Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in Norway

Norway (Norge, Noregur)
Norwegian pro-audio and MI distributors

Agentur Tur-Pex See --> Agentur Tur-Pex (Enerr, Equilibrium and ESA)

Andervik Audio
Handles the Norwegian distribution of Aura, Eximus, Stello, Sounds Of Science and Respons.
Homepage: http://www.andervikaudio.no
Andervik Audio, Gravaveien 45, 3940 Porsgrunn, Norway.
Tel: +47 92012111. E-Mail: post at andervikaudio.no.

Art 344
Distributes Silver Audio.
Homepage: http://www.art344.com
Art 344 A/S, Trollveien 41, N-1450 Nesoddtangen.
Tel: +(47)922 622 30.

Distributes Ancient Audio, Audio Aéro, Audionet, Balanced Audio Technology, Harmony, Holfi, Hy-Pe, Kora, Nottingham Analogue, Quadraspire, Renaissance, Ringmat Developments, Shunyata Research, USHER and Wilson Benesch.
Homepage: http://www.audioakt.no
Audioaktøren, Jensebroten 8, 3189 Horten, Norway.
Tel: +47 33074411. E-mail: terje at audioakt.no

Audio Art
Distributes Aesthetix, Cardas, Coincident Speaker Technology, EuroAudioTeam (EAT), Fletcher Audio, H÷rning and Musical Fidelity.
Homepage: http://www.audioart.no
Audio Art, Sandbergveien 33, 4821 Rykene, Norway.
Tel: +47 370 937 20. Fax: +47 370 931 08. E-Mail: vidar at audioart.no.

Audio Art avd. Norsk Hi-Fi Center
Norwegian company that is primarily a hi-fi retailer in Krokstadelva (close to Drammen), but also acts as a local distributor and as such handles AMR, Audio Valve, Chord, Exposure, Spendor and Sugden Audio Ltd. .
Homepage: http://www.norskhificenter.no -- Alternative homepage
Audio Art avd. Norsk Hi-Fi Center, Spikerveien 12, 3055 Krokstadelva, Norway.
Tel: +47 32 87 35 96 and +47 92 89 57 73. E-Mail: hallvar {at} tele2.no .

Distributes Klipsch amongst other products.
Homepage: http://www.audiocompaniet.no
Showroom: Darresgt. 2, 0175 Oslo.
Postal address: Audiocompaniet, Postboks 6629, St.Olavsplass, 0129 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: +22 11 68 70. Fax: +22 11 68 71. E-mail: info at audiocompaniet.no.

Norwegian company that distributes locally brands such as Avalon Acoustics, Conrad-Johnson, Crystal Cable, Edge Electronics, Finite Elemente, HRT, Kuzma, Lindemann, Manley Labs, McCormack and Muse..
Homepage: http://www.audiofreaks.no
Audiofreaks, Kirkebirkeland 97, 5227 Nesttun, Norway.
Tel: +47 90 65 42 35 and +47 975 25 580. E-Mail: peterd /at/ online.no.

Audio Media
Distributes Klimo.
Homepage: http://www.audio-media.no
Audio Media, Fagerbakken 8, N - 5082 Eidsvaagneset, Norway.
Phone/Fax: +47 5556214. E-Mail: audiomed at online.no.

Audionord See --> Audionord AB (Air Tangent, Audio Research, Constellation Audio, Dan D'Agostino, darTZeel, EMM Labs, Magico, Magnepan, Parrot and Scaena)

Norwegian distributor and retailer of high end audio products and audiphile records, brands imported/distributed include Acapella, Audiotop, Einstein, Garrott Brothers, Graham Engineering, Halcro, Jorma Design, Mårten Design, Montegiro, Perreaux, SME ltd., SOTA, Trigon Elektronik and Vyger.
Homepage: http://www.audioroyal.no
Audioroyal AS, Innherredsveien 113, 7043 Trondheim, Norge.
Tel: +47 926 79 630.

