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MBL Akustikgeräte GmbH
German manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, converters, amplification and other seperates. Originally founded in 1979 by Wolfgang Meletzky.
Homepage: - alternate homepage

MBL Akustikgeräte GmbH distribution

Europe: In the Benelux countries by Sound E-motions, in France by Ursa Major, in Italy by Hi-Fi Center, in Latvia and Russia by Referenz Studio, in Poland by Audio System, in Slovenia by UBIQ, in Spain by SOTASS, in Sweden by Audio Concept and in the UK by Sound Venture.

Asia & the Pacific: In Indonesia by Surios High End Audio, in Japan by MBL Kyoto, in New Zealand by Baigent & Daughters, in Singapore by Coherence Audio, in Thailand by N. B. Technology and in Taiwan by Sound Art.

The Americas & the West Indies: In Argentina by Holimar and in Brazil by KVS3 Comercio de Audio e Video.

Africa and the Middle East: In Israel by Sabo Audio and in Turkey by Extreme Audio.

MBL Akustikgeräte GmbH, Berlin, Germany.

MB Quart See --> Maxxsonics

McCormack Audio Corp.
USA based manufacturer of high end audio electronics, formerly known as the Mod Squad.
Distributed in Norway by Audiofreaks, in Portugal by Audio Elite, in Spain by Signo Filarmonía and in Thailand by Audio Excellence.

Mc Crypt See --> Conrad Electronic

McKenzie Acoustical Design
USA based company that manufactures loudspeaker parts.

McIntosh Labratory
Long running USA based manufacturer of amplifiers, speakers and car audio, owned by D+M Group. More information on the history of company can be found here.
Distributed in Australia by DFS Audio, in the Czech Republic by Finale Audio, in Denmark by PS Audio, in Greece by Vassilopoulos Bros., in Italy by MPI Electronic, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Singapore by Ong Radio, in Thailand by K. S. Sonsgroup, in the UK by A Audio Marketing and in Vietnam by Dong Thanh.
Authorised repair centres : George Merrill's Analog Emporium (USA - Memphis, TN)

MDM See --> Precide

Mechanical Research Corporation
A company founded by the legendary audio designer Niro Nakamichi's in 1998, makes a unique range of amplifiers and home theatre equipment. Also uses the Niro and Niroson trademarks.
Distributed in Singapore by Hwee Seng.

MediaMatrix See --> Peavey Electronics

Medion AG
German manufacturer of consumer electronics, primarily know as a manufacturer of PC compatible computers but has been moving aggressively into the home entertainment and lifestyle fields, has also sold audio and AV products under the Lifetec brand. The company is best known for an unusual marketing concept but that is to sell through low price food retailers (Aldi et. al) for a short period of time but it's products are increasingly turning up is specialised retailers as well.
Homepage: - German homepage

Megahertz Audio
Italian manufacturer of valve amplifiers and electric filters.

ME Geithain (Speakers & monitors) See --> Musikelectronic Geithain

Chinese company, also using the RIAPLASTEX tradename. Note that their homepage had not been activated when this was written.
Choi Doo, Tel : +063 833 2095. E-Mail : j-doo1004 at

Meier Audio
German company that is primarily a retailer of headphones and related products, they do however have a range of headphone amplifiers that they brand as Corda.

MeiXing Electronic Factory
Chinese manufacturer of valve amplification, it's wares are usually distributed in the west under the Ming-Da brandname although the company is priarily occupied as an OEM producer for a number of western companies and the company has recently withdrawn from selling to a number of markets since it cannot produce enough to supply the Chinese one.
Worldwide distribution is handled by Hi-Fi Tone.

Meizu Electronic Technology
Chinese manufacturer of MP3 players and other personal audio products.
Distributed in Norway by Duet Audio.
E-Mail : market at

Melange (Hi-fir racks/isolation platforms) See --> Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau

Mel Audio
Italian manufacturer of high end audio, has an unusually full line for such a producer, makes anything from power conditioners through turntables to DAC's.

