English language Hi-Fi and other audio only consumer publications.

English language Hi-Fi and other audio only consumer publications.

The Absolute Sound (USA)
Monthly magazine that reviews high end audio products plus the usual news and opinion pieces, originally founded in 1972 and commonly known in the audio world as just TAS.
Homepage: http://www.theabsolutesound.com

The Audiophile Voice (USA)

Small USA based magazine published by Eugene Sharon Pitts III, former editor of Audio. Publishes an eccentric mix of equipment reviews and music content, the reviews are mostly mid and high end audio products although some personal audio and low end stuff occasionally shows up as well. Music content is mostly Jazz and rock music from the 60's and 70's, making me guess that the average age of the readers of this magazine is closer to 80 than it is to 20. TAV has survived quite a bit longer than most such hobby magazines, or for 15 years since Mr Pitts took over and before that for a few years as a publication of the Audiophile Society, and is in general better written than most such

Mr Pitts bought the TAV newsletter in 1995 from the New York based AS after loosing his job at Audio magazine and slowly built it into something more magazine like. It is published by his company called Guts & Elbow Grease Publishing Ltd., that is based in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, and these days is primarily distributed via the mail with it getting difficult to find on newsstands, they are however quite accommodating in sending out sample issues, so do not hesitate to contact them for one such if you are in North America, and subscriptions are not that dear either.
Homepage: http://www.audiophilevoice.com

Australian Hi-Fi
Australian audiophile print magazine, more or less a classic example of the genre with news, equipment reviews, opinion pieces and music reviews. Published 7 times a year and is solely a mid/high end hi-fi publication there is no home theatre content.
Homepage: http://www.avhub.com.au/index.php/Magazine/Hi-Fi/
Nextmedia Audio Visual Group, Locked Bag 5555, St. Leonards, NSW 1590, Australia..

Bound For Sound Report (USA)
Unusual and interesting USA monthly magazine we are not sure if it is the world’s smallest hi-fi magazine or the last hi-fi fanzine standing, the mag is focused on mid and high end audio, and increasingly on vintage audio and analogue equipment in the recent years. BfSR contains no adverts and is only about 14 pages each month but has managed to survive for more than 20 years nonetheless, each issue features mostly reviews and usually an opinion/observation piece or 2 and sometimes music reviews, mostly classical, but no news features or fluff, except for the very rare article on dinosaur rock. Primus motor behind the magazine is lawyer Martin G De Wulf.
Homepage: http://www.boundforsound.com
Bound For Sound, 108 E. Division, Kewanee, IL 61443, USA.
Tel: +1 309 856 5515. Fax: +1 309 853 3193. E-Mail at bfshifi .at. comcast.net.

Gramophone (UK)
Primarily a classical music magazine but has a number of hardware reviews in each issue

Hi-Fi Choise (UK)
Monthly. One of the Future Publishing titles but that is a UK publishing giant that specialises in making beginner friendly mags, a bit lacking in quality compared to what it was in years gone by.

Hi-Fi News (UK)
Monthly. More high end oriented than it was some 20 years ago, although for reasons unknown the writers try to inject iPod related reviews in between the £10k amplifier adverts. Sadly completely lacking in authority these day's and something of a joke compared to what was along with Germany's Audio the most respected Hi-Fi magazine on the planet, articles regarding vintage audio in particular invariably factually incorrect and drowning in histrionics

HiFi-World (UK)

Monthly UK based print magazine, reviews of hi-fi equipment and opinion articles mostly, sometimes with a little bit of audio home theatre products coverage thrown in for a good measure and a few music reviews. Last of the "Flat Earth" magazines that ruled the roost in the UK hi-fi publishing business for a few years in the 80's and true to form at times a bit xenophobic specially in the opinion pieces and vintage audio features, but also show a preference for "British" kit when it comes to reviews, although much of that is only nominally British. Best thing about the mag is their vinyl section but unlike the other UK magazines they never completely stopped reviewing turntable related products.

The magazine is published and edited by Noel Philip Keywood who used to run audio kit manufacturer World Audio Design and the mag often had articles discussing and reviewing WAD kits, but not always construction articles oddly enough. HiFi World does offer a digital edition, however while the price at 1.90 UK pounds an issue is fair enough compared to the local newsstand price it is 4 to 5 times what the USA hi-fi magazines are charging for a non-printable, on-line reading only issues and the delivery service they use is a bit slow to boot.
Homepage: http://www.hi-fiworld.co.uk

USA based high end audio magazine, originally founded in 1962 by J. Gordon Holt. The magazine has a firm policy of only reviewing products that have a solid distribution inside the USA already, alongside a preference for American and English made products. This makes if often appear behind the times and quite frankly not much of an interesting read for those of us outside of the country since it frequently covers issues and equipment long since beaten to death in the electronic and local hi-fi media, the only bits of interest being reviews of USA made equipment that are seldom seen on this side of the pond.

The quality of the hardware reviews can be quite good though, the same cannot be said about the music reviews, which like much of what is on offer in the audiophile press in general, are firmly focused on the stone age and to be pefectly honest make for a bit of a dull reading at times, given that you already read about and listened to this music 30 years+ earlier.
Homepage: http://www.stereophile.com

TNT-Audio (Italy)
A nice webzine that covers mostly the high end, published both in English and Italian


USA based monthly high end audio magazine published on the web in PDF format, and downloadable for free BTW, website also has some irregularly updated news and blog content. In addition to hardware content there are also some music reviews and other musical content such as interviews and tour reports, as with most merkin audio publications this is mostly jazz, easy listening and reissues of 30 to 50 year old pop records, or modern content in such styles.
Homepage: http://www.tonepublications.com
Tel: +1 360 573 3919. Fax: +1 360 573 6893. E-Mail: tonepub [at] yahoo.com.

Ultra High Fidelity
A Canadian magazine that as the name suggests discusses high end audio topics although some material concerned with high end home theatre is there as well. Commonly known as just UHF Magazine and quite well known in the northern USA as well.
Homepage: http://www.uhfmag.com
UHF Magazine, Box 65085, Place Longueuil, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada J4K 5J4
Tel: ++450 651 5720..

Vacum tube Valley (USA)
Tubes are what thermionic valves referred to in some of the colonies, in other words a magazine for those that think that hi-fi products shuld produce light as well as sound

What Hi-Fi ? (UK)
Britains best selling audio releated magazine, aimed squarely at the average consumer, writing and test quality all over the place, AV reviews in particular are dreaful but the same product with different front panels and brand names can get wildly different reviews. Conversly the LP related reviews are superb

Other English language magazines that feature some hi-fi coverage or reviews: Audio VideoCanada HiFiT3 Magazine

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