Pro audio distributor.
Homepage: http://www.avab-cac.no
AVAB-CAC, Brennerievn 11, Oslo N-0182, Norway.
Tel: +47 22 113030. Fax: +47 22 112300. E-mail: host at avab-cac.no

A distributer of professional audio products such as Cedar, Digital Audio Denmark, Hosa Technology and LA Audio.
Homepage: http://www.benum.no
Siv. Ing. Benum A/S, Boks 145 Vinderen, Haakon den Godes vej 14, N-0319 Oslo. Norway.
Tel: +47 2213 9900. Fax: +47 2214 8259. E-mail: post at benum.no.

BG Audio Import
Handles DLS and US Blaster.
Homepage: http://www.bgaudio.no
BG Audio Import A/S, Nattlandsveien 155, N-5030 Landås.
Tel: +47 55 36 05 43. Tel: +47 55 36 05 44. E-mail: post at bgaudio.no.

Blue Note Audio
Distributes Wadia.
Blue Note Audio AS, Stranna, Lillejordet, N-3263, Larvik.
Tel: +33 13 01 08. Fax: +33 18 06 96. Email: ssi-bna at online.no.

CableCom See --> Schultz Cable Com

Duet Audio
Handles the distribution of Bona Industrial, Elite, Jasmine and JungSon in the whole of Scandinavia in addition to distributing Meizu and Oyaide in Norway.
Homepage: http://www.duet.no - Maizu homepage
Duet-Audio, Fred.Olsensgt. 1, 0152 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: +47 93 60 52 74. E-mail: post at duet.no.

Foto Phono
Distributes Quadral.
Homepage: http://www.fotophono.no
Foto Phono AS, Vogtsgate 66 Nydalen, 0402 Oslo.
Tel: +0 22 22 20 00. Fax: +0 22 22 73 10. E-Mail: info at fotophono.no.

HiFi Center Kjeden
Distributes Audiovector.
Homepage: http://www.hi-fi-center.no
HI-FI Center Kjeden A/S, Andøyfaret 19, 4623 Kristiansand.
E-mail: firmapost at hi-fi-center.no.

HiFi Guiden
Distributes Benz Micro, Lowther, Opera Audio, Osborn Loudspeakers, Raysonic, Silver Sonic and Sound Mechanics.
Homepage: http://www.hifi-guiden.no
HiFi - Guiden A/S, Strandgt.33, 2317 Hamar, Norway.
Tel/Fax: +47 62 52 97 06..

Hi-Fi Huset I BŠ AS
Distributes Chapter Audio, Elan, Focal, JM Lab, Meridian, Monitor Audio, Roksan and Target HiFi.
Homepage: http://www.hifihuset.no
Hi Fi Huset Engros AS,Vollsveien 38, 1358 JAR, Norway.
Tel: +(0047) 67 52 99 50. Fax: +(0047) 67 52 99 60. E-mail: azach at broadpark.no.

Hi-Fi Import
Distributes Plinius.
Hi-Fi Import, Fagerliveien 41, 9406 Harstad, Norway.
Tel: +47 770 61790. Fax: +47 770 61789. E-mail: royolsen at bluezone.no

Hi-Fi Klubben See --> Audionord (ARCAM, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), Cambrigde Audio, Cerwin Vega, ClassÚ, Denon, Goldring (headphones only), Lyngdorf, NAD and QED)

H°ium Data & Hifi AS.
Distributes Acoustic Sciences Corp., Audio Magic Productions, dCS and Majeel Laboratories.
Homepage: http://www.hoium.no
H°ium Data & Hifi AS., Solstaveien 44b, 1395 Hvalstad, Norway.
Tel: +47 66762202. Fax: +47 66762203. E-mail: ts at hoium.no.

Distributes Pro-Ject.
Homepage: http://www.ljudtema.no
Ljudtema/Norge, Borgen, 2040 Klöfta.
Tel: +063 986370. Fax: +063 986341. E-Mail: ljudtema at audiotec.no.

