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Racks Audio Designs (Hi-fi and AV stands) See --> Evangelos Issichopoulos

Radia (Loudspeakers) See --> BG Radia

Not to be confused with the old Radionette factory, this is a Norwegian company that sells rebranded Asian AV products at budget prices through Scandinavian electrical superstores Lefdal og Elkjøp (known as ELKO in Iceland), homepage is in Norwegian only but downloadable manuals available in most Scandinavian languages.

Radio Shack
Huge US based chain of stores, also distributes a range of products under their own name in addition to audio and AV products under the Accurian brandname. Used to sell products made for them under names such as Optimus and Realistic but the ownership of those seems to have been handled to Intertan/Radio Shack Canada. Nb. started out as a catalogue supplier of industrial electronics but turned to consumer electronics in the 60's after being bought by the Tandy Leather company.

Radio Shack Canada See --> Intertan/Radio Shack Canada


Polish company that is primarily an on-line retailer that also has a bricks-and-mortar Hi-Fi/AV operation in Bialystok called Salon RMS. They do however sell wall plate connectors and audio accessories under their own Melodika brand and also distribute a number of brands locally including Fatman, Lindy, Monkey Ltd. and Roth.
Homepage: -- Salon RMS homepage -- Melodika homepage
RAFKO, Handlowa 7, 15-399 Bialystok, Poland.
Tel: +48 85 747 97 59. Fax: +48 85 742 09 23.
Audio Salon RMS, ul. Handlowa 7,15-399 Bialystok, Poland.
Tel. +48 85 7479755..

Raidho (Loudspeakers) See --> Dantax

Japanese manufacturer of blank optical media.

Raks Elektronik
Turkish producer of consumer electronics & blank media.

Rampage See --> Audiovox

Ranex (CE products) See --> Tevea

US based maker of CD stands etc..

Rasonic See --> Panasonic

Rasta Cable See --> Flip Flop Inc.

RA Technology See --> Magnum Group

A manufacturer of high end loudspeakers based in Hong Kong.
Whitley Limited, Unit 149, New Capital Computer Plaza, 85 - 95 Un Chau Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Phone : +(852) 27620590. Fax : (852) 27486217. Email : raymond at

Swedish manufacturer of high end systems, inc. turntables, loudspeakers and amplifiers. Originally started in 1966 as a hi-fi store called Audio-Produkter and is a sister company to the Opus 3 record label, you may remember them as the company that made the Opus 3 loudspeakers made out of concrete in the 70's and 80's. Please note that although most of their hompage is in English some of their speaker pages are available in Swedish only, they have a page with pictures and scans of old brochures hidden here.
Distributed in the UK by A Audio Marketing.
Rauna, Blåbärsvägen 12, 691 47 Karlskoga, Sweden.
Phone : +46 586 524 20. Email : rauna at

Ravell (Projectro lifts) See --> Akkus

Ravon Audio (Docks etc.) See --> Shenzhen Fenda Technology

Raw Acoustics
A Canadian manufacturer of loudspeakers, these are provided both fully built or in kit form.
Raw Acoustics, 16756 85th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V4N 4W3 , Canada.
Tel: +1 604 576 8951. E-Mail: info at

USA based company that manufactures 19" rack units, consoles and similar sound reinforcement accessories.

Raysonic Inc.
Canadian manufacturer of valve based amplification and CD players with production factilities in China.
Distributed in Iran by Avin Ava, in Italy by ProAudio Italia, in Mexico by Armonia AVM, in Norway by Hi-Fi Guiden and in the USA by Nat Distribution.
Raysonic Inc., P.O. BOX 46565, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1T 3V8.
E-Mail : sales at

RBH Sound
USA based loudspeaker manufacturer.
Distribution: In Italy by ProAudio Italia
Homepage: .
RBH Sound, 382 Marshall Way, Layton, Utah 84041-7318, USA.
Tel : 800 543 2205 (USA Only). Fax : +801 543 3300.

RCA See --> Audiovox

RDL See --> Radio Design Labs

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