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Please note that this is a company listing not a brand listing, for brands see: Brands & trademarks. Companies are only listed in more than one country if they have officially moved. Only manufacturers and trading companies are listed here, pure service only companies are not indexed. This index is basically not the idea of the author of these pages since I do not find it useful in any way and in fact seriously misleading at times, OSRAM for instance has more infrastructure, personnel and manufacturing capacity in the USA than it has in Germany, still, it is classified as a German company since that is where its headquarters are. However a number of people have asked for this sort of an index so I relented in the end, to be brutally honest, all of those that asked for a country index came from the USA, read into that what you may.

(D) behind a name means that is either defunct or no longer in the AV/MI business, (N) means that the brand is still owned but not actively used. (MI) behind a name means it is primarily a musical instrument brand while a (LT) means that it is primarily a lighting and theatrical products label, and (PA) that it is a manufacturer of professional audio products. (CE) or no marking on the other hand indicates that they are consumer electronics brands (hi-fi, portable audio/video and home theatre in other words). Note that companies that straddle across market sectors may not get all of those sectors correctly marked but only the main ones.

Service companies are usually not listed here unless they are distinct brands visible on equipment or software, in that case they get the (S) behind their name, (LC) are licensed technology brands, (C) are computer and networking products (E) are pure educational products (musical instrument educational products are classified as (MI) rather than (E) though). Holding companies and other similar structures are denoted by (HF).

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Daniel Fernández (MI) — Gonzalez Reeds (MI) — NewsanPrind-Co (PA) — René G. Ceballos (D/PA/MI).

Acoustica (CE/PA) — Acoustic Technologies ElectronicsActive Audio Australia (PA) — Aspen AmplifiersAustralis Music (MI) — Beale Pianos (MI) — Betetec IndustriesBocchino TechnologiesContinuum Audio LabsDK Independent (PA) — EpozE R AudioETIGrover Allman (MI) — Hills Sound, Vision & Lighting (PA) — Innovative Industry SolutionsInsectopia TrustInvolve Audio (CE/Parts) — Jack Spira Guitars (MI) — Jeremy Locke (MI) — Lake Technology (D) — Lawrence K. Smith (MI) — Ledavision (LT) — Legend AcousticsLeon Audio Co. (PA/LT) — Lightsounds (LT) — Liquid BaseLochsonic Pty.Maton Guitars (MI) — Panalogic (PA) — Razzco (MI) — Sleishman Drum Company (MI) — Smart AV (PA) — Sound & Music DistributionVASS Electronics (D).

Austria (1918 onwards)
Andreas Friedl KGAstrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbHCrayon AudioGvi Vertriebs-GmbHJoseph Brodmann Piano (CE/MI) — L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik (MI) — Living SoundThomastik-Infeld (MI) — Tischlerei LenzWolfvision (C).

Austria-Hungary (1867 to 1918)
Neupert (MI).

ADB Lighting (LT) — Arpege (MI) — Audioprof (PA) — Barco (CE/PV) — BeamaxBUWI (MI) — CineakFloating SystemsHome Cinema ModulesImage Line (MI) — Kabelwerk Eupen (Parts) — More FurnitureMorrisco (MI) — Pierre Ribo.

Acordeon Todeschini (MI) — A. C. Som Indústria e Comércio de Instrumentos Musicais Ltda (MI) — AkronaudiotecAudiopaxBauer Percussion (MI) — D'Alegria (D/MI) — Hering Harmônicas (MI) — Izzo (MI) — KVS3 Comercio de Audio e VideoMultialloy Metais e Ligas Especiais Ltda. (MI) — RMV (MI) — Weril (MI).

APL Hi-FiEdrevi Workshop (MI) — Everything But The BoxNat Ltd. (PA) — Oberton (Parts) — Vissokogovoriteli (CE/PA/Car/Parts).

