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Sabani Engineering and Manufacturing Industries (S. E. M. Industries)
Hong Kong based manufacturer of budget audio products, both home and personal audio products, trades both under it's own name and acts as an OEM.
Distributed in Brazil by Waldman.
Sabani Engineering and Manufacturing Industries Ltd., Cheung Lee Industrial Bldg., Unit 3B, 9 Cheung Lee Street, Chaiwan, Hong Kong.
Tel: +(852) 25587057. Fax: +(852) 25589305. E-Mail: sales at

SAC See --> Special Audio Components (SAC)

SAC Thailand
Thai company that manufactures under the Silk brand, makes high end power filters, valve based and digital amplifiers in addition to parts such as attenuators and transformers.
Distribution: In New Zealand by Parmenter Sound
Homepage: .
SAC Thailand, 34/137 Vibhawadi-Rangsit 60 Rd. Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Thailand.
Tel: +66 2940 9089. Fax: +66 2940 9316. E-Mail: info *at*

SAE See --> Shunk Audio Engineering (Germany - Current) or SAE (USA - Defunct)


Japanese company that manufactures high end interconnects, cables and power conditioners, also acts as the Japanese distributor of HRT and MHI. Company was started in 1971 and incorporated in 1973 and was for the first couple of decades best known for their quality tonearms.
Distribution: Primary export agent is Muson Project, while exports to the USA are handled by Askom. Local distribution handled in Greece by Vassilopoulos Bros., in Italy by Best Audio & Video and in Russia by Hi-End Centre
Homepage: .
SAEC Commerce Co. Ltd., 9th Floor, Akasaka Building, Akasaka, 4-1-32, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)3 3588 8481. Fax: +81 (0)3 3582 4902. E-Mail: info/at\

Saga See --> Proton

British supermarket chain, in the summer of 2005 they stopped selling brown goods from third parties and replaced them with their own RED brand of Asian sourced electronics but that only lasted for literally a few weeks and they now only use this name on AV accessories and occasional other products.

Salamander Designs
USA based manufacturer of hi-fi and AV furniture and TV mounting hardware, formerly Salamander Systems.
Distribution: In Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage address.
Salamander Designs, 811 Blue Hills Avenue, Bloomfield, CT 06002, USA.
Tel: +1 888 224 4113 or +1 860 313 0525. Fax: +1 860 313 0526.

Salk Sound
USA based manufacturer of loudspeakers, cables and interconnects.
Salk Sound, 2700 Long Winter Lane, Oakland, MI 48363, USA
Tel: +248 814 8062. E-Mail: info at

Salora See --> Finlux (Current) or Nokia (Defunkt)

Samadhi Acoustics
USA based maker of mid/high end loudspeakers.

Samlap See --> Samlap

Sammi Sound Technology
Korea's largest manufacturer of loudspeakers and drivers.
Sammi Sound Technology, 208 Munam-Ri, Wonnam-Myun, Umsung-Gun, Chungbuk 369-860, South Korea.
Phone: +82 446 872 9811. Fax: +82 446 872 9814. Email: sammi at

Large South Korean conglomerate that is active in all aspects of electronics manufacturing from component fabrication to supercomputers, in the brown goods sector they are best known for their LCD displays and optical disk players but they do have a range of audio and AV products and what is less known is that for the South Korean market only they actually market from time to time some very high end audio electronics, often in conjunction with specialised Western manufacturers.
Distributed in Hungary by Albacomp Computers and in Iceland by Brćđurnir Ormsson

Samuel P. Laufer

USA based gentleman that is primarily a retailer of high end audio products and as such trades as Laufer Teknik, he also manufactures audio servers that are sold under the The Memory Player or Laufer Teknik names but they used to be sold under the Nova Physics brand and in some markets are still peddled as such.
Distribution: In New Zealand by Feed Back Audio
Homepage: -- The Memory Player homepage.
Samuel P. Laufer, 360 Southbury Road, Roxbury, CT 06783-2102, USA.
Tel: +1 860 355 4484. Fax: +1 646 514 9098. E-Mail: slaufer ]at[ . Skype: slauferteknik

Sanders Sound Systems
USA based manufacturer of electrostatic loudspeakers, amplifiers and cables. Company founded in 2008 by Roger R. Sanders.
Distribution: In Norway by P.M. Audio
Homepage: .
Sanders Sound Systems LLC, 12054 Deer Trail Road, Conifer, CO 80433, United States.
Tel: +1 303 838 8130. E-Mail: roger 'at'

Sanibel Sound
French maker of high end Hi-fi including turntables & amplifiers.

Sansui Electric Co. Ltd.
The Japanese Sansui company revolutionised the audio industry by creating the "budget audiophile" market along with Luxman in the late 70's and early 80's, this section of the market has later been claimed by Rotel, Pioneer and NAD and the company ended up as a part of the Grande Holdings. Products from the company are seldom seen in the west these day's except for some Chinese made budget hi-fi and TV, still their Official homepage has info on some high end hi-fi (I have not been able to find this for sale outside Japan) but their Indian homepage has info on their budget A/V lines (no separates). For info on classic Sansui products see this page.

Sanyo Electric Co.
Large Japanese manufacturer of electronic components and consumer electronics that operates mostly in the lower reaches of the AV market, the company also owns the Fisher brand but the 2 appear to share product lines these days, at the least as far as AV products are concerned, in Japan and some other Asian countries the company has also used the Otto brand. The company was founded in 1947 by Toshio Iue (ex Matsushita co-founder) as Sanyo Electric Works and incorporated in 1950 under the present name. Entered the brown goods market in 1952 when it introduced an inexpensive plastic housed radio and started the manufacture of transistors in 1958 which enabled them to became one of the larger OEM for a audio and TV products for a whole host of western companies, it's also the year that the first hi-fi products from the company appeared. Sanyo started marketing products under their own name in the 60's in Europe and in the 70's in NA and took over the Fisher company in 1975, initially the Fisher brand was wholly separate from the Sanyo one as far as products where concerned and some of the Fisher products where quite ambitious but as the hi-fi market became less and less important part of the home appliance market the brand has assumed more or less the same role as Sanyo. Please note that the name translates literally as "3 seas" which is not an uncommon idiom in Japan (the 3 large oceans = the world) and there is a host of companies over there that bear the same name but have no connection with Sanyo Electric, also note that while the company has traditionally has had most of their manufacturing in Japan there have been exceptions to that, TV's intended for the European, Middle Eastern and African market where made in the UK and loudspeakers intended for the Australasian market where made in NZ for instance. Panasonic took Sanyo over in 2009.
Homepage: Japanese homepage, Consumer products homepage, USA Homepage, USA Fisher Homepage.
Distributed in Argentina by Newsan, in Malta by Mosta Electronic Centre and in Romania by Avitech, Voice recording products are distributed in Iceland by Inter.

SAS See --> American Recorder (Tooling, for valve amps, see below)

SAS Audio Labs
US based manufacturer of valve amplifiers.
SAS Audio Labs, 1901 N. Morton Ave. Suite 184, Morton, Illinois USA 61550.
Phone: +(309) 263 0736. Email: sasaudio at

SAT See --> Primare

Saxon See --> Talk Electronics

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