Distributes Sennheiser and other professional audio products.
Homepage: http://www.lydrommet.no
LydRommet, Sandakerveien 74, 0484 OSLO.
Tel: +22 09 16 10. Fax: +22 09 16 11. E-mail: Info at lydrommet.no.

Maxwell Import
Norwegian company that primarily distributes high end audio products in its home country although it has its own brand called Maxell Sound System for in-wall loudspeakers, companies distributed in Norway include Acoustic Solid, ADCOM, Chario, Custom Design, DUAL Turntables, Dynavox, Esoteric, German Maestro, Harbeth, HiFi-Tuning, KingSound, Leema Acoustics, Legacy Audio, MJ Acoustics, Music Hall Audio, Opera, Origin Live, Phonar, String Suspension Concept (SSC), Synthesis, TEAC, The Cartridgeman, the Funk Firm, Triangle, Unison Research and Vincent.
Homepage: http://www.maxwell-import.com
Maxwell hi-fi Import TS, Dronningens gt. 79, 4610 Kristiansand S., Norway.
Tel: +47 92065774. E-Mail: trond \at/ maxwell-import.com.

Mono A/S
Distributes Ayre Acoustics, DVDO, Goldring, Manger, Music Interface Technologies (MIT), Onkyo, Ortofon, Rega, Rel Acoustics, Sonus Faber, Sound Organisation, Speakercraft, Thorens and Weiss Engineering.
Homepage: http://www.mono.no
Mono A/S, PB 2068 Grünerløkka, 0505 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: +47 22 38 9900. Fax: +47 22 08 88 89. E-mail: info at mono.no

Distributes Tobias Jensen capacitors/inductors in Norway.
Motron, Fabrikkgata 39, 3320 Vestfossen.
Tel: +47 3275 2150. Fax: +47 3270 0304. E-mail: bryn at motron.no.

Distributes Imerge.
E-Mail: info at ncms.no.

Njßl Hansson AS
Distributes Beyerdynamic, Canton, Clockaudio, Cordial, Fuji-Magnetics, SAP Stands, SMS, Soundcare, Tascam, Triax and Vivanco.
Homepage: http://www.njal-hansson.no
Tel: +47 22 76 29 50. Fax: +47 22 27 57 61. E-mail: post at njal-hansson.no

Norsk Lyd & Blide
Distributes Ecosse amongst others, name translates as Norwegian Sound & Vision BTW.
Homepage: http://www.norsklydogbilde.no
Norsk Lyd og Bilde AS, Fredensborgveien 24-26, Block F 1st floor, 0177 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: +22202204 and +22202205. E-mail: info at norsklydogbilde.no.

Oslo Hi-Fi Center
Distributes Advantage, Adyton, A.R.T., Audio Physic, Burmester Audiosysteme, Ceratec, Densen, Eben, Lyra, Krell, Michell Engineering, Nordost, T+A, Transparent Cable, Voltex and Wadia amongst other products.
Homepage: http://www.oslohificenter.no Alternative homepage
Oslo Hi-Fi Center, Dronning Maudsgt.1-3, 0250 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: +2283 2925 or 2283 2926. Fax: +2283 5737 E-mail: info at oslohificenter.no.

Pilar Audio
Distributes Orpheus.
Pilar Audio, Kjolhalstien 30A, 3189 Horten, Norway.
Tel: +47 90 15 49 16. E-mail: eric-c at online.no.

PM Audio See --> P.M. Audio (Alpha Design Labs, Audio Analogue, BCD Engineering, Bright Star Audio, Coda Technologies, Furutech, Goldenote, Gradient, Hannl Reinigungssysteme, Janszen Loudspeakers, Krix, Kronos Audio, Lehmann Audio, Morel Acoustics, Neutrik, Sanders Sound Systems, Scheu and Solid Tech

PS Audio (Acoustic System International, Chapman Audio Systems, Verity Audio and Vibex) See --> PS Audio

Renaissance Audio See --> Renaissance Aaudio (NuForce and Von Schweikert)

Handles a few high end brands such as Acoustic Zen, Monrio and Synergistic Research.
Homepage: http://www.rube.no
RuBe, PB 482 Sentrum, N-3701 Skien, Norway.
Tel: +47 917 24 286. Fax: +47 35 53 05 65. E-mail: info at rube.no.

