Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in Australia

Australian pro-audio and MI distributors

Absolute Hi End
High end audio specialist run by Boris Granovsky, handles the Australian distribution of Accustic Arts, Acoustic-Revive, Acoustic Solid, Acoustic System International, Aesthetix, Air Tight, Akiko Audio, AMG, Atohm, Audia Flight, Avalon Acoustics, Ayon Audio, Benz Micro, Bladelius Design, Blue Horizon, Boulder, Bully Sound Co., CH Precision, Crystal Cable, darTZeel, Evolution Acoustics, Finite Elemente, Gigawatt, Helius Designs, Jeff Rowland, Jorma Design, Magico, Mårten Design, Micromega, Miyajima Laboratory, ModWright Instruments, Musical Surroundings, Okki Nokki, Oracle, Origin Live, PurePower, Purist Audio Design, Resolution Audio, Shelter, Siltech, Solid Tech, Soulution, Stillpoints, TAOC, Tara Labs, Transrotor, Vitus Audio, Voodoo Cable, Wilson Benesch, and YG Acoustics.
Homepage: http://www.absolutehiend.com
Absolute Hi End, Po Box 370, Ormond, Vic 3204, Australia.
Tel: +61 (0) 488777999. E-Mail: info [at] absolutehiend.com or absolutehiend at gmail.com.

Arena Distributors Australasia
Distributes Accuphase.
Arena Distributors Australasia Pty Ltd., 319 Hay St, Subiaco Western Australia 6008.
Tel: +08 9381 4452. Fax: +08 9388 3465.

Audio Connection Australia
Primarily a AV installer and retailer but also handle the local distribution of Genesis Advanced Technologies.
Homepage: http://www.audioconnection.com.au
Audio Connection Australia, 455-461 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt NSW 2040.
Tel: +612 9518 3000. Fax: +(02) 9560 6056. E-Mail: sales at audioconnection.com.au.

Audio Corporation Pty Ltd
Distribute Audience, DK Design Group and Stello, company formerly known as Lamberti Bros.
Homepage: http://www.audiocorp.com.au - Stello homepage
Audio Corporation Pty Ltd.,PO BOX 600, North Melbourne 3051, Australia.
Tel: +03 93816811. E-mail: info at audiocorp.com.au.

Audio Dynamics
Distributes Acoustic Signature, ALR Acoustics, Electrocompaniet, Ergo, Garrott Brothers, MJ Acoustics, Optrix, Synthesis, Tivoli Audio, Transparent Cable, WBT and YBA.
Homepage: http://www.audiodynamics.com.au
Audio Dynamics Pty., Ltd., 167 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East 3123 Victoria.
Tel: +61 (0)3 98 82 03 72. Fax: +61 398 829 878. E-Mail: info at audiodynamics.com.au.

Audio Marketing
Distributes Krell, Musical Fidelity, QED, Soundstyle and Stax amongst others.
Homepage: http://www.audiomarketing.com.au
Audio Marketing Pty. Ltd., Unit 14 L, 175 Gibbes Street, CHATSWOOD NSW 2067, Australia.
Tel: +612 9882 3877. Fax: +612 9882 3944. Email: info at audiomarketing.com.au

Distributes Almarro.
Homepage: http://www.audiophile.com.au
AudioPhile, 519 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy 3068 Victoria, Australia.
Tel: +61 3 9489 4864. Fax: +61 3 9486 2274. E-Mail: audio at corplink.com.au.

Audiophile Utopia
Distributes Focus Audio.
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/audiophile_utopia
Audiophile Utopia, Suite 11A, 47 Neridah Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067.
Tel: +612 9412 3226 and +0413 236 244. Fax: +612 6482 3805. E-mail: a_utopia at optusnet.com.au.

Audio Products Australia
Distributes Denon.
Audio Products Australia Pty Ltd., 67 O'Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia.
Tel: +02 9669 3477. Fax: +02 9578 0140..

Brit & Polish Audio
Distributes Hegel and Nbien.
Brit & Polish Audio Pty Ltd., No 7 Drummond Mews, 17-19 Clarke St., Bowral , NSW 2576.
Tel: +61 (02) 4862 4402 and +61 (02) 4862 4401.Fax: +61 (02) 4862 4398. E-Mail: peters at triode.net.au.

Britrock Distribution See --> Ravinder Singh Bains

Distributes Canton.
Canohm, 3/200 Turner Street, Port Melbourne 3207.
Tel: +613 9645 4700. Fax: +613 9646 7366. E-Mail: sales at canohm.com.au.

Caxton Audio
Distributes Audiovector and Jas Audio.
Homepage: http://www.caxtonaudio.com.au
Caxton Audio, 18 La Trobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane, 4064 Queensland.
Tel: +61 7 3368 3566. Fax: +61 7 3368 3815.

Decibel Hi-Fi
Handles Boston Audio Design.
Homepage: http://www.decibelhifi.com.au
Decibel Hi Fi, Unit 1, 201 Evans Road, Salisbury 4107, Queensland, Australia
Tel: +61 7 3272 7660. E-mail: enquiry at decibelhifi.com.au.