Adamson (PA) — Applied Acoustics Systems (MI) — Atlantis Stands (D) — AudioLimits CanadaAudio OasisBackun (MI) — Dingwall Designer Guitars (MI) — Enigma AcoustiqueEtuis Boblen Cases (MI) — Exact FurnitureF Bass (MI) — Finissima (MI) — Focus AudioGary ClarkeGCM ServicesGelaskinsHansen AudioHudson's Bay CompanyIndie Guitar Co. (MI) — Jean Larrivée Guitars (MI) — KantoKnoll SystemsKun Shoulder Rest Inc. (MI) — LaSiDo Inc. (MI) — Légère ReedsLes Ateliers de la Corde (MI) — Les Produits Audio Kronos Inc.Levy's Leathers (MI) — LJT ManufacturingMatiasMichael F. Lazar (MI) — Michael John WigleMidi Solutions (MI) — Musique de Marc (MI) — Mutine (N) — Nelson ChungPerri's Leather (MI) — Planet of Sound HifiPlintronPlogue Art et Technologie (MI/PA) — Pro-LinearPurePowerRadial Engineering (PA/MI) — Robert GabourySabian (MI) — Skylan ManufacturingStewart-Warner Speedometer Corporation (N) — Smithson Martín (PA) — Stevenson Guitars (D/MI) — Ted Stevenson (MI) — Ward-Beck Systems (PA) — Westkey Industries (D/MI) — Xilica Audio Design (PA) — Yorkville Sound (MI/PA) — Zachary Music (MI) — 6440436 Canada Inc. (D) — 7953135 Canada Inc..

Alfonso Iturra (MI).

Aclon (PA) — Albert HousewaresAlex AV SupplierAroma Music (MI) — Audio Center (PA) — AuralicBeijing Eternal (MI) — Beijing Xinghai Piano Group Limited (MI) — Belcat (MI) — Bright Force (LT) — CaleatCentral Music Co. (MI) — ChangShu Huasheng (MI) — Changye Handcraft (MI) — China National Electronics Import & Export CorporationChina Lorteben International Trade Co. (MI) — Enping Karsect (PA) — Feilong (PA) — Foshan Hongyicheng Stage Equipment Factory (PA) — Foshan Chancheng Yaqin SoundFiiOFxLdooGrandviewGuangdong Takstar ElectronicGuangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co. (MI) — Guangzhou Romance Musical Instruments (MI) — Guangzhou Sawada Audio Equipment Co. (PA) — Guangzhou Tasso Pro Audio Co. (PA) — Guangzhou Yamaha-Pearl River Piano Inc (D/MI) — HA InfoHosen Electronics (CE/PA/Car/Parts) — Hubei Fotima Machinery Co. (MI) — HuiZhou Lianyun Electronic TechnologyInternational Audio GroupJasmineJCLeon (PA) — Jiangyin Jiyang Musical Instrument Co. (MI) — JiaXing HaiTang Electronics (Car) — KunhongLax (PA) — Light Emotions (LT) — Little DotMicrolabNew Star Musical Instrument Co.Nightsun (LT) — Ningbo Yinzhou Jia Er Audio (PA/MI/Car/Parts) — Ningzi Electronic Manufacturing Factory (PA) — Oppo DigitalOrphean Sound Audio-Video Lab.PPJ Acoustics StudioPR LightingRingway (MI) — Roder (MI) — Shanghai Chaobo Musical Instruments Co. (MI) — Sen Yun TechnologyShanghai Silver Flute Sound Co.Shenzhen Fenda TechnologyShenzhen Fzone Technology (MI) — Shenzhen Jingfeng Digital TechnologyShenZhen Jinmai Electronics Shenzhen Kaya Gifts ManufactoryShenzhen V.A.L. Technology Co.Shenzhen Yudafu Electronic Co.Shenzhen Yulong ElectronicsShenzhen Yu-min Electronic Technology (D) — Sound of East AudioTaiden (PA) — TaiShan Tule Audio TechnologyTCG AudioTeam International Co. (MI) — Tiange Violin Co. (MI) — Tianjin Jinbao (MI) — Tianjin Leaders Technology Ltd.Wavecor (Parts) — Welltech (D) — Guangzhou Huadu Xindongyang Audio Equipment FactoryYajiang Photoelectric (LT) — Yifang DigitalYiwu Zhangfeng (MI) — Yang JingZhongshan Unichina.

Andreas Hadjiminas.

the Czech Republic (1993 onwards)
Amati (MI) — AVVT (D/Parts) — Emission LabsJan BrassányKR Audio ElectronicsKR Enterprise S.R.O.Milan Vaskovic (MI) — Petrof (MI) — Strunal (MI) — Robert Jarusek (PA) — Rudolph Fiedler (MI).

Czechoslovakia (1918 to 1993)
Vaic Valve
See also Czech audio manufacturers and Slovakian audio manufacturers.

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