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Dual See --> Alfred Fehrenbacher (Turntables - Current) — Schneider Electronics GmbH (Current - Europe & Africa) — Namsung (Current - Asia & America) and Phillar (Current - France only) — Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG (1988 to 2002), Karstad (Germany only - 1996 to 2002), Thomson (1982 to 1988) and Gebrüder Steidinger (1906 to 1982).

Duelund (Interconnects) See --> Duelund Coherent Audio

German high end loudspeaker manufacturer.
In Belgium and France by Avance Audio, Bulgaria by Kirov High End, in Croatia by Planet Audio Video, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by Audio Ranny, in Greece by Orpheus Audio, in Israel by Maestro Audio in New Zealand by Feed Back Audio, in North America by Mutine, in Norway by Tor Aamodt Import, in the Philippines by Audio Amplified, in Poland by RCM Audio, in Russia by Techno-M, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore, in South Korea by MK Enterprise.

Dulcet See --> Hi-Vi Research

Dune See --> HDI Dune

Australian manufacturer of loudspeakers.

Duntonic See --> Top International Electronic

Durabrand See --> Wal-Mart

Durand-Tonearms LLC
USA based company that manufactures high end tonearms, run by composer Joël-François Durand.
Distribution: In China and Hong Kong by Audio Exotics and in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore
Homepage: .
Durand-Tonearms LLC, 4414 NE 104th Pl., Seattle, WA, 98125-8152, USA.
E-Mail: info [at]

Chinese manufacturer of mid and high end amplifiers.
Distributed in Hungary by Premium Audio

DVDO (Video processors) See --> Simplay Labs

DWIN Electronics
USA based manufacturer of projectors and other home cinema equipment.
DWIN Electronics, 710 N. Mariposa St., Burbank, CA 91506, USA.
Tel: +1 818 239 1500. Fax: +1 818 239 1506. E-Mail: info at

Dyer Audio Systems
British manufacturer of loudspeakers and monitors, the professional arm of the company trades under the DAS name but the consumer products are sold under the Digital Audio Systems trademark.

Dynabel See --> Eltek

Dynaco See --> Panor Corp. (Current) or Dynaco (Defunkt)

Dynamic Contrasts
USA based business that manufactures high end audio racks and loudspeaker stands. Company founded in 2004 and run by John Stehno.
Distribution: In Hong Kong by Audio Exotics
Homepage: .
Dynamic Contrasts LLC, 2215 Treemont CT S, Salem, OR 97302-9432, USA.
Tel: +1 503 373 1960.

Dynamic Control of North America
Company that manufactures acoustical insulation materials, while primarily geared towards the automotive market they also manufacture sound isolation products and other acoustical environment changing materials for the home and automotive audio market and sells them using brands such as Dynabox, Dynamat, Dynapad, En-Wall and Dynil.
Distributed in Chile by AVTec and in Japan by Class A Co..
Dynamic Control of North America Inc., 3042 Symmes Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45015, USA.
Tel: +513 860 5094. Fax: +513 860 5095. E-Mail: sales at or international at

Dynamic Solutions
Dutch manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, also handles the distribution of Basis Audio, Graham Engineering, Marsh Sound Design, Nirvana and the Musical Surroundings Phonomena preamp in Holland and the Mimetism range of products for all the Benelux countries.

Dynastrand See --> David Chaffey (Loudspeaker cables and interconnects)

German company with sales and distribution based in the state of Hamburg but manufacture and design in Skanderborg in Denmark. Manufactures mid and high end hi-fi and AV loudspeakers but is also a large manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers and car audio speakers primarily as an OEM. In addition the company manufactures studio monitors that are very respected in the pro audio field but these are by now done in co-operation with and sold by Dynaudio Acoustics. In addition the company manufactures drivers on an OEM basis and is the German distributor of NAD products.

Company originally founded by by Wilfried Ehrenholz and Gerhard Richter in Hamburg around the early/mid 70’s as Firma Kommanditgesellschaft Dynaudio Electronic Handelsgesellschaft M.B.H. & Co and started distributing audio products under the Dynaudio name shortly thereafter. In 1979/80 the company started distributing the loudspeakers products manufactured by the Danish firm SEN-Lab in a deal worked out by Hr. Richter that allowed the Danish company some rights to use the Dynaudio name as well. This arrangement was highly successful and in 1987 the company ended up buying SEN-Lab and making it the manufacturing arm of the company. Hr. Ehrenholz bought out Gerhard Richter’s share in the company in 1994 .
Homepage: -- Dynaudio Japan -- Dynaudio A/S (Denmark) -- NAD Germany site

Dynaudio distribution

Europe: In Austria by Audio Exclusive, in Belgium and France by I.H.T. Services Group, in Bulgaria by Balkan Audio, in Croatia by Audio Art, , in Finland by Soundworks, in Latvia by DVD Navigators, in Russia by Alef, in Slovenia handled by Intek, in Spain by Lyric Audio Élite and in Sweden by Tonkraft Scandinavia.

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by Total Q, in Brunei by Giok Seng Enterprise Company, in China by Ying Wei Trading Company, in Hong Kong by Musical Fidelity Hong Kong and in Thailand by Elpa Shaw.

The Americas & the West Indies: N/A.

Africa and the Middle East: In Israel by A. L. Audio and in South Africa by Audio Tronic.

Dynaudio International GmbH., Ohepark 2, 21224 Rosengarten, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)4108 41800. Fax: +49 (0)4108 418010
Dynaudio A/S, Sverigesvej 15 , 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark.
Tel: +45 86 52 34 11 (Office) or +45 27 21 11 12 (Sales). Fax: +45 86 52 31 16.E-Mail: info (at)

Dynavector Systems
A Japanese manufacturer of mid to high end cartridges, tonearms and a range of surrond sound processors. Established in 1975 by Prf. Nobu Tominari. Dynavecor Systems Australia not only distribute the products of DS and Shahinian Acoustics locally but are also the manufacturer of the Dynavector branded amplification products.
Homepage: - Dynavecor Systems Australia homepage

Dynavector Systems distribution

Europe: Dynavector Superstereo products are distributed in Europe by Dynavector Superstereo, Distribution of other products is handled by: Sofia Audio Centre in Bulgaria, by Hi-Fi Store in the Czech Republic, in Denmark by PS Audio, in Finland by Highend Studio, in Germany by Radius-Team, in Greece by Videorythmos, in Italy by Sound & Music, in Holland, Belgium and and Luxembourgh by M. J. Latham, in Poland by F.H.U. RCM, in Portugal by Audio Team LDA, in Russia by Fermata, in Sweden by Audio Concept, in Switzerland by Audio Compo and in the UK by Pear Audio.

Asia & the Pacific: Distributed in Australia by Dynavetror Australia (Address above), in China and Taiwan by De-Mei, in Hong Kong by Friden Trading, in Malaysia by Centre Circle Audio, in New Zealand by Denco Audio, in Singapore by CD Acoustic Equipment, in South Korea by Solomon Marketing and in Thailand by Audio Excellence.

The Americas & the West Indies: In Canada by Tri-Cell and in the USA by TOFFCO.

Africa and the Middle East: In South Africa by High End Audio Video.

Dynavector Systems Ltd., 2-16-15 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032, Japan.
Phone: +813-3861-4341. Fax: +813 3862 1650.
Dynavector Systems Australia Pty Ltd, 29 O'Connors Rd, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia.
Phone: +61 2 9453 9992. Fax: +61 2 9453 9995. Email: jonathan at

Dynavox See --> Sintron

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