Italian producer of projecton screens, initially produced screens for movie hteatre and other professional applications but has made inroads into the consimer market.
Distributed in Poland by Best Audio

Italian manufacturer of hi-fi and AV furniture and stands.

Melodika See --> Rafko

Melody Valve Hi Fi Pty. Ltd.
Australian manufacturer high end valve amplification with production factilities in China. Melody is also active as an OEM and you can find their products branded Genesis Advanced Technologies and Onix.
Homepage: - Alternative homepage (more likely to be up than the main page when this was written) Alternative homepage 2.
Distributed in Belgium by Greenwich Electronics, in Hong Kong by Hit Audio, in Thailand by Audiocom Group, in the UK by Select Audio and in the USA by Melody HiFi LLC. Onix Products distributed in Taiwan by Sound Art

Used to be one of the biggest supplier of blank media in the world but today only sells optical media but that includes audio variants, USA division also sells personal and portable audio products and a small range of other CE products.

Menicus Audio Group
US based company that manufactures loudspeakers drivers and other parts.

German manufacturer of high end CD players and amps.
Homepage: Please note that their homepage is undeveloped

Meridian See --> Boothroyd-Stuart

Merlin Music Systems
Small US based speaker factory.
Distributed in Canada by Tri-Cell.
Merlin Music Systems Inc., 4705 South Main Street, PO Box 146, Hemlock, New York 14466, USA.
Phone : +(716) 367 2390. Fax : +(716) 367 2685. Email : info at

Merrill Audio See --> Merrill Audio (Defunct) -- or Merrill-Scillia Research and/or Merrill Williams below, (both current)

Merrill-Scillia Research
USA based manufacturer of high end turntbles.
Distribution: In Greece by MF Audio
Homepage: .
MSR, LLC., P.O. Box 539, North Branford, CT 06471, USA.
Tel: +1 203 671 5776 (tech) or +1 901 751 3337 (sales).

Merrill-Williams Audio
USA based manufacturer of high end turntbles, founded by and named after George Merrill of Merrill Audio fame and local studio owner Robert Williams. Mr. Merrill runs a company called George Merrill's Analog Emporium from the same premises but that company offers service and repairs to hi-fi products.
Homepage: -- George Merrill's Analog Emporium homepage
Merrill-Williams Audio LLC, 820 Herbert Road, #109, Memphis, TN 38018, USA.
Tel: +1 901 209 0796 (Merrill-Williams) and +1 901 751 3337 (GMAE)..

ME Sound See --> Innovative Industry Solutions (Amplifiers - Australia)

Metal Technology See --> Wood Technology

Metaxas Audio Systems See --> Kostas Metaxas

Metronome Technologie
French manufacturer of high end seperates.
Distribution : In Australia by Fine Audio Int., in Croatia by Son Et Image, in Germany by Taurus High End, in Hong Kong by Audio Supplies Company, in India by Sound of Music and in the UK by Integrated Engineering Solutions

Metrum Acoustics See --> All Engineering B.V. (DAC's)

German manufacturer of consumer electronics best known for their mid and high end televisions, has a small audio lineup.
Distributed in Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design and in Holland by Penta Electronics

MFB s.r.l.

Italian company that manufactures high end hi-fi separates and loudspeakers under the Doma brandname.
MFB s.r.l., Via Lame 160/D (P.zza di Porta Lame), 40122 Bologna, Italy.
Tel: +39 051 552228. Fax: +39 051 524959. E-Mail: info ;at; (technical support) or marceca :at: (sales).

German manufacturer of valve amplifiers, power conditioners and some other audio accessories, sold under the MFE brand, also does repairs of high end audio electronics. Company named after owner Michael Franken.
Distribution: In Sweden by Audio Concept
Homepage: .
MF-Electronic, Dülkenerstrasse 84, D- 41844 Wegberg, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)2434 20867. Fax: +49 (0)2434 25063.

Mhdt Laboratory See --> Jiun-Hsien Wu (DAC's)

MHI See --> Micro Home Installation (Loudspeakers)

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