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SuBsonic See --> Lochsonic Pty. (Loudspeakers)

Sugden Audio Ltd.
Legendary English manufacturer, currently makes amps and CD players.
Distributed in the Benelux countries by Hi-Fi Corner, in Germany by WBS, in Hong Kong by Audio Evidence, in Norway by Audio Art avd. Norsk Hi-Fi Center, in Singapore by Electrades, in South Africa by The Listening Room, in the UK by Audio Synergy, in Ukraine by Dream Audio and in the USA by Stanalog Audio Imports.
Sugden Audio Limited, Valley Works Station Lane, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire WF16 0NF, England.

Manufacture a full range of mid to high end moving coil pickups, also as the US distributor for a range of high end equipment, see Sumiko.
Distribution: In Argentina by Star Audio, in Belgium, France & Luxembourgh by Audio Marketing Services, in Denmark by Hi-Fi Freaks, in Finland by AH Hifisystems, in Germany by High Fidelity Studio, in South Africa by J.A.D.E. Services, in Sweden by HiFi Agenten, in Switzerland by Marlex, in the UK by Symmetry and in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.
Homepage: .
Sumiko, 2431 Fifth St. Berkeley, CA 94710, USA.
Tel: +510 843 4500. Fax: +510 843 7120. E-Mail: mail at

SUN Audio
Japanese manufacturer of valve based seperates, the company is also a well known local supplier of NOS and new valves and an export mail order specialist of Japanese audio components.
Airmail to: SUN AUDIO CO.,LTD, 2-23-9, Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0041, Japan.
Fax: +81 3 5296 0272. E-mail: sunaudio at

USA based company run by Bob Carver formerly of Carver, makes amplifiers and subwoofers.
Distributed in Australia by Sound & Image, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Roksan Trading and in Turkey by SSD Ses

Sunshine Insulated Wire Mfg. Corp.
Taiwanese manufacturer of wires, cables and interconnects. Primarily an OEM and supplier of raw wire to other manufacturers but they also have their own Xsymphony brand for cables and interconnects, note that the distributor listing below is only for Xsymphony brand cables, not for raw wire.
Distribution: In the Czech Republic by RP Audio
Homepage: .
Sunshine Insulated Wire Mfg. Corp., 8-1 Hsin Chuan Li, Miaoli City 360, Taiwan.
Tel +886 37 322 181 Ext. 23. Fax: +886 37 357 601. E-Mail: sunwire3 )at;

Sunway See --> Shenghui Electronic

SunWire (HDMI cables & accessories) See --> Roksan Trading

Super Cryo See --> Cryo Audio Technology (Japan - Cables)

Superscope Technologies
A US company with an interesting history, originally a manufacturer of pro movie equipment it later became an audio company and for a long time functioned as the US distributor for the Marantz professional product line, currently makes products that are mostly intended for the music students and teachers such as CD players that can change tempo and key.

Supertooth (Bluetooth wireless audio) See --> TT Micro AS

Supra See --> Jenvig Technology

Tiny Australian manufacturer of high end valve amplification.

French manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers, also sells kits and a few fully built horn models.
Distributed in Austria, Germany and Switzerland by Audio Consulting, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Draw East Audio & Video Trading, in Russia by Nikitsky 12, in South Korea by Marshall Electronics, in Taiwan by Neo-Hedonism Sound & Trading and in the USA by Bob Mandeville.
Supravox, 9 route de Tours, 37150 Bléré, France.
Tel: +33 (0) 2 47 23 55 44. Fax: +33 (0) 2 47 23 5039. E-mail: info at

Surgex (Surge protectors) See --> New Frontier Electronics

SurrounTec GmbH
German manufacturer of high end loudspeaker systems both for home usage and monitors inteded for recording studios.
surrounTec™ GmbH, Happenbacher Str. 57, 74199 Untergruppenbach, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)7131 7975455. E-Mail: info[at]

Sutherland Engineering
USA basde manufacturer of phonographic pre-amplifiers and turntable accessories. Run by Ronald L Sutherland.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Audio Extreme and in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore
Homepage: .
Sutherland Engineering, 455 E. 79th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64131, USA.
Tel: +1 816 822 1881. E-Mail: info (at)

