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Alba See --> Argos (Consumer electronics & AV)

Manufactures D/A converters and amplification using the Armonia trademark.
Albatron S.r.l., Asti 66, 12050 Guarene - CN - Italy.
Phone: +39 0173 212001. Fax: +39 0173 212003.

Albedo (Loudspeakers) See --> Enrico Ricciardi

Albert Housewares

Chinese manufacturer of furniture and related products including AV furniture and media storage products, primarily as an OEM & ODM manufacturer but does also sell under it own "Albert" brand. Company was formed in 1994 and was formerly known as Albert Audio Inc, and was a specialist manufacturer of loudspeaker cabinets and hi-fi and AV furniture.
Albert Housewares Inc., Jintang Road, Beidou Industrial Park, Jinfeng Economic District, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China.
Tel: +86 596 2600422. Fax: +86 596 2600998.

Hong Kong based manufacturer of mostly low end AV and communication products, trades under the Venturer brand name in Europe and North America.
Homepage: -- Venturer homepage

ALE See --> ALE

Alef (Amps & cables) See --> Technology Science & Art

Aleksandr Israel Bakman
USA based gentleman that trades as ONEDOF which is short for “One Degree of Freedom”. Manufactures a high end turntable design.
Homepage: -- Facebook page
Aleksandr Israel Bakman, 7414 S Alkire St, Apt 305, Littleton, CO 80127-3266, USA.
Tel: +1 720 979 6198. E-Mail |at|

Aletheia See --> Vertex AQ

Alex AV Supplier Ltd.
Chinese manufacturer of stands, racks and other furniture and fastenings for hi-fi and AV equipment. Primarily an OEM but also sell products under their own Alex and Demagio brands.
Homepage: -- Demagio homepage
Alex AV Supplier Ltd., Zhongjiang Garden 9-2-602, Huancheng East Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310003, China.
Tel:+86 (0)571 8509 5013. Fax:+86 (0)571 8509 6013. E-Mail: karon /at/
Demagio Europe, 13 Fleming Close, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 6UF, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)8448 805656. Fax: +44 (0)8448 505644..

Alex Nikitin Technology (A. N. T. Audio)
UK based company that manufactures gramophone pre-amplifiers and headphone amps in addition to cassette calibration tapes and replacement parts for cassette recorders. Honcho Alex Nikitin worked for Creek Audio as head engineer.
Distribution: Worldwide distribution by Timestep
Homepage: .
Alex Nikitin Technology, 20 Acorn Grove, Ruslip HA4 6PL, United Kingdom

Alfred Fehrenbacher GmbH

German contract manufacturer of electrical & mechanical products under its own name and operates as a precision metal workshop under the HMF Drehtechnik name. Also builds the DUAL range of turntables.

Hr Fehrenbacher worked as an engineer for Perpetuum-Ebner from 1963 but founded his own company in St. Georgen after PE was taken over by Gebrüder Steidinger. After Dual itself went out of business in 1993 the AF company bought the plant and production line and continued making the turntables for the then brand owner Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG and other concerns such as Philips and Grundig, when Schneider in turn went out of business the company licensed the brand name themselves and have been making the turntables in the original production facilities in St. Georgen, they did for a time have cheaper automatic models manufactured in Hungary but that has been dropped from the catalogue. In addition to the Dual brand the company also OEM's turntables to companies such as Thorens.
Distribution: Worldwide distribution by Sintron, local distribution in Mexico by Armonia AVM and in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.
Homepage: -- HMF homepage.
Alfred Fehrenbacher GmbH., Feldbergstrasse 11, 78112 St. Georgen, Germany.
Tel: +07724 9409 0. Fax: +07724 9409 20. E-Mail: info at

Alfred & Partners

Estonian company that manufactures high end loudspeakers under the Estelon brand, founded in 2006 by loudspeaker designer Alfred Vassilkov.
Distribution: In Germany by WOD Audio
Homepage: .
Alfred & Partners OÜ, Tanuma 126, Tallinn 13521, Estonia
Tel: +372 661 0614 (office) or +372 661 0624 (Sales). E-Mail: info £at£

Italian loudspeaker manufacturer, also has a budget label called Acoustical.
International distribution by Finaudio

Alister Staniland

UK based gentleman that makes pure silver cables under the Artisan Silver Cables brand. In 2010 or 2011 he announced a new brand of cables designed to compete with high end cables called Giant-Killer Cables that got a lot of press in the audiophile community but appear not to have sold in any great quantities despite this as the product range and brand survived for less than a year. Mr Staniland also held out a webstore called "Ultimate Audio Accessories" that sold accessories and small audio equipment, but that appears to have closed down.
Artisan Silver Cables, 98 Cowes Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5TP, England.
Tel: +44 (0)1983 526 522..

Resources: -- Background info from TNT Audio

German concern that sells own-branded Argentum cabels direct to consumers.
al-kabelshop, Handwerkerstrasse 2, 86836 Graben, Lagerlechfeld, Deutschland.
Tel: +49 (0)821 7400951. Fax: +49 (0)821 7400959. E-Mail: info at

Allaerts See --> Jan Allaerts

All Engineering B.V.

Dutch company that manufactures DAC's under the Metrum Acoustics brand. The company also offers DAC modules to other companies to integrate into their own offerings and was in the past a manufacturer of hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Canada by L'Atelier-Audio
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage address.
All Engineering B.V., Ambachtsweg 4k, 3953BZ Maarsbergen, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)34 343 7331. E-Mail: info ¦at¦

Makes Hi-Fi and computer cleaning products.

Japanese manufacturer of valve amplification and loudspeakers.
Distributed in Australia by Audiophile, in Austria by Fricco, in Canada by Planet of Sound Hifi, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Hit Audio, in Cyprus by P. Nikitas, in Japan by Deluge Audio Supply, in New Zealand by Kirrabilli Acoustics, in Russia & the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd., in Singapore and Malaysia by Aural Designs, in Thailand by Ultimatist and in Turkey by Dinleti Music.
Almarro, 3489-24 Kitagata Iida-shi Nagano, 395-0151 Japan.
Tel: +81 265 25 1082. Fax: +81 265 25 8250. E-Mail: mail at
Almarro USA, 1800 Fumia Place, San Jose , CA 95131, USA.
E-Mail: sales at

Japanese manufacturer of test equipment and materials, of patrticular interest are the test media products they manufacture such as optical disks and tapes for alignement purposes etc. Formerly known as A-BEX Laboratories.

Almi SRL
Italian manufacturer of valve amplifiers and fullrange loudspeakers, trades using the Atelier du Triode brand.
Almi SRL, via Della Industrie 19, 31050 Povegliano (TV), Italy.
Tel: +39 (0)422 872185 (Sales), +39 (0)366 1352948 (Technical, Italian and English) or +36 (0)335 5752161 (Technical, Italian only). E-Mail: info /at(

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