DFS Audio
Handles Audio Innovations, Gale, GutWire and McIntosh.
Homepage: http://www.dfs-audio.com
DFS Audio, PO Box 64, Pymble NSW 2073, Australia.
Phone: +612 9874 0818. Fax: +612 9600 7955. Email: iwan at smartchat.net.au.

Primarily a chain of hi-fi and AV stores based in Canberra but do handle the local importing and distribution of Mimetism and Van Den Hul products.
Homepage: http://www.duratone.com.au
Duratone, Corner of Altree Court & Botany Street, Phillip, Canberra A.C.T. 2606, Australia.
Tel: +02 6282 1333 and +02 6282 1388. Fax: +02 6282 4011. E-Mail: sales at duratone.com.au.

Epoz (Creek & Epos) See --> Epoz

Fine Audio Int.
Distributes Argento, Coincident Speaker Technology, Echobusters, Edgar, Jean Marie Reynaud (JMR), Metronome Technologie, Nagra Audio, Opera, Purist Audio Design, Shakti Innovations, Soundcare, System Audio, Totem Acoustic, Tube Technology, Unison Research and ViaBlue.
Homepage: http://www.fineaudio.com.au
Fine Audio International, St. Kilda, Victoria 3182, Australia.
Tel: +61 3 9886 4889. Fax: +61 3 9884 7915. E-Mail: etuchins at optushomme.com.au.

Hi-Fi & Video Marketing
Distributes Snell Acoustics amongst other products.
Hi-Fi & Video Marketing Pty. Ltd., 163 Victoria Street, Beaconsfield 2015, New South Wales, Australia.
Phone: +011 61 2 9319 6877. Fax: +011 61 2 9313 6490. Email: info at hifivideomarketing.com.au

Home Cinema Imports
Distributes Spendor.
Homepage: http://www.homecinemaimports.com
Home Cinema Imports Pty Ltd, PO Box 1063, Buderim, QLD, 4556, Australia.
Tel: +07 54458087 or 1300 139552 (Australia only). Fax: +07 54562095. E-Mail sales at homecinemaimports.com.

International Dynamics
Handles Pro-Ject, also owns International Dynamics NZ.
Homepage: http://www.internationaldynamics.com.au
International Dynamics Australasia Pty Ltd., 129 Palmer St., Richmond, VIC, 1321.
Tel: + 03 94290822. Fax: +03 94290833. E-Mail: mail at internationaldynamics.com.au.

Kedcorp Pty Ltd.
Distributes Burmester Audiosysteme.
Kedcorp Pty Ltd., Unit 8, 509-529 Parmatta Road, Leichhardt NSW 2040.
Tel: +61 2 95604855. E-mail: josef at audioconnection.com.au.

Australian company that distributes AMR, Aurelia, Avantgarde Acoustic, Fatman, Ferguson Hill, Parrot, Pinell, Roth and Scandyna.
Homepage: http://www.maxmedia.com.au
Maxmedia PTY Ltd., Level 1, 8-14 Howard Street, North Melbourne, VIC 3051, Australia.
Tel: +61 (0)3 9329 5208. Fax: +61 (0)3 9329 5209. E-Mail: info at maxmedia.com.au.

Ravinder Singh Bains
Australian gentleman that trades as Britrock Distribution, handles the Australian distribution of AVI.
Homepage: http://www.britrock.com.au
Britrock Distribution, PO Box 5136, 18 Dunstan Street, Clayton, VIC 3168, Australia.
Tel: +61 433 377668. E-Mail: info /at\ britrock.com.au.

Reference Audio Visual
Australian company that handles the Autralian and New Zealand distribution of Audio Space, Balanced Audio Technology, dCS, Eggleston Works, Esoteric, Furutech, Grand Prix Audio, Halcro, H. H. Mørch, SEAS, Shunyata Research, Transfiguration, Verity Audio and Vivid Audio.
Homepage: http://www.referenceav.com.au
Reference Audio Visual Pty Ltd., PO Box 171, Park Orchards, Victoria 3114, Australia.
Tel: +03 8813 0137. Fax: +03 8813 0133..

Reference Audio Supplies
Distributes Ringmat Developments.
Homepage: http://www.orpheusaudio.com.au
Reference Audio Supplies, 12A Lime Kiln Road, Lugarno, NSW 2210, Australia.
Phone: +612 9584 1822. Fax: +612 9584 1708. Email: orpaudio at ozemail.com.au

Specialises in the distribution of high end audio products, handles Acapella, Dodson Audio, Gamut, Nothing But Signal (NBS), Silversmith, Stereovox.
Homepage: http://www.sensus.biz

Simply Hi-Fi
Distributes Genesis Advanced Technologies.
Homepage: http://www.simplyhifi.com.au
Tel: +618 9388 2709. E-Mail: sales at simplyhifi.com.au.

