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HGA See --> Homegrown Audio Co.

HGP See --> HGP Lautsprecher

H. Hinke ApS See --> Hinke

H. H. Mørch
A long standing Danish high end manufacturers, currently produce tonearms & digital to analogue converters. Sadly you cannot get their nifty record players or amps anymore. Please note the spelling of the name, if you want write it with English characters only it's Moerch not Morch.
Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Reference Audio Visual, in Scandinavia by High End Sound, in Malaysia by Wisma Audio, in Portugal by Imaginaria, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore, in Ukraine by Dream Audio and US distribution is handled by Audio Advancement.

Italian manufacturer of high end cables and interconnects.
Homepage: If you have problems reading that site, try their old, more compatiable homepage although there is only a subset of their product line there.
Distributed in Russia by Audio Gamma Trading, in Spain by Werner S. A., in the UK by UKD and in Taiwan by Session Audio Research

HiFiction AG
Swiss company that manufacture high end turntable tonearms and turntables, the company is better known under the Thales name but that is not actually a trademark but a name for their tonearm design.
Distribution: In China and Hong Kong by Audio Exotics, in Russia by Gong-AV, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore and in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video
Homepage: .
HiFiction AG, St. Gallerstrasse 20, CH-8352 Elsau, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 52 202 43 12. E-Mail: info /at\

Hi-Fi Holz Hutter
Austrian company that manufacturer a wide range of hi-fi and AV furniture.
Homepage: Distributed in Holland by Phonologic

Hifiman (Headphones etc) See --> Tianjin Leaders Technology Ltd.

German manufacturer of high end audio components and loudspeakers.
Hifine, Johannisstrasse 32, 90419 Nürnberg, Germany.
Tel : +0911 367161. Fax : +0911 3658461. Email : geniesser at .

hiFun S.r.l.
Italian manufacturer of a wide range of accessories for portable audio devices like MP3 players and phones, note that the trademark is spelled with a hyphen (hi-Fun) but the company name is not.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
hiFun S.r.l., Via Santa Tecla, 4, 20122 Milano (MI), Italy.
Tel: +39 (0)2 45497141. Fax: +39 (0)2 99988029. E-Mail: info (at% or supportotecnico ?at?

High End Novum
German company that manufactures audio accessories in the form of resonators, however unlike the psychoacoustic resonators that have been gaining interest in the last few years some of these appear to run at the least partly inside the hearing range and are thus acoustic devices rather than psychoacoustic ones. Company run by Michael Jungblut, but he used to run Audiophile Hifi-Producte.
Distribution: In Germany by Audiophile Hifi-Producte
Homepage: .
High End Novum, Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 2, D-57555 Brachbach, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)2745 1622. Fax: +49 (0)2745 8438. E-Mail: info ( at )

High End Unterhaltungselektronik

German manufacturer of high end amplification with production facilities in Holland. The company sell amps suitable for home hi-fi and home theatre using the Aaron brand and reference class hi-fi products under the Sovereign name, but their top of the line model and brand namesake "the Sovereign" is one of the two most expensive serially produced amplifiers ever sold and requires you to install three phase power in your home.

High End was originally founded in 1986 by Marita and Thomas Hoehne and made their products initially under the Neumann Audiotechnik brand, but problems with the other two Neumann companies active in the audio field in Germany at the time lead to the change to the Aaron brand in 1989.
Distribution: In Canada and the USA by Aaudio Imports, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Beijing Fei Yun Mei Audio Equipment Co (Aaron only), in Israel by N.A Ballistics ltd and in Mexico by Armonia AVM
Homepage: .
High End Unterhaltungselektronik Vertriebs GmbH., Über dem Kampe 41, D-31008 Elze, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)5068 2858. Fax: +49 (0)5068 4361. E-Mail: info 'at'

High Fidelity Engineering
USA based high end company, makes valve amps under the Zen Amp name and home and car speakers under the Decware name along with DIY enclosures.
High Fidelity Engineering Co., 75 S. Riverview Drive, East Peoria, IL 61611, USA.
Tel : +309 822 5255.

Highland Audio See --> Inovadis

Japanese manufacturer of high end valve based amplification products. Originally started in the early 80's as a manufacturer of high end phonographic pickups by a couple of ex-Denon engineers that had worked on the design of the DL-103 amongst other things. Still around making exotic audio products but distribution is limited to Japan and even there not easily available and we have been unable to find current contact information. We do however have info on the original line-up of the Highphonic Pickups and minimal information on their current ranges of Highphonic valve amplifiers and Highphonic RIAA Preamplifiers.

High Resolution Technologies See --> Classic Records

Chinese company, primarily a manufacturer of novelty products but they also make budget loudspeaker products although there is no info on them on their homepage.
Highstar, No.1, Lianwei Street,Dalang South Road, Longhua, Bao-an Shenzhen, China.
Tel : +(86) 0755 2813 0908 and +(86) 0755 2813 0133. Fax : +(86) 0755 2813 0922. Highstar H.K., Office Unit 47, 5/F Wah Lok Industrial Centre, 31-35 Shamei St., Fotan, New Terretories, Hong Kong.
Tel : +(852) 2688 6455. Fax : +(852) 2688 6447..

Chinese manufacturer of home theatre systems, DVD players and the like, mainly works as an OEM but also sells under their own name, note that in the UK their products are sometimes sold under the Image brand.
HIMAGE Holdings Limited, 17/F, West section AiDi Building, 5003#, Binhe Road, Futian ,Shenzhen.
Tel : +86 755 83551618 and 83551496. FAX : +86 755 83551159.

Hinke A/S
Manufactures aerials and audio accessories, also acts as the distributor of Soundcare and Soundmatters in Denmark. Company formerly named H. Hinke ApS.
Distributed in Finland by AV Komponentti.
Hinke A/S, Tingbjergvej 2, DK 4632 Bjaeverskov.
Tel : +4556870422. E-Mail : kk at

Japanese consumer electronics giant, has mostly exited the hi-fi market but is still active in AV. Also owns the Maxell company.
Distributed in Belarus by Medium and in Iceland by Hátækni

Hitari See --> Alba

Dutch manufacturer/reseller of Asian sourced budget AV products.

Hi-Vi Research
Humongus Chinese manufacturer of loudspeakers and related products, primarily occupied as an OEM but has been distributing products under it's own name more and more these days. Drivers and kit loudspeakers are sold under the Hi-Vi Research name, low budget models, AV loudspeaker systems and multimedia products are sold under the Dulcet brand while mid and high end loudspeakers and systems are sold under the Swans Speakers but the company gained ownership of those brands when it took over Canadian loudspekar manufacturer Acoustic Technology International.
Homepage: - Swan Speaker homepage - Dulcet homepage.
Hi-Vi Reseach products are Distributed in Canada by Solen Électronique Distribution and in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Studio Panský Dvur, but the latter company also distributes Swans branded products

Hi-Vi Sound See --> Shenzhen Hi-Vi Sound

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