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MJ Acoustics
British subwoofer manufacturer.
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Dynamics, in the Benelux countries by HiFI Matters and in Norway by Maxwell Import

M&K Sound ApS

Danish company that is partially run from the USA and has manufacturing facilities in China, manufactures mid and high end home theatre and architectural loudspeakers in addition to making professional speakers such as monitors for 2 channel and surround sound use and in-wall and other installation products. Primarily use the MK Sound brand although they own the rights to M&K Sound and Miller & Kreisel names as well. Originally founded in 2007 and bought the remains of Miller & Kreisel Sound in 2008, but the main founders included the former head international distributor of M&K and one of their driver supplier, the company can supply spares for some models of Miller & Kreisel loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Denmark by Home Theatre Professionals and in Italy by ProAudio Italia
Homepage: .
M&K Sound ApS, Parkvænget 8, DK-2680 Solrød Strand, Denmark.
Tel: +45 8619 8733.
MK Sound USA Inc., 112 J Street, Second Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA.
Tel: +1 855 657 6863. Fax: +1 866 867 8657. E-Mail: info $at$

US based high end loudspeaker manufacturer.

Mobility France
French company that makes computer accessories, that includes loudspeakers and personal audio accessoeris. Company trades as Mability Lab and was founded in 2008 and incorparated in 2010 by Frederic Mauger and Alexandre Ponias, both ex-Logitech.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
Mobility France, 6 Rue De La Michodiere, 75002 Paris, France.
E-Mail: frederic.mauger (at/

Moda 169 See --> Omnimount

Mod Squad See --> McCormack

ModWright Instruments
USA based business that manufactures pre and power amplifiers, including models based on discrete silicon transistors and thermionic valves, in addition ModWright offers modification services to a number of SACD players and music servers and makes high end capacitors.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Canada by Tri-Cell Enterprises, in Cyprus and Greece by Rhapsody Audio Systems, in Denmark by Studiosound, in Italy by ProAudio Italia, in New Zealand by Reference Audio Systems, in Poland by SoundClub, in Singapore by Audio Trio, in Slovenia by NEL Audio, in Spain by Musical Connection and in Thailand by Elpa Shaw
Homepage: .
ModWright Instruments Inc., 21919 NE 399th Street, Amboy, WA 98601, USA.
Tel: +1 360 247 6688. E-Mail: info £at£

Moerch/Mørch See --> H. H. Mørch

Mogami Wire & Cable Corp.
Japanese manufacturer of cables and interconnects for home A/V and professional audio applications.
Distributed in the USA and Canada by Marshall Electronics (USA)

German manufacturer of audio electronics, huge in the car audio business but as a matter of fact supply everything from nuts and bolts to systems.

Monarchy Audio
USA based manufacturer of high end audio amplifications.
Monarchy Audio, 380 Swift Ave., #21, South San Francisco, CA94080, USA.
Tel: +(650) 873 3055. Fax: +(650) 588 0335. E-mail: monarchy at

Mondial See --> Klipsch

Monitor Audio
UK based loudspeaker manufacturer, originally founded by Mo Iqbal in 1972 but sold to Dave Collins in 1998, current head designer is Dean Hartley, ex-Keswick Audio Research head honco.
Distributed in Belgium by Transtel-Sabima, in Bulgaria by Sofia Audio Centre, in Canada by Kevro, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Wellwick Audio, in Croatia by Audio Epilog, in Danmark by Tape Connection, in Cyprus by Pitsillis, in Finland by Concept Hi-Fi, in Greece by Apopsis, in Holland by Monitor Audio Nederland, in Ireland by Audio Associates Ireland, in Latvia by A. C. E., in Norway by Hi-Fi Huset, in New Zealand by Denco Audio, in Poland by Decibel Distribution, in Portugal by Del Audio, in Spain by Thorens Iberica, in Sweden by Audio Squad and in Switzerland by Fidelity Sound.
Monitor Audio Germany, Postfach 40 13 62, 47867 Willich, Germany.
Phone: +00 49 2156 910 628. Fax: +00 49 2156 910 629..

