Links to record labels - Aa to Am

Links to record labels - Aa to Am

CC = Compact Cassette. CD = Compact Disc. CDR = CD Recordable. EP = Extended play vinyl single. DVD = Digital Video Disk. DVDA = DVD Audio disk. HDCD = High Density CD. iPad = Apple iPad only music file. LP = Vinyl album. MD = Mini Disc. MP3 = Downloadable MP3 files. NET = Downloadable formats other than MP3. SACD = SACD. VHS = VHS video tape.

Please note that this is not meant to be a complete list of record labels by any means, but rather to collect together in one place information on labels that are either issuing "audiophile" CD's of note, or are supporting non CD formats like SACD, vinyl records and cassettes. However while researching those specialist labels you will obviously find something else along the way so we throw other labels in here as well if we happen to find them, especially those with the more adventurous catalogues regardless of genre.

ABC Records
Australian label that puts out a variety of local music and spoken word issues but is best known for their classical repertoire, especially since it has a number of local artists and local works that is difficult to get hold elsewhere, ABC has also more recently also started to issue world music and ambient style works. Part of the Australian Broadcast Corporation, a state run public broadcaster. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

ABC Records (China)
Chinese label that puts out mainly classical music, that is both in the Western and Asian styles but also has a wide local repertoire that incorporates most musical styles. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DTS, HDCD, SACD.

Academy of Sound and Vision (ASV)
UK based label that started out in 1981 as a budget price publisher of music that was out of copyright. Currently publishes classical music at full and mid price under its own name, early music under the Gaudeamus label, out of copyright and other early recording under the Living Era label (Mid price). Another 2 mid price labels that it holds out are the White Line that puts out light classics (Sousa etc) and Transacord that handles sound effect disks and that peculiar English phenomena, the steam engine and train recordings. Finally they have 2 budget classical labels, namely Quicksilva and The Chamber Orchestra of Europe. They also release recordings made by the Hallé orchestra under that name at mid price and have recently announced the formation of a new label called Resonance which is their new budget label and will eventually be replacing the Quicksilva brand, the company is now a part of the Sanctuary groups BTW. Note that they have at the least 3 classical SACD titles out, but the last time we checked their online catalogue was so badly organised (or out of date ?) that it's almost impossible to find them, so better check with you favourite supplier... -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

Small Belgian label that releases all kinds of classical music but is best known for their early music releases. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Ace Records
UK based reissue label, mostly American pop music from the latter half of the 20th century. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Acoma Company
Tiny Canadian company that primarily publishes music theory books and the like but also puts out CD's featuring classical guitarist Lynn Harting-Ware. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Acoustic Sounds Inc.

Primarily an USA online retailer of high end audio equipment and audiophile records but on the side publishes re-issue under the Analogue Productions or APO label and record and hi-fi accessories under it's own name and the Acoustech Electronics brand.

Up until fairly recently the company also sold high end RIAA amplifiers and record cleaning machines under the AE brand but the original OEM of the former is now making updated versions, see: Sutherland Engineering. Company originally founded in 1999 by Chad Kassem, but we believe he has been trading using the Acoustic Sounds and Acoustech Electronics for much longer or since the early 90's at the least or even the 1980's. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVD AUDIO, LP, SACD. -- Analogue Productions homepage -- Acoustech Electronics homepage
Distributed in Canada by Liberty Trading and in Germany by Sieveking Sound.
Acoustic Sounds Inc., 605 W. North St., Salina, Kansas 67401-1905, USA.
Tel: 1 888 926 2564 (Toll free, USA & Canada only) or +1 785 825 8609. Fax: +1 785 825 0156..

Act Music
German jazz label, lots of modern Scandinavian and German Jazz. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD, DVD, LP, Wav, FLAC, MP3.
Distributed in Iceland by Rafgrein

Additive Records See --> EMI

Small German classical label specialising in Organ music and early works. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Air Mail Recordings
Japanese label that specialises in reissuing "progressive" music and other rock oriented UK and USA music. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

AIX Records
Small USA based label that releases classical music and jazz. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : DVDA.

AJP Records
Small Italian company, jazz and classical music. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Alba Records
Finnish classical label, wide range of music from early to contemporary. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Albany Records UK
UK based classical label that releases mostly modern works (or rather modern-ish) by British composers and is really keen on George Lloyd. Has released 2 hybrid SACD, one featuring a world premiere of a cello concerto by the aforementioned George Lloyd and one of his "Artic" symphony, interestingly enough the company is pricing the unit at the same level as a standard full price classical CD and we understand there are more releases on the format on the way. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

Albany Records US
US based classical label that releases mostly modern US works. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

Altus Records
Tiny UK based label that issues classical records, or something. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Amadeus See --> Omega

Amadis See --> Naxos

A small German audiophile label, puts out classical music both well known works and more seldom seen fare such as Franz Lachner and Joaquin Turina. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

American Gramophone & Wireless
USA based reissue label, has a huge cataloge of some 800+ hour long cassettes. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CC.

American Grammaphone
Mannheim Stemroller's label, a type of classical pops/new age that really only thrives in the US. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVD, DVDA.

American Sound Archives
Small label that puts out re-releases of historical Edison Recrodings. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CDR.

Americus Records
US based classical label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

AMI See --> Asia Music International

Amiati Media
Italian record company that puts out a lot of music from parts of the world that are not often visited by other record companies, most of the music they publish is not strictly traditional music but often fused with various forms of western music, also has a few pop and classical titles. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

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