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Audio Selection Creaktiv GmbH
German manufacturer of high end hi-fi, home theatre and media furniture under the Creaktiv brand and cables & audio accessories under the Audio Selection, Perfect Sound and 4 Steps Ahead names. Also acts as the German distributor of Roberts Radio Ltd..
Distribution: In the Benelux countries by Technology Distribution, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Roksan Trading, in Mexico by Armonia AVM and in Russia & the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.
Homepage: -- Roberts Radio homepage -- Perfect Sound homepage -- 4 Steps Ahead homepage.
Audioselection Creaktiv GmbH, Drieschweg 9, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)2224 949930. Fax: +49 (0)2224 949931. E-Mail: info at

Audioskin (Cable organiser) See --> JTM Merchandising

Audiosmile See --> Simon Ashton

Italian manufacturer of high end amplification, loudspeakers and cables.
Audiosophia S.r.l., Riviera Francia 3/A, 35127 Padova , Italy.
Tel: +39 049 69 88 374. Fax: +39 049 69 88 823. E-Mail: info at

Audiosource See --> Phoenix Gold

Audio Space See --> Top International Electronic

Audio Static
Dutch manufacturer of electrostatic loudspeakers.
Distributed in Denmark, Finland and Norway by High End Sound and in the UK by Musicology.


Norwegian company that manufactures turntables, isolation products such as spikes and high end hi-fi racking units.
Distribution: In Russia by Gong-AV
Homepage: (Norwegian only) -- Audiostone distribution homepage (English & German).
Audiostone AS, Postboks 8172, Spjelkavik, N-6022 Ĺlesund, Norway.
Tel: +47 70 14 17 08. Fax: +47 70 15 04 01. E-Mail: info |at|

Audio Synthesis
UK high end manufacturer, has amplification, CD transports, DAC's and cables.
Distributed in North America by Donald North Audio and in Thailand by Inventive AV.

Audio System Manufacturing (ASM)
French company that manufactures high end seperates under the Mimetism brand. The company has production factilities in France and Switzerland, and is run by William Andrea ex-Supravox, FAMCO and YBA.
Distributed in Australia by Duratone, in the Benelux countries by Dynamic Solutions, in Denmark Norway and Finland by T.AA. Import, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Excel Marketing, in Germany by Audiostones, in Greece by Exclusive Audio, in Romania by Hi-Fi Expert, in Singapore by X Audio, in Spain by Signo Filarmonía, in Switzerland by Audio Synthese, in the UK by Absolute Sounds and in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.
ASM, Rue du Chene, 35660 Brain Sur Vilaine, France.
Tel/Fax. + 33 ( 0 ) 299 70 21 60. E-Mail: info at

Audio Technica
Japanese manufacturer of transducers such as microphones and pickups, but also makes a mind boggling variety of personal hi-fi products and accessories both under its own name and under the Autec and TechniClean names. Also owns the Signet brand but had discontinued its use and acts as the local distributor for Oyaide. Company originally founded in 1962 to manufacture broadcast pickups.
Distribution: In Australia by Australis Music , in Belgium by New Invor, in Canada by Global Electronic Supplies and in Jordan by Digital Audio Video Systems Corp., headphone products are distributed in the UK by Henley Designs but all other products are supplied by AT’s UK office (see below)
Homepage: -- International homepage.
Audio Technica, 2206 Naruse Machida, Tokyo Japan.
Tel: +427 39 9126. Fax: 427 39 9129.
Audio-Technica Limited (UK),Technica House, Royal London Industrial Estate, Old Lane, Leeds LS11 8AG, UK.
Phone: +44 (0)113 277 1441. Fax: +44 (0)113 270 4836. Email: sales at

Audio Technology See --> Audio Technology

Audio Technology Life (ATL)
Manufactures high end electric filters and distribution blocks.

Audio Technology Switzerland

Swiss manufacturer that under the Nagra Audio brand makes a wide range of professional audio products along with high end hi-fi amplification and CD players. The company was a part of the Kudelski group .
Distribution: Hi-Fi products are distributed in Australia by Fine Audio Int., In Austria and Germany by Gaudios, in the Benelux countries by Symphony Audio Import BV, in China by YH Audio, in Denmark by PS Audio, in Finland by PCE Systems, in Germany by Pia Hi-Fi, in Greece by Aphrodite's Vision, in India by Sound of Music, in Japan by Taiyo International, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Russia by Qvinta, in Turkey by AudioGen High End and in the UK by RT Services. Professional product range distributed in Denmark by Kinovox and in Sweden by POL Teknik
Homepage: .
Audio Technology Switzerland S.A., Chemin de l'Orio 30A, CH-1032 Romanel sur Lausanne, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 21 732 0101. Fax: +41 21 732 0212.

