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Wächter und Rühl GbR
German company that makes high end cables and interconnects under the wire@sound system or WSS brands. Run by Konrad Wächter who has some 40 years’ experience in the cable business and was known a few years back as WiSoSys GmbH.
Distribution: In Greece by Evangelos Issichopoulos
Homepage: .
Wächter und Rühl GbR., Rüsselsheimer Straße 21, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany.
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 58 55 66 52. Fax: +49 (0) 6105-923581. E-Mail: a.ruehl _at_

USA based CD specialist, makes players, transports, converters and upgrades.
Distributed in Algeria by Ets Djenadi, in Sweden and Denmark by McIntosh Nordic, in Egypt by Nirvana Distribution, in Finland by Audist Oy., in Germany by WBS, in Hungary by Magic Sound, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, on the Ivory Cost by Hifivoir, in Israel by A. L. Audio, in Japan by Axiss Corp., in Kuwait by The Design Group, in Mexico by Audiomex, in Morocco by Zeitoun Distribution, in Norway by Oslo Hi-Fi Center, in Oman by Hitec Centre, in Romania by Ro Audio Exim, in Saudi Arabia by Hi & Audio, in Singapore by Absolute Sound Distribution, in Slovakia by Platan Audio, in Thailand by 4D Digital Land, in Turkey by Extreme Audio and in South Africa by Tweak Music & Film

Walker Audio
USA based turntable specialist, also distributes Omega Micro cables locally.
Distribution: In Bulgaria by Sofia Audio Centre, in Greece by Vassilopoulos Bros., in Portugal and Spain by Ignacio Carrasco, in Singapore by JAY Audio, in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video and in the USA by Profundo

Huge USA based generic retailer/supermarket chain that is well known for their innovative business practices but also for their questionable business ethics, known in the UK as ASDA. Does not design or manufacture anything but holds out Durabrand that they use to brand consumer products that are made for them by OEM's and actually a graphical variant of that brand specifically for brown goods, but note that the company's usage of that brand with CE products appears limited to America. In Germany the company had the exclusive licensee of the Nordmende trademark but recently closed down their stores there.
Homepage: - Wal-Mart Germany homepage
Wal-Mart Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Friedrich-Engels-Allee 28, D-42103 Wuppertal, Germany. Tel: +0202 2829 0. Fax: +0202 2829 1724. E-mail: kontakt at

Walton Audio
Irish company that makes valve amplifiers to order. Is also the local distributor of Amplimo, ASC Capacitors, Emission Labs, Phy-HP, Plintron and Silver Circle Audio. Note this company has no connection to the old Walton company that made gramophone related products.
Walton Audio, 4 Tara place,Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland.
Tel/Fax: +353 1835 1100. E-Mail: waltonaudio /at$ or waltonaudio ;at=

Warren Gregorie
Makes a line of TLA speakers, speaker cables and performs modifications to Sony SACD players.

Taiwanese manufacturer that has been going since 1974, traditionally produces hi-fi of a much better quality than we have come to associate with the country but is for some reason relatively unknown in the west, today they are mostly involved with the manufacture of DVD players and music systems although they do have a small line of hi-fi components including an excellent series of amplifiers. Also works as an OEM for a number of mid/high end audio companies, Parasound for instance.

Wasonic Unitied Ltd.
Hong Kong based manufacturer with production facilities in China that specialises in manufacturing wireless audio and AV products.
Wasonic United Limited, Unit 1003A, 10/F, Tower A, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Rd, TST, Hong Kong.
Tel: +(852) 27820328. Fax: +(852) 27820868. E-Mail: info at

French manufacturer of high end loudspeakers.
Distributed in Greece by Acoustic Design, in Latvia by DVD Navigators, in Poland by Audio System, in Singapore by Sound Decisions and in Spain by Lab Electronics España.

Wattbox (Power conditioners etc.) See --> WirePath Home Systems

Wattgate See --> Kimber Kable

Wavac Audio Lab
Japanese manufacturer of high end valve amplifiers.
Distributed in Hong Kong by Audio Exotics, in Israel by Sabo Audio, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, in Portugal by Imaginaria, in Russia by Techno-M, in the UK by Wollaton Audio and in the USA by TMH

Wave Control
High end loudspeaker manufacturer based in Switzerland.
Distributed in Russia by Audio Gamma Trading.

Wavecor (Loudspeaker kits) See --> Wavecor

Wave Kinetics See --> Evolution Acoustics (Turntables & mechanical isolators)

Wavelength Audio
Maker of high end valve & hybrid amplification and DAC's, also distributes RS-Labs, Shelter and Yamamoto Sound Craft products in the USA..
Email: waudio at

Waview Technology
UK based company that sells waterproof televisons.
Distribution: In Greece by Acoustic Design
Homepage: .
Waview Technology Ltd, Mercury House, Shipstones Business Centre, NorthGate, New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7FN, UK.
Tel: +44 207 760 8954. Fax: 0115 964 8201. E-Mail: Info /at%

WBE Audioelektronik
German manufacturer of high end audio electronics and loudspeakers, founded in 1993 by Walter Bret.
WBE Audioelektronik, Mittlerer Weg 5, 74 532 Ilshofen-Oberaspach, Germany.
Tel: +49 7904 944 144. Fax: +49 7904 944 145. E-mail: info at

WBS See --> Ward-Beck Systems

German comany that makes high quality hi-fi cables and connectors.
Distributed in Australia by Audio Dynamics, in Austria by Audio Exclusive, in Belgium by Greenwich Electronics, in Croatia by Audio Art, in the Czech Republic by Servis Elektro, in Denmark by LC Audio, in Finland by PCE Systems, in France by BC Acoustique Distribution, in Greece by Exclusive Audio, in Hong Kong by Elephant Holdings, in Iran by Audioart Reference, in Japan by TEAC, in Malaysia by Wisma Audio, in New Zealand by Denco Audio, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Poland by Audio System, in Russia by Qvinta and in Switzerland by Audiools by Braintools.

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