Professional audio & video manufacturers -- So
Professional audio & video manufacturers -- So

Soften (Acoustic Treatments) See --> Soften

Softube AB.
Swedish company that makes high end audio processing plugins, primarily for the VST standard but also for RTAS/TDM. A number of their plugins are emulations of existing hardware and are unusually enough made in co-operation with the actual hardware manufacturers, including Marshall and Tube-Tech .
Distribution: In Denmark by Cyber Farm, in Germany by Audiowerk and in North America by MV Pro Audio
Homepage: .
Softube AB., Sankt Larsgatan 10c, SE-582 24 Linköping, Sweden.
Tel: +46 13 21 16 23. Fax: +46 13 10 00 23. E-Mail: info at

Sonex (Acoustic insulation and control) See --> Pinta Acoustic

Solcor See --> Extensiones Eléctricas Y de Audio (Cables, harnesses & looms)

Solid State Logic (SSL)
High end mixer manufacturer.
Homepage: Distribution: In Sweden by Arva Trading

Solton Acoustic
German manufacturer of sound reinforcement products, also trades using the Craaft and Nova Audio brands.
SOLTON Acoustic, Gewerbering 51, D-94060 Pocking, Germany.
Tel : +49 (0) 8531 913880. Fax : +49 (0) 8531 978507. E-Mail : info at

Sommer See --> Sommer (Cables and accessories)

Sonic Solutions
USA based manufacturer of all kinds of multimedia creation software including music recording software and CD creation programs. Took over the German company Roxio and supplies software under that brand, Roxio in turn had taken over the consumer software division of Adaptec some years earlier. Company was originally a manufacturer of audio workstations but that part of the business was divested of a few years back and is now known as Sonic Studio.
Homepage: -- Roxio homepage

Sonic Studio
A manufacturer of HDR workstations and software, company based in the USA and formerly known as Big Endian, LLC. their products are based on the that was originally developed by Sonic Solutions, also have a line of consumer software and hardware products intended for the Mac that are sold under the Amarro brand.
Distribution: Amarro products are handled in Portugal by Ajasom and in Sweden by Audio Concept
Homepage: .
Sonic Studio LLC, 330 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., STE A, San Anselmo, CA 94960-2552, USA.
Tel: +1 415 460 1201 (office) or +1 408 647 6642 (sales). Fax: +1 775 330 8923. E-Mail: sales %at/

Sonic Studios
USA based microphone manufacturer.

Swiss company that makes recording equipment and associated products for the broadcast and movie markets, including some products that where formerly produced by Stellavox.

Sonic Systems Inc.
USA based company that manufacturs omnidirectional and other ceiling mounted installations loudspeakers and sells them under the Soundsphere name.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Hills Sound, Vision & Lighting
Homepage: .
Sonic Systems Inc., 10 Research Drive, Stratford, CT 06615, USA.
Tel: +1 203 386 9200. Fax: +1 203 386 0773. E-Mail: info >at<

Sonodyne Electronics
Indian company that is best known for their professional audio loudspeaker products, primalily PA and installation speakers on its home turf and for their studio monitors in the west. They do however also have a line of home audio and architectural loudspeakers and electronics, manufacture for other companies as an OEM and act as the local distributor of Australian Monitor.
Distribution: In the USA by Transaudio
Homepage: .
Sonodyne Electronics Co. Pvt Ltd., 98 NB Block E New Alipore, Kolkata 700053, India,
Tel: +91 33 23990418 and +91 33 23983406. Fax : +91 33 23967243. Mobile: +91 9830855260 E-Mail: response |at|

USA based company that manufactures hydrophones and other underwater sound and ultrasound equipment.
Distribution: In Denmark by Cyber Farm and in Germany by Audiowerk
Homepage: .
Sonotronics Inc., 3169 S. Chrysler Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85713, USA.
Tel: +1 520 746 3322. Fax: 520 294 2040. E-Mail: sales (at)

Sony (Audio & video pro hardware and software) See --> Sony

Sonya (PA products) See --> Waleed Rajab Est

Sound Acoustics (PA eqipment and speakers) See --> Pro-Linear

Soundcraft See --> Harman International Industries Ltd.

Sound Devices
Manufactures recording equipment, based in the USA.
Distributed in Argentina by Exosound, in Austria and Germany by Ambient Recording, in Iceland by Pfaff, in Portugal by Filmebase, in Sweden by POL Teknik and in the UK by Shure Distribution UK

Soundsphere (Installation speakers) See --> Sonic Systems Inc.

