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KAB Electro Acoustics.
A small US company that sells archival tools such as record players that can work with 16 & 78 RPM etc..
Distribution : In Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video

Kaiser Acoustics
German company that has been making acoustic panels for home and professional usage since the 1940's, but has more recently started the manufacture of high end loudspeakers.
Distribution: In South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video (Loudspeakers only)
Homepage: -- Kaiser loudspeaker homepage.
Kaiser Möbelwekstaetten Gmbh, Hanzig 1, D-94107 Untergriesbach, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 8593 9389 110. Fax: +49 (0) 8593 9389 120. E-Mail: info *at*

Kaito See --> CEIEC

Chinese microphone manufacturer, also sells under the Jateran tradename.
Huada Electronic Developing Co. Ltd., No 35-2 Xinping North Rd.,Enping City, GD China.
Tel : +86 750 7739699 or 7711579. Fax : +86 750 7711571.

USA based manufacturer of media servers.
Distributed in Croatia by Son Et Image, in Turkey by SSD Ses and in the UAE by Archimedia.

Kameleon See --> Universal Electronics

Kanto AV Systems
Canadian company that sell mounts for televisions and other screens, HDMI cables and docking speaker systems for iPods.
Distribution: In France by DEA International
Homepage: -- Speakers/docking systems homepage.
Kanto AV Systems, 150 - 4320 Viking Way, Richmond, BC V6V 2L4, Canada.
Tel: 1 888 848 2643 (Toll free, USA and Canada only) or +1 604 231 9574. Fax: +1 866 807 4592. E-Mail: sean }at/

Huge Japanese chemical company, makes blank media such as tapes and CDR disks amongst thousands of other products.

Karan Acoustics
Serbian based manufacturer of high end amplification, in addition to manufacturing under their own name they act as an OEM for other high end companies such as Acoustic System International and Beyond Frontiers Audio (BFA), in the 1990’s there were also high end loudspeakers and loudspeaker drivers sold under the Karan Acoustics name. Please note, this is a brand name, there does not and never has existed a company called Karan Acoustics and the address and telephone no. given out below is the last one the company or individual behind the name gave out and it may be out of date.
Distribution: Worldwide and local distribution in the UK by Audiofreaks. Local distribution in Canada and the USA by Avatar Acoustics, in Greece by Nexus Acoustics, in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia by JAY Audio, in Portugal by Ultimate Audio EU, in Romania by In Auditu, in Serbia by Art Audio Acoustic, in Spain by Style Sound & Audio Video Centre and in Sweden by AB Schedvin Trading
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage.
Karan Acoustics, Milovana Glisica 2, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.
Tel: +381 (0)21 420611.

Karl Woodward
UK based individual that trades under the Bitperfect Systems brand, makes home theatre PC's based around MS Windows OS's although the company describes them as music servers.
Distribution: In the UK by Audiobility
Homepage: .
Karl Woodward, 15 Downing Close, Prenton, Cheshire CH43 5XQ, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1516 091830.

Kauber (Projection screens & lifts) See --> SMAD Distribution

K. Brooks Audio See --> Brooks Audio

KEA Audio
High end manufacturer of loudspeakers and amplification.
KEA AUDIO, 5 Atarau Way, Nelson, New Zealand.
Tel : +64 3 548 5335. E-mail : info at

Distributed in Australia by W.A.R. Audio and in Europe by High End Store Gerds.

KEF See --> GP Acoustics

Keith Monks Sound Systems
UK based manufacturer of record cleaning machines.
Distributed in Japan by Tosy Corp.
Keith Monks Sound Systems SW Ltd., 29 Tower Park, Fowey, Cornwall PL23 1JD, UK.
Tel : +0 1726 83 3783. Fax : +0 1726 83 3800.

KEL Audio Design
Tiny USA based Microphone manufacturer.