Schultz Cable Com
Distributes Loewe and Soundmatters.
Homepage: http://www.cablecom.no
Schultz Cable Com, Postboks 2024, N-3202 Sandefjord.
Tel: +47 33 48 33 54 or 33 48 33 48. E-Mail: cablecom at cablecom.no.

Tor Aamodt Import (TAA)
Distributes Cabasse in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Mimetism products in Denmark, Norway and Finland, Jeff Rowland in Finland, Norway and Iceland, Stax in Norway and Sweden in addition to Accuphase and Runco in Norway only. Company also holds out a store/showroom called Lyric HiFi.
Homepage: http://www.taaimport.no Alternative homepage (Seems updated more often)
T.AA.Import AS, Boks 6616 St. Olavs Plass, 0130 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: +47 22 36 17 27 or +47 22 35 10 17. Fax: +47 22 20 43 85. E-mail: taimport at c2i.net
Lyric HiFI, Torggaten 28, Oslo.

Upgrade Audio
Norwegian business that is primarily a DIY audio retail operation but does handle the distribution of Audio Note UK Ltd., Omega Speaker Systems and Sonicap in Norway.
Homepage: http://www.upgradeaudio.com
Upgrade Audio, Skipperveien 16, 3150 Tolvsrød.
Tel: +47 33015221. Fax: +47 33015204. E-Mail: info at upgradeaudio.com.

Distributes Audes in Norway and Sweden in addition to handling the distribution of AVI for the whole of Scandinavia.
Homepage: http://www.audes.no
Vario AS, C. Andersens gt. 1, 3181 Horten, Norway.
Mail: Postboks 1026, 3194 Horten, Norway.
Tel: +33 07 06 50. Fax: +33 07 06 51. E-Mail: are at audes.no.

See also: Activ Hi-Fi (Red Rose Music), Art Sound (Audia & Silverline Audio), McIntosh Nordic, iFore (Accurate Imaging, Buttkicker, Da-Lite, Faroudja, Halcro & Theatris) and Golden Age Music (PS Audio).

Europewide distributors : Dynavector Superstereo, Hamburger Hi-Fi Import (CEC), HiFI Matters (Aurios), in and High End Store Gerds (KEA Audio).

Norwegian distributors of professional audio, theatrical, lighting and musical instrument products

Kvenseth Elektroreparasjoner
Norwegian company based in Ikornnes in the M°re & Romsdal Municipality and run by Arild Kvenseth. Trades as Steel Guitar Senteret and is primarily a store specialising in selling steel guitar and especially pedal steel music, books and equipment to the Scandinavian market. Bought the rights to the AVM line of pedal steel guitars from Morgan Instrument in 1989 and manufactured AVM Falcon student type instruments from 1991 to 1994 but has since then quit making and servicing instruments.

The company now runs the SGS as a part time concern that sells steel guitar related products and distributes Stage One Steel Guitars and George L's strings in Norway, the main line of business is actually electric installations and repairs..
Homepage: http://www.kerep.no -- SGS Webstore -- SGS homepage
Kvenseth Elektroreparasjoner, Helleskjerva, 6222 Ikornnes, Norway.
Tel: +47 926 60 949. E-Mail: post /at\ kerep.no.

Lyd og Lys See --> Lyd og Lys Norge AS (Alutruss, DiMavery, Eurolite, Gerriets, Hazebase, Hear Technologies, Karsect, , Nightsun, Olympia Strings, Omnilux, Omnitronic, Production Intercom, Tasso, Work and 18sound)

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