Sound Enhancement Products Inc.
USA based company that manufactures pro-audio utility products and cable testers under the EbTech brand and effect and utility pedals under Morley name. The company was formed in 1982 as a divison of Hammond Organ Co. called Accutronics after the mother company decided to integrate its PCB and reverb production departments into one independent unit. They bought the O. C. Electronics company in 1985 and integrated that into their operation and purchased the rights to the Morley brand in 1989. Incorperated as a Delaware corporation in 1990 under the "Sound Enhancements" name and re-incorperated in its home state in 2005 under its present name. Sold the Accutronics name and the reverb tank designs to Belton in 2009.
Distribution: In Ecuador by Banlow S. A., in France by Algam, in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Japan by Hook Up Inc. and in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd. Note these are for Morley pedals only, EbTech products appear not to be distributed outside of USA/Canada.
Homepage: -- Morley Pedals.
Sound Enhancement Products Inc., 325 Cary Point Drive, Cary, IL 60013, USA.
Tel: +1 847 639 4646. Fax: +1 847 639 4723. E-Mail: scott |at|

Soundfield (Microphones) See --> Drawmer

Sound Image See --> Southern California Sound Image

Chinese manufacturer of professional audio and musical instrument products, primarily an OEM but is increasingly selling under its own name and under the Carlsbro brand that they bought in late 2009. Soundking was originally founded in 1988 and in addition to Carlsbro own the Cadac and Studiomaster companies but these are run somewhat independantly.
Distribution: Carlsbro is distributed in Cyprus by Music Sound, in Italy by Grisby Music, in Russia by Music Land and in Spain & Portugal by Enrique Keller. Soundking distribution: In Malaysia by Acoustic & Lighting System
Homepage: -- Carlsbro homepage.
Soundking Group Co. Ltd., 818# Chenxin Road, Yinzhou Investment Industry Park, Ningbo 315104 , China.
Tel: +86 574 8823 5195 or +86 574 8823 7437. Fax: +86 574 8823 5763. E-Mail: sales -at-

Soundlab See --> Electrovision

Soundlib (Sample format conversion soft., etc.) See --> Bernard Chavonnet

Sound and Music Distribution
Australian distributor of sound reinforcement and musical instrument products, much of them are Asian sourced and released under their own brands such as SM Pro Audio and Violet Audio that they use for pro-audio products, Wave Panels that they use on acoustic insulation & similar products and Dvk Technologies that they use on guitar pedals, but the company has also used other brands in the past such as XP Sound that they used on computer audio interfaces. Furthermore the company owns a German distribution company called SM Pro Audio GmbH that sometimes trades as TT Audio.

In addition the company handles the Australian distribution of Avid (Pro-audio products only), Benchmark Media Systems, BSM, Catalinbread, Da-Cappo, ESI, Evolution, Gig-FX, IK Multimedia, Marian, M-Audio, Pace Anti-Piracy Inc., Red Witch Analog Ltd., SubDecay Studios and Waves Audio Ltd..
Distribution: Most S&M products are distributed in North America by MV Pro Audio. Violet Audio products are distributed in Italy by Grisby Music and in Slovakia by MediaTech.
Homepage: -- Violet Audio homepage -- Wave Panels site -- Dvk page -- German Branch.
Sound and Music Distribution, Warehouse 25, Roberna Business Park, 26-28 Roberna St, Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria 3189, Australia.
Tel: +61 (0)3 9555 8081. Fax: +61 (0)3 9555 8083.
SM Pro Audio GmbH., Alfred Krupp Str. 5, 48291 Telgte, Germany.
Tel: +49 2504 88 88 78 0. Fax: +49 2504 88 88 78 7. E-Mail: info (at)

Sound Perfomance Lab (Signal processors and utility products) See --> SPL

Sound Precision

Swedish manufacturer of pro-audio loudspeakers, cables and speaker arrays for sound reinforcement usage.
Distribution: In Sweden by IGECE Konsult
Homepage: .
Sound Precision, Fröjavägen 15, 83247 Frösön, Sweden.
Tel: +46 63 100999. E-Mail: info #at#

Sounds of Science See --> Sounds Of Science (Acoustic treatments, mechanical absorbers & acoustic measurement equipment)

Soundtech See --> US Music Corporation

Soundwave (Acoustic panels) See --> Offecct (Current maker) or Snowcrash AB (2000 to 2003)

Southern California Sound Image
USA based company that trades as Sound Image, manufactures professional loudspeakers and arrays intended for larger venues but is primarily a pro-audio and AV systems integrator, operates in Arizona and Tennessee in addition to its home state of California. Company originally founded in 1984 by Ross Rito (1949 ~ 2009) and David R. Shadoan but has roots in an older company that started life in New York, Audio Composite Engineering used to be a division of this comany.
Southern California Sound Image Inc., 2415 Auto Park Way, Escondido, California 92029-1222, USA.
Tel: +1 760 737 3900. Fax: +1 760 737 3929..

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