Monk Audio (Phono preamps) See --> Michael Bentrup

Monkey Ltd.
UK based company that sells mid and high end interconnects and cables.
Distribution: In Poland by Rafko
Homepage: .
Monkey Ltd., 8 Rounton Road, Church Crookham, Hampshire GU52 6HB, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)7827 328288. E-Mail: Sales (at)

Monks See --> Keith Monks Sound Systems

Italian manufacturer.
Distributed in Canada by Artech Electronics, in Denmark and Sweden by Audioactive, in Germany by WBS, in Russia and Ukraine by Audio Gamma Trading.
Monolite, Via Caduti sul lavoro 23, 66013 Chieti, Italy.
Tel: +39 0871 552990. Fax: +39 0871 570189. E-mail: info at


Italian company that makesa full range of high end separates and loudspeakers, traditionally the company was best known for their amplifiers and digital products such as CD players and media servers but has more recently introduced a line of loudspeakers and even announced a forthcoming turntable.

Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Beijing Fei Yun Mei Audio Equipment Co, in the Czech Republic by Xavian, in Denmark by Timeless Audioin Greece by Sonus Hi-Fi, in Hong Kong by Lieder International, in Indonesia by Excellent Audio, in Norway by RuBe, in Russia by Marvel Distribution Company, in Singapore and Malaysia by MusicLink A/V Distribution, in Slovenia by Audio Galerija, in Spain by Pick-Up Hi-Fi & Cine Estudio, in Sweden by High-Fi Consult, UK distribution handled by UKD and in the USA by NAT Distribution

Homepage: .
Monrio,Via Trento 7/a, 29122 Piacenza, Italy.
Tel:+39 0523 071072. Mobile: +39 338 2335753. Mail: info )at)

Monster Cable
US based company, one of the oldest supplier of high end audio cables and possibly the biggest as well.
Distributed in Croatia by Audio Art, in Finland by AH Hifisystems, in France by Algam, in Holland by Penta Electronics, in Hong Kong by Dah Chong Hong Ltd., in Iceland by Heimilistæki, in Switzerland by Fidelity Sound and in the UK by Lenbrook UK.

US loudspeaker manufacturer.

Montegiro See --> Dattenberg GmbH

Moon See --> Sim Audio

Mordaunt Short See --> Audio Partnership

More Furniture
Belgian manufacturer of home theatre furniture, sold under the stylisised Mor. Audio & Video Furniture name.
More Furniture, Generaal Deprezstraat 2, B-8530 Harelbeke, Belgium.
Tel: +32 56 26 14 14. Fax: +32 56 26 14 13. E-Mail: info !at!

A manufacturer of loudspeakers and loudspeaker drivers, based in Israel, no relation to the company listed below and BTW this is the original Morel co..
Distributed in Austria by Audio Exclusive, in Canada by Solen Électronique Distribution, in Holland by Eltim Audio in Hungary by Amtron, in Norway by P.M. Audio and in Portugal by Ajasom

Morel Acoustics USA
US based company sells home and car speakers under the Renaissance name and drivers using it's own and the Shabani trademark.
Homepage: Distributed in Norway Audioaktøren

Morgan Audio Systems
UK based high end manufacturer, makes audiophile power supplies, DAC's, amplification and tuners.
Distributed in Switzerland by Lab Electronics

Morrow Audio
Small USA based manufacturer of valve amplifiers.

Italian turntable specialist.
Morsiani Carlo srl Via Chiozzino, 41 42019 Scandiano, Italy.
Phone: +0522 856356. Email: morsianicarlo at

USA based business tha manufactures hybrid transistor/valve power amplifiers. Company founded in 2006 by George Kaye.
Distribution: In Italy by ProAudio Italia
Homepage: .
Moscode Inc., 74 Cotton Mill Hill, Suite A124, Brattleboro, VT 05301, USA.
Tel: 1 877 797 8823 (Toll free USA and ) E-Mail: info "at"

French manufacturer of home cinema loudspeakers and systems.
Distributed in Belgium by Greenwich Electronics, in France by BC Acoustique Distribution and in Portugal by Audolici.

Makes a range of phonographic and audio related accessories, also perform a range of related services.
Distributed in Denmark by High End Sound.

Moth Audio Corp
USA maker of speakers and valve amplification, some of them look very classy.
Moth Audio Corporation, 1746 Ivar Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028, USA.
Phone: +(323) 467 4300. Fax: +(323) 464 9100. Email: ron at

Originally founded as the Galvin Manufacturing Company in the 1930's but later took on the name of their main product the "Mororola" car radio or "Motor Radiola". Was active in the car audio business well into the 80's and noticeably one of the main backer of the 8 Track Cartridge in the 60's, but currently the only product related to audio that the company manufactures are piezo tweeters (and DSP chips if you wish), but for some reason they have no info on them on their website. The company owned the Quasar brand unthil 1974 when it sold it to Matsushita, that name was only used on TV's as far as I can gather.

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