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Eggleston Works
USA based maker of high end loudspeakers.
Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Reference Audio Visual, in Croatia by Son Et Image, in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Store, in Israel by Arama Audio, in Poland by FAST and in South Africa by The Listening Room.

Eichmann See --> ETI

Eighth Nerve
USA based manufacturer of acoustic treatments.
Distributed in South Korea by Chess Audio.
Eighth Nerve, Nashville, TN 37206, USA.
Tel: +615 206 7762. Fax: +615 469 0757. E-Mail: info at

Japanese manufacturer of AV products intended for use in classrooms and in presentations etc. and you may remember them as suppliers of 16mm movie projection equipment in years gone by. Name translates as "projector".
Distributed in Cyprus Modestou Sound & Vision
Eiki Industrial Company Limited, 4-12 Banzai-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0028, Japan.
Tel: +81 6 6311 9479. Fax: +81 6 6311 8486.

Einstein Audio Elektronik
German manufacturer of high end seperates, they use the Tubaphon trademark for their phonographic products.
Distributed in Hong Kong by Elephant Holdings, in Japan by Stella Inc., in Norway by Audioroyal and in Switzerland by Marlex.

A long standing German Hi-Fi manufacturer, primarily a maker of loudspeakers and speaker related accessories such as stands and spikes, but the company also has a small line of electronics such as DAC's and wireless transmitters and receivers. ELAC is best known for manufacturing their own drivers some of them with unusual technologies such as the "Jet" ribbon tweeters, and coned woofers with metallic and crystal membranes, in addition to the sound these give their products a unique look and feel.

Founded on Sept. 1 in 1926 as Electroacoustic GmbH., used to produce a full range of A/V products but has over time turned into a loudspeaker specialist. The company was also for a long time the biggest UK based manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers through a subsidiary called the Electro Acoustic Company (Later independent) and many of the classic drivers attributed to KEF and other British companies where actually designed and made by ELAC, UK production stopped in the late 80's or early 90's.

ELAC distribution

Europe: In Austria by Ing. Gert Weber Handelsvertretung, in Belarus by Alexander Sobolewski, in Belgium and Luxemburg by Sennheiser Belux, in the Czech Republic by Panter Spol, in Estonia by Tedra Trading, in Finland by Scanteknik, in Greece by Elasyn, in Holland by John & Partner, in Iceland by Gudmundsson Trading, in Ireland by Sennheiser Ireland, in Italy by Creative Media, in Moldavia by Technomarket, in Romania by Avitech, in Spain by Corpaw and in the UK by Sennheiser UK.

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by Synergy Audio Visual, in China, Hong Kong, Macau. Malaysia and Singapore by Wellwick Audio, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Japan by Yukimu Corp.,in Kazakhstan by Digital Aura, in Malaysia by A & L Audio Station and in South Korea by Sovico Corp.

The Americas & the West Indies: In Canada by Tri-Cell and in the USA by Q-USA..

Africa and the Middle East: In Namibia and South Africa by J.A.D.E. Services.

ELAC Electroacustic GmbH., Rendsburger Landstrasse 215, 24113 Kiel, Germany.
Tel: +49 431 647 740. Fax: +49 431 682 101. E-Mail: info $at$

Elan Home Systems
USA based manufacturer of home hi-fi and video distribution systems and automation products.
Distributed in Iceland by S. Guðjónsson, in Latvia by DVD Navigators and in Norway by Hi-Fi Huset.

Elektroakustik Bünzow
German manufacturer of high end audio products.
Elektroakustik Bünzow, Venusstraße 5, 90522 Oberasbach/Nbg., Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)911 9994467. Fax: +49 (0)911 9994468. E-Mail: info at

Electrocompaniet A/S
Norwegian manufacturer of high end amplification and CD players, subsidary of WestControl A/S.
Distributed in Australia by Audio Dynamics, in Austria by Audiophil , in Belgium by Monte Q Music Support, in Brazil by Liquid Sound, in Canada by Jason Scott Distributing, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Changye Audio Visual, in Costa Rica by CD Audio, in Croatia by Media Audio, in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Studio Tykon., in Denmark by McIntosh Nordic, in Finland by Audist Oy., in France by I. H. T. Services Group, in India by Sound of Music, in Israel by Arama Audio, in Lithuania by Geras Garsas, in Singapore by Sound Decisions, in South Africa by J.A.D.E. Services, in Sweden by Tonkraft Scandinavia and in Vietnam by Dong Thanh.

Electrohome See --> Jutan International Ltd. (JIL) (Current) or Electrohome (Defunct)

Electronic Visionary Systems (EVS)
US based company that makes DAC's and modifies digital equipment.

Electron Luv
USA based manufacturer of high end valve amplification.

Electrovision (Accessories) See --> Electrovision

Legenday French loudspeaker manufacturer.
Homepage: - Dutch homepage
Distribution: In Canada by L'Atelier-Audio, in France by DEA International, in Germany by Connect Audio, in Greece by Acoustic Design and in Hungary and Poland by Horn Distribution

Elite See --> Jinyon Audio

Japanese manufacturer of electronic, educational and mechanical kits, including a range of rather neat valve amplifiers.


Dutch trading company that primarily deal with hardware and power tools and so on but they do sell consumer cables, interconnects and AV accessories under the Q-link brand. Part of the Smartwares group.
Elofer, Postbus 60, 5720 AB Asten, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)493 680900. Fax: +31 (0)493 680 990.

Long running Japanese manufacturer of hi-fi related products, now makes a revolutionary laser based turntable.
Homepage: Japanese homepage.

ELRO (CE products) See --> Roos Electronics

Elrod Power Systems
USA based manufacturer of high end power cables, interconnects and loudspeaker cables..
Distribution: In Algeria by Ets Djenadi, in France by Fusion Acoustic
Homepage: .
Elrod Power Systems, 716 Fairforest Drive, Greenwood SC 29646, USA.
Tel: +1 864 227 9107. E-Mail: deglide /at)

Austrian provider of low budget CE products, mostly white goods etc. but a number of audio and AV products as well.
Elta GmbH, Sonnwendgasse 21, Frachtenbahnhof 6. Str., 1100 Wien, Austria.
E-Mail: office at

Eltax A/S
A Danish company that is probably best known as a manufacturer of loudspeakers with a killer price/performance ratio, they have in recent years been expaniding into the AV electronics market and also launched a separate brand of audio products called Tangent Audio. Company is owned by Inovadis.
Distribution: Eltax is distributed in Hungary and Poland by Horn Distribution and in Romania by Lotus Telecom while Tangent products are distributed in the Czech Republic by RP Audio, in France by DEA International and in Iceland by Rafgrein, in Poland by Audio Klan and in Romania by Lotus Telecom
Homepage: -- Tangent Audio homepage.
Eltax A/S, Drejervej 2, 7490 Aulum, Denmark.
E-Mail: info |at/

Norwegian reseller of speaker kits and components, has recently started selling their own speakers under the Dynabel brand.

Serbian manufacturer of power conditioners designed for usage with AV products that are sold under the DeZorel, has recently branched into the manufacture of more traditional audio products.
Distributed in Austria and Croatia by Longtone, in France by Mondial Import Product, in Germany by Audio Suite, in Slovenia by E.I.S. and in Turkey by Extreme Audio.
ELZO d.o.o., Karadjordjeva 12/212, 11080 Zemun, Serbia.
E-Mail: office at

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