French company that manufactures mid and high end loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems for hi-fi and home theatre usage. Company founded in 2002.
Distribution: In Romania by In Auditu and in Switzerland by Mowbray Audio-Vidéo
Homepage: .
Kelinac Diffusion, 1 Chemin des Douaniers, 78240 Chambourcy, France.
Mobile: +33 (0)6 80 26 42 62. E-Mail kelinac )at(

Kemp Elektroniks
Dutch company that manufactures power conditioners, electrical isolators and similar power related products in addition to manufacturing all kinds of cables and interconnects.
Distribution: In Australia and Indonesia by Audio Society, in Belgium, France and Luxemburg by I.H.T. Services Group, in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia by Lieder International, in Italy by Diapason, in Norway by Stereolab Pål Aaraas, in Portugal by Quadros & Ventura, in Russia by Concert High End Stereo & Home Theatre, in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video, in Sweden by AB Schedvin Trading, in Switzerland by Audio Ambiance, in Taiwan by Cougi Yai Trading Co and in the UK by UK Distribution
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage.
Kemp Elektroniks, Quellijnstraat 15, 1072 XM Amsterdam, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)20 7764464. Fax: +31 (0)20 7775446. E-Mail: info ¦at¦

Kenneth W. Procter

UK based gentleman that manufactures residue less contact cleaners under the Kontak Audio Technologies brand, has been using the name since 1989.
Kenneth W. Procter, 14/15 Springwater Business Park, Station Road, Whittlesey PE7 2EU, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0) 1733 200629..

Kenwood Corporation

A Japanese company that manufactures professional and semi-pro electronic products such as test and communications equipment but also produces a line of consumer equipment including AV & audio separates & systems and is particularly strong in the car and marine audio markets in addition to the amateur radio communications sector, note that the company has officially exited the AV market in a few European countries such as Portugal and the UK but is still active there in the car audio field.

In addition to that the company’s speciality audio products such as headphones and loudspeakers have seldom been distributed outside of Asia and the fact that the company is mostly out of the audio side of the business has meant that on the second hand market their products are often overlooked and in particular their mid and high end ranges represent excellent second hand buys. The market has been waking up to the fact that some of their older turntables are actually quite good but in addition some of their electronics from the 80’s and 90’s are notable, the heavy use of screening in their upmarket products was especially impressive.

The company was originally founded in 1946 in the city of Komagane in Nagano prefecture as Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. and was then a manufacturer of wound radio parts such as coils and transformers. The company started using the Trio trade mark in 1947, the name is simply derived from the fact that it was founded by the three Kasuga brothers. It started manufacturing radio equipment a couple of years later and quickly got a reputation for making much better products than what was the average at the time, this was partly due to the company’s location in the mountainous inland prefecture of Nagano, but 9 of the 12 largest mountains in Japan lie there and radio reception is notoriously bad especially from Tokyo transmitters, this became even more evident when FM transmission started in the early 50’s, while the main population areas of Japan had no problems with FM reception but people living in inland areas commonly found that things were not so smooth with echoes being a persistent problem, the receivers from Kasuga suffered these less and therefor had a sterling reputation in their home country by the mid-fifties.

By that time the company had become one of the bigger suppliers of amateur and small commercial radio equipment in Japan, no small feat considering that their competitors where companies that had been established in the radio market for decades and by 1957 the company was exporting comm equipment to western markets, most notably to Lafayette and Radio Shack but the only other Japanese products these companies were selling at the time were very low budget items such as toys. Kasuga had also made great inroads into the then emerging Hi-Fi market to a degree that the company, alongside Pioneer and Sansui where known locally in the latter half of the 50’s by a Japanese term that is a somewhat difficult idiom for westerners to get their heads around but a “songbird with an honorific” could be translated into something like the hi-fi companies, or in other words at a time before the concept of hi-fi was commonly known or understood these three companies where already noted in their home market as making equipment that sounded good.

In 1960 the company changed its name to Trio Electronics and in 1961 got listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, this lead the company to relocate its headquarters to Tokyo in 1965. In 1963 Trio started an OEM relationship with the USA based Kenwood Electronics Inc. that ended up being very close, so much so that Kenwood ended up taking part in the specification process of the audio products from Trio, this and the fact that the Kenwood name had become much better known in the Americas than Trio lead the company to purchase the Kenwood naming rights and stocks in Kenwood during the 70’s, changed the brand name worldwide to Kenwood in 1981 and in 1986 bought the Kenwood company outright and renamed itself Kenwood Corp. In a few markets their products were sold as Trio-Kenwood during the early 80‘s.

The company started cooperating with JVC in 2007 on designs and car audio products, this was so successful that in October 2011 the two companies actually merged and formed the JVC Kenwood holding company around the operation, management of the 2 companies is mostly independent and so are the distribution arrangements but R&D is shared and so is manufacturing to a degree. The company also ran a record label in the 70’s; see Trio Records.
Distribution: In Iceland by Heimilistæki
Homepage: -- Italian Homepage -- UK Homepage -- Kenwood USA.
Kenwood Corp., 2967-3, Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-8525, Japan

Kensonic Laboratory Inc See --> Accuphase

Kenyako See --> Lane

Kharma See --> Oosterum Loudspeaker Systems

Kikuchi Science Laboratory
Japanese manufacturer of high tech projection screens.