Sound & Image
Distributes Antony Gallo Acoustics and Sunfire products in Australia in addition to distributing Soundmatters in Australia and New Zealand.
Homepage: http://www.soundimage.com.au
Sound & Image, 141 Beach Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207.
Tel: +61 3 9646 3103. E-Mail: sales at soundimage.com.au.

Soundlabs Group
Distributes Audio Consulting and Manger products.
Homepage: http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au
Soundlabs Group Pty Ltd, PO Box 276, Campbelltown, NSW 2560.
Tel: +(02) 4627 8766. Fax: +(02) 4627 8799. E-mail: info at soundlabsgroup.com.au
Soundlabs Group Melbourne.
Tel: +(03) 9859 0388. Fax +(03) 9859 4054..

Distributes AM Denmark, CK, Hovland (Capacitors only), Ortofon and Sountex.
Homepage: http://www.speakerbits.com
Speakerbits, Unit F51 / 63 Turner Street, Port Melbourne, AA- 3207 VIC.
Tel: +61 3 9647 7000. Fax: +61 3 9681 8207. E-mail: tm at speakerbits.com.

Stolmack Audio
Long running Australian hi-fi distributor, currently handles the local distribution of Densen, Nordost and Quantum Resonant Technology.
Homepage: http://stolmackaudio.com.au
Stolmack Audio, PO Box 2260, Noosa Heads, Queensland, 4567, Australia.
Tel: +61 7 5474 3340. Fax: +61 7 5474 3370. E-Mail: info +at+ stolmackaudio.com.au.

Synergy Audio Visual
Distributes Cambrigde Audio, Chord, DreamVision, DVDO, ELAC, Primare, Quadraspire, Rega and Rel Acoustics.
Homepage: http://www.synergy-audio.com - Alternative homepage
Synergy Audio Visual Pty Ltd, 55 Down Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066, Australia.
Tel: +61 (0)3 9416 4161. Fax: +61 (0)3 9416 4163. E-Mail: info at synergyaudio.com.

W.A.R. Audio
Distributes KEA Audio, Luminous Audio Technology and Oyaide.
Homepage: http://www.warco.com.au
Address: W.A.R. Audio, Westpoint Commercial Centre, Unit 203/ 396 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough WA 6017
Tel: +08 9242 5538. E-mail: war at warco.com.au.

See also: Ambience Speaker Systems (Analysis Plus), Dynavector Systems Australia (Dynavector and Shahinian), Osborn Loudspeakers (Consonance/Opera Audio), Rola Australia (BSI Software & Panaxis) and Whatmough (Cardas).

Australian distributors of professional audio, theatrical, lighting and musical instrument products

Hills Sound, Vision & Lighting See --> Hills Sound, Vision & Lighting ( Ampertronic, Architectural Acoustics, Ate´s, Beyerdynamic, Chamsys, Crestron Electronics, D.T.S. Illuminazione, Hall Research, LAB Gruppen, Lake, Ledavision, Media Matrix, Mipro, Pakedge, Qomo Hite Vision, Rane Corp., Renkus-Heinz, Roland (Systems Group/pro audio only), Soundsphere, Turbosound, Vivitek, Williams Sound and Wolfvision)

the Leon Audio Co. See --> Leon Audio Co. (Interspace Industries)

Speakertek (18 Sound) See --> Acoustic Technologies Electronics

Production Audio Services
This company handles the Australian and New Zealand distribution of APB-DynaSonics, Audix, Aviom, AVT Audio Video Technologies, ClearOne, Comrex, Countryman Associates, Digigram, EAW, Ecler, FSR, Klotz, Powersoft, Rational Acoustics, RDL, Sabine, Servoreeler Systems, Stage Tec, Symetrix, Wow Vision and Yellowtec.
Homepage: http://www.productionaudio.com.au
Production Audio Services, 4/621 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, Victoria 3132, Australia.
Tel: +61(0)3 9264 8000. Fax: +61(0)3 9874 1599. E-Mail: sales {at} productionaudio.com.au
Production Audio Services NZ, Unit 9, 28 Torrens Road, Burswood, Auckland 2013, New Zealand.
Tel: +64 9 272 8041. Fax: +64 9 272 8042. E-Mail: dennis }at{ productionaudio.co.nz

Syntec International
Handles the distribution in Australia and New Zealand of APart, Ashly, Bryston, Danacom, Dolby Laboratories, Eventide, Kamesan, Klein & Hummel, Lehmann Audio, Lightwave Audio Systems, Manley Labs, Neumann, Orban, Rycote, Sennheiser, Tannoy, True Systems and VdB.
Homepage: http://www.syntec.com.au
Tel: +1800 648 628 (Au), +64 9 263 9885 (NZ).

Sound and Music Distribution See --> Sound & Music Distribution (Avid, Benchmark Media Systems, BSM, Catalinbread, Da-Cappo, Evolution, Gig-fx, IK Multimedia, Marian, M-Audio, PACE, Red Witch, Subdecay Studios and Waves)

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