Audio Tekne
Japanese manufacturer of high end separates, speakers, accessories and cables, the company also runs a high end audio store in the Hacioji surburb of Tokyo. Company was founded by Mr. Kiyoaki Imai and is run by the Imai clan but that includes his wife Tomiko and son Hironobu.
Audio Tekne Incorporated.
Tel: +81 (0) 426 91 2678. E-Mail: Imai /at(

Distribution: In the USA by Tangram Audio.
See also: Audio Tekne RIAA Preamplifiers and Audio Tekne cables

Audiothlon Sp.J.
Polish company that manufactures loudspeakers, cables and interceonnects under the Equilibrium brand and power conditioners and cables using the Enerr name.
Distribution: In Scandinavia and Spain by Agentur Tur-Pex
Homepage: -- Enerr homepage.
Audiothlon Sp.J., Zacisze 7 str., 65-001 Zielona Góra, Poland.
Tel: +48502485808. E-Mail: info /at|

Swiss manufacturer of cleaning chemicals and systems for audio, specially LP's.
Distribution: In Germany by Acapella and in Norway by Audioroyal
Homepage: .
Audiotop Products, P.O.Box 366, CH-8600 Duebendorf, Switzerland.
Tel: 0041 (0)44 821 22 05. E-Mail: info at

Audiotrak (High end soundcards) See --> ESI

Audio Valve
German manufacturer of valve amplifiers.
Distribution: In Norway by Audio Art avd. Norsk Hi-Fi Center, in Saudi Arabia by Jeddah Audiophile Club, in Singapore by Electrades and in Thailand by 4D Digital Land
Homepage: .
AudioValve, Auf dem Streken 7, 32689, Kalletal, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 5264 7799. Fax: +49 (0) 5264 654477. E-Mail: audiovalve_export at

Danish mid and high end loudspeaker manufacturer, originally started in 1978 as F3/Lyd and incorporated a year later, but throughout the 80's and early 90's their products were mostly sold as Trapez. Note that company has an unusually good spares service for their older models.
Distributed in Australia by Caxton Audio, in the Faroe Islands by Expert - Damor, in Greece by Audio Evolution, in Greenland by Grønlands Radio Center, in Japan by H & K Corp., in Kroatia by Media Audio, in Poland by Best Audio, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Russia by M.Video, in South Korea by Wooriaudio Corp., in Spain by Corpaw, in Sweden by Ljudtema and in Thailand by Golden Sound (2001).

Audiovox Electronics
USA based company that traditionally makes and sells car audio products etc. under names such as Prestige, Rampage and SPS, but bought some of the assets of Recoton and with them gained a lot of and brands and product lines including Phase Linear and Road Gear but also the product lines of Acoustic Research, Jensen and Advent and the right to use those brands on loudspekaers and electronics products, but more importantly it got hold of the profitable German arm of the company that holds out Mac Audio, Magnat and Heco in addition to maufacturing car audio products under the Phase Evolution name. Bought the accessories product line from Thomson and with it got brands such as Discwasher.
Distribution: Dicswasher products are distributed in Canada by Liberty Trading
Homepage: .
Audiovox German Holdings, Lise Meitner Strasse 9, 50259 Pulheim, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 2234 807 0. Fax: +49 (0) 2234 807 399.

Audiozen (Speakers & pre-amps) See --> Antonino Pistone

Audio Zone See --> Audio Oasis

Audio 4
Dutch manufacturer of electrostatic loudspeakers.

Audio 4 & C. Srl.
Italian company that sells hi-fi componenets and AV amplifiers under the Aeron brand, hi-fi products under the TProgress stencil, loudspeakers & valve amplifiers using the Quiet label, professional audio and DJ products using the Noiz name in addition to distributing Jolida, Mission, Quad and Ravon Audio.
Distribution: Aeron and Tprogress products are distributed in France by Audio Marketing Services
Homepage: -- Aeron homepage -- Noiz site -- TProgress page -- Quiet Electronics homepage.
Audio 4 & C. srl, Via Polidoro da Caravaggio 33, 20156 Milano, Italy.
Tel: +39 0233 402 760. Fax: +39 0233 402 221. E-Mail: info _at_

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