Kimber Kable
A big USA based manufacturer of cables and connectors, also manufactures and sells power conditioners and the like under the Wattgate name.
Homepage: - Wattgate homepage
Kimber Kable products are distributed in Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design, in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Store, in Croatia by Audio Art, in Denmark by Hi-Fi Freaks, in Hungary by Penna Poor, in Japan by Denon, in Latvia by Referenz Studio, in Malaysia by Atlas Hi-Fi, in New Zealand by Denco Audio, in Poland by EIC, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Singapore by Atlas Hi-Fi, in Slovenia by Intek and in Taiwan by Winkey Electrics. Wattgate products are distributed in Canada by Liberty Trading

Kimura See --> 47 Laboratory

Kinetic Audio
USA based manufacturer of mid & high end loudspeakers.
Kinetic Audio, P.O. Box 215, Arlington Heigts, IL 60006, USA
Tel: +1 847 254 6556. E-Mail: sales ]at]

Kinectic Audio Technology
Company based in the Philippines that manufactures valve amplifiers under the AMX brand, that includes models based on both single ended an push-pull topology.
Kinectic Audio Technology, 123 Mangosteen Road, FTI Complex, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Tel: +63 2 838 4301. Fax: +63 2 838 0590. E-Mail: amxaudio (at/
Kinectic Audio Technology Showroom, 2nd Floor Forum Robinsons, Edsa corner Pioneer, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.
Tel: +63 2 6874805 and +632 7103432..

KingRex Technology
Taiwanse company that manufactures loudspeakers, DAC's, amplifiers and headphone amps, most of these products are intended to be used with computer audio applications rather than traditional hi-fi stacks and thus feature only one input etc.
Distribution: In Canada by Liberty Trading, in Monaco by Sound Galleries and in Singapore by X Audio
Homepage: .
KingRex Tech. Co., 13F.-3, No.136, Mincyuan W. Rd., Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan 103, TW.
Tel: +886 (0)2 8226 9999.

Kings Audio Ltd.
Hong Kong based company that manufactures electrostatic loudspeakers and electrostatic hybrids under the KingSound brand.
Distribution: In Norway by Maxwell Import and in the UK by Icon Audio
Homepage: .
King's Audio Ltd., 25B Capital Trade Centre, 62 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2345 2323 and +852 2345 2778. Fax: +852 2345 8788. E-Mail : kingsaudio \at\

Taiwanese manufacturer of AV accessories that has been moving more and more into the multimedia market, primarily with budget surround loudspeaker systems.

German manufacturer of mid to high end loudspeakers.

Kiso Acoustic
Japanese maker of loudspeakers that they manufacture in coperation with guitar manufacturer Takamine. Their speaker takes a novel approach to solving the problem of resonances, they make the speaker enclosure itself a resonator much like the body on an acoustic guitar, which is in fact where Takamine come in, the enclosure is built by them using the same techniques as they use building guitars. All this makes for an unusually good bass response from such a small speaker but also makes it extraordinarily light since there are no dampening materials inside or a need for a heavy enclose. Price is also "unusual", possibly the most expensive small speaker we have seen, over here at least.
Distribution: In France by Acoustic Precision Diffusion, in Spain by Cosmos Hi-Fi
Homepage: .
Kiso Acoustic Co., Ltd., 2496-2 Sakashita, Nakatsugawa-shi, Gifu-ken 509-9232, Japan.

Kiso Industry Co.

Japanese manufacturer of audio accessories such as disk stabilisers, turntable mats, vibration isolation mats, sealing materials, etc. The company used to sell under its own name but these days uses the fo.Q brand.
Distribution: Primary export agent for the company is Muson Project. Local distribution is handled in Australia by Soundlabs Group, in Greece by Solid Foundation, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Italy by Audio Azimuth, in Russia by Metex, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore, in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video and in the USA by The Lotus Group
Homepage: .
Kiso Industry Co., Ltd., Toranomon 3-3-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)3 3437 6133. Fax: +81 (0)3 3437 618. E-Mail: info )at(

Kiwame See --> Triode

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