)8 663 70 90. E-Mail: info ~at~

Igor Levin
California, USA based gent that trades using the Antelope Audio brand, manufactures mid/high end and professional DAC's and master clock units with fabrication in China. Mr. Levin used to own and run a company called Aardvark Computer Systems that disappeared in 2003 but he pops up in 2004 showing mockups of products and a logo that showed a great resemblence to those of his previous company.
Distribution: Worldwide distribution by Elektrosfera Ltd., local distribution in Greece by Ultra Audio Group, in Monaco by Sound Galleries and in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video
Homepage: .
Tel: +1 415 869 9661. Fax: +1 415 520 0954.

Ikeda Sound Labs
Japanese manufacturer of pickups and tonearms, founded in 1984 by Ikeda-san formerly of Fidelity Research, no homepage and word has reached us that he is slowly winding production of tonearms down but pickup production and service carries on, no homepage but more info can be had on the web site of the FR Fan Club (In Japanese).
Distribution: In China and Hong Kong by Audio Exotics, in North America handled by Tangram Audio, in Russia & the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd., in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video, in Switzerland by Schopper and in Russia by Nikitsky 12

Illbruck Acoustic (Acoustic insulation and control) See --> Pinta Acoustic

Illusion Audio
USA based manufacturer of drivers and other car audio loudspekar parts.
Worldwide distribution handled by Audio Group.

iLuv (MP3 & media player accessories) See --> Jwin Electronics

A loudspeaker manufacturer based in New Zealand, company originally founded in 1968 as Monitor Acoustics but changed its name to the current one in 1990.
Homepage: - Alternative homepage
Image Loudspeakers Ltd., 21 Eric Paton Way, Mt Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand.
Tel: +64 9 5708090. Fax: +64 9 5206229. Email: info at

Image (DVD Players) See --> Himage

US based blank media manufacturer, took over the media manufacture of the 3M company and for a while used the Scotch brandname but that has been phased out in favour of the company's own name.

British manufacturer of media servers.
Distributed in the Middle East by VTI Marketing, in Austria by Audio Tuning, in Belgium by New Invor, in Croatia by Ascomm, in the Czech Republic by Oxygene, in Denmark by LB Radio, in Finland by Solito, in France by Vity Technology, in Germany by Audio Network, in Greece by Adamco, in Hungary by Infoscreen, in Ireland by Zebra Distribution, in Italy by Definitive Audio, in Norway by NCMS, in Poland by Rhythmica, in Portugal by Luz e Som, in Russia by Russian Game, in Spain by Smart Business, in South Africa by Homemation and in Switzerland by Genesis Technologies

Immedia See --> Immedia (Distribution) & Spiral Groove (Turntables)

Immutable Music
Makes high end phono pickups using the Transfiguration brand, run by designer Seiji Yoshioka.
Distrubuted in Australia and New Zealand by Reference Audio Visual, in Malaysia by Wisma Audio, in Italy by Suono E Communicazione, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore, in the UK by Audio Reference and in the USA by Profundo.

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