USA based subwoofer manufacturer.
Distributed in Brazil by Liquid Sound.
Tel: +703 845 1472. E-Mail: sales at

Swan Spekers/Swans See --> Hi-Vi Research

Swedish Audio Technology See --> Primare (Current), Bladelius Design (up to 2004)

Swiss Audio
USA based manufacturer of car audio products, the company has N.B. no connection withs Switzerland execpt for the name and logo.
Swiss Audio Inc., 114 S. Berry St., Brea, CA 92821, USA.
Tel: +714 988 0380. Fax: +714 988 0381. E-Mail: info at

Swiss Audio Technology
Company based in Switzerland that manufacturers high end loudspeakers under the Jean Maurer brand and valve amplification under the Lectron brand.

SwitchEasy Limited
Hong Kong based company that makes skins for personal audio players.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: -- European homepage.
SwitchEasy Limited, No. 15-17 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong HK, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Symphonic See --> Funai Electric Co.

Symphonic Line
German high end manufacturer with an big line-up of mostly analogue products.
Distributed in Israel by Audio Designs, in Mexico by Armonia AVM and in the USA by Odyssey.

Symposium Acoustics
USA based manufacturer of isolation platforms, racks and couplers etc..
Distributed in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Avantgarde Acoustic Hong Kong, in Germany by WOD Audio, in Grecce by Aquarius Hi-Fi, in France by Elite Diffusion, in Israel by Sabo Audio, in Singapore by Electrades, in South Korea by Audio Gallery, in Switzerland by Audio Art and in the UK by Musicology.
Symposium Acoustics. Tel : +973 616 4787. Fax: +973 616 7848. Email: info at

Synergy See --> Audio Partnership

Synergistic Research
USA based cable manufacturer.
Distributed in France by Elite Diffusion, in Greece by Acoustic Design, in Norway by RuBe, in Singapore by Sound Decisions, in South Africa by Tweak Music & Film and in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video.

Italian manufacturer of valve and "normally aspirated" high end audio electronics and loudspeakers.
Distributed in Argentina by Star Audio, in Australia by Audio Dynamics, in Bulgaria by Audio Arte, in Germany by Envouge 24, in Norway by Maxwell Import, in Poland by F.H.U. RCM, in Saudi Arabia by Jeddah Audiophile Club and in Spain by Corpaw

Syntronic Instruments See --> Alumapro

System Audio
Danish loudspeaker company.
Distributed in Australia by Fine Audio Int., in Finland by AH Hifisystems, in Germany by Connect Audio, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Italy by Hi-Fi United, in Poland by Decibel Distribution, in Spain by Signo Filarmonía and in the UK by Symmetry.
System Audio A/S, Klosterengen 137 K, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark.
Tel: +45 36 45 80 80. Fax: +45 36 45 28 28..

System Fidelity
Danish manufacturer of loudspeakers and AV electronics.
Homepage: - System Fidelity España homepage
Distributed in Belgium by I. T. C., in France by WAF Direct, in Hungary by Annex Trading, in Lithuania by Acappella, in Romania by Lotus Telecom, in Slovakia by NAY, in Slovenia by Corrado, in Sweden by Macorrado and in Turkey by Forum Elektronik.
System Fidelity ApS, Bredgade 19, 7870 Roslev, Denmark.
Tel: +45 36 96 72 61. E-Mail: larsthejl at

Systemline See --> Armour Group

Systems & Magic
Italian manufacturer of mains filtes for use with home audio and AV products, sold under the BlackNoise label.
Distribution: In the Benelux countries by Daluso
Homepage: .
Systems & Magic, Via Raffaele Piria 17, 00156 Roma (RM), Italy.
Tel: +39 06 40500329, +39 06 99259892 and +39 338 892851. Fax: +39 06 62276249. E-Mail: info $at( Skype: systemsandmagic_lab

S5 Electronics
USA based kit manufacturer.
S-5 Electronics, 1625 E. Twin Acres Dr., Chandler, AZ 85246, USA
Tel +480 895 2521.

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