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Fab Audio
Canadian manufacturer of high efficiency loudspeakers.
Distributed in the UK by Absolute Analogue
Fab Audio, 2252 Kingston Road, Toronto, Canada.
Tel : +1 416 269 4911. E-Mail : fabaudio at

Fact loudspeakers See --> PMC

Fadel Art Technology
French manufacturer of cables and interconnects, also makes isolation products, high end amplifiers and related accessories.
Distribution: In Austria by Akustische Systeme, in Poland by Audio System, in Romania by Hi-Fi Expert, and in Switzerland by Montana Audio Systems
Homepage: .
Fadel Art Technology, 7, rue de la Fontaine de Jouvence, 95460 Ezanville, France.
Tel: +33 (0) 1 39 35 93 34. Fax: +33 (0) 1 39 91 48 74. E-Mail: info |at$

Faircurves See --> DC Audio

FAL See --> Furuyama Audio Lab (FAL) (Japan, Loudspeaker Drivers, valve Amps)

Falcon Acoustics
English supplier of speaker units and electronics for amateur speaker builders, but best known as a manufacturer of custom inductors allowing you to build up speakers with units from different manufacturers, also makes some speaker kits.
Homepage: Alternative homepage

US company that builds nothing but high end and professional FM tuners and accessories such as antennas.
Fanfare, 6509 Transit Read, Unit H-1, Bowmansvill, NY 14026, USA.
Tel: +1 716 683 5451. Fax: +1 716 683 5421. E-Mail : orders &at/

Fanny Wang Headphone Co.
Manufacturer of lifestyle headphones.
Fanny Wang Headphone Co., .

Faraday Sound
UK based manufacturer of concrete loudspeakers a la Rauna.

US based company that makes home theatre projectors in addition to products for the professional TV broadcasting market.
Distributed in Scandinavia by iFore and in Hong Kong by Excel Marketing.

Italian high end manufacturer, makes amplification and CD players, also handles the Italian distribution of ASW.
Fase-Evoluzione Audio S.A.S., Via Aviano 7, Caldogno (Vicenza), I-36030, Italy.
Email : fase at

Fast Audio
German manufacturer of sound absorbers and other acoustical treatments for use in home and professional situations in addition to manufacturing audio cables and offers consultancy services on acoustic room treatment. Also acts as the local distributor for Acoustic System International.
Homepage: Distributed in Austria by Akustische Systeme, in Hungary by Superior Audio & Video, in Japan by Fühlen Coordinate,in Spain by Jazz Audio,
Fast Audio, Braehlesgasse 21, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany.
Tel : +49 711 480 88 88. Fax : +49 711 480 88 89. E-Mail : info at

Fatman See --> TL Audio (UK - valve based docks) or PAIA Electronics (USA - Synths & signal processors)

Fenda (Multimedia speakers) See --> Shenzhen Fenda Technology

Ferguson See --> Thomson

Ferguson Hill See --> Timothy Hill

Fern See --> D.W. Fearn

Fertin Acoustics

French concern that manufactures high efficiency loudspeakers based around full range drivers, in addition to the speakers the company also sells systems paired up with digital amplifiers from Trinnov Audio.
Fertin Acoustics Sarl., 276 rue de Stalingrad, 34290 Montblanc, France.
Tel: +33 (0)5 81 55 20 50. E-Mail: sonia )at(

Fibonacci Technologies (Ribbon loudspeakers) See --> North Creek Music Systems

Fidek See --> First Audio Manufacturing

Fidelity Audio See --> Sercal Electronics

Fiderikkusu K. K.

Long running Japanese manufacturer of high end audio electronics sold under the Fidelix brand, but these include DAC's, amplifiers, measuring equipment and thin film supertweeters. In the past the company has also made phonographic pre-amplifiers and the like. Was originally founded in 1976 with the first products shipped in 1978 and is run by engineer Shin Nakagawa, they are almost completly unknown outside of Japan. In addition they have been known to take on repairs of high end audio electronics from time to time.
Fiderikkusu K.K., 2-15-14 Matsuyama, Kiyoseshi-shi, Tokyo 204-0022, Japan.
Tel/Fax: +81 (0)424 93 7082. E-Mail: info |at|


Chinese company that specialises in manufacturing portable audio products and accessories for portable audio devices such as phones and media players. These include not just the usual gamut of media players, headphone amps and DAC's but also some more left field products such guitar headphone amps.
FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., 2/F, F Building, Hougang Industrial Zone, Shigang Village, Huangshi West Road, Baiyun District,Guangzhou510430, China.
Tel: +86 (0)20 62679040 and +86 (0)20 62859991. Fax: +86 (0)20 62679042. E-Mail:

FIM See --> First Impression Music

Finite Elemente
German company that makes some lovely hi-fi furniture, they also manufacture an ingenous combination of a wall mounted shelf and an iPod dock called Horizontal 51 and modular furniture under the Modul name, these 2 are often treated as a seperate brands.
Homepage: -- Horizontal 51 website
Distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Austria by Styria HiFi, in the Czech Republic by RP Audio, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Israel by Sabo Audio, in Japan by Axiss Corp., in Norway by Audiofreaks, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Slovakia by Platan Audio, in Slovenia handled by Intek, in Poland by Audio System, in the UK by Audiofreaks and in the USA by Immedia.

Finnish manufacturer of AV consumer electronics formerly known as Turku TV, operates under the Salora, Luxor and Finlux brands. Also functions as a distributor for Akai Electric Co. in Finland and Sweden.

First Audio Manufacturing
Hong Kong based manufacturer of loudspeakers and AV electronics, operates mostly as an OEM but also sells products under their own Fidek brand.

First Impression Music (FIM)
Ostenbly a audiophile record label but also makes high end cables and isolation products, formerly known as "First Impression Marketing".
Distributed in Canada by Liberty Trading, in Germany by Sieveking Sound and in the USA by May Audio Marketing

First Sound Inc.
USA based manufacturer of high end amplification.
Distribution: In South Africa by The Listening Room
Homepage: .
First Sound, Inc., 833 SW Sunset Blvd. Ste. L57 Renton, WA 98057-2292, USA.
Tel: +1 425 271 7486. Fax: +1 425 277 8653. E-Mail: info (at(

Fisch Audiotechnik
German manufacturer of interconnects and electrical mains filtering equipment, also acts as the local distributor for Oyaide.
Distributed in Iran by Audioart Reference and in Latvia by Referenz Studio.
FISCH Audiotechnik Berlin, Bergstr. 92, D-12169 Berlin, Germany.
Tel : +0049 (0)30 6248651. Fax : 0049 (0)30 6248053. info at

Fischer Amps See --> Jochen Fischer (Earphones)

Fischer Audio (Headphones) See --> Valentin Kazanzhi

Fischer & Fischer (Loudspeakers) See --> Thomas Fischer

Fisher See --> Sanyo

A specialist manufacturer of goods for children, as children always appear to have a healthy appetite for sound and recording, so has F-P, currently make a range of cassette recorders intended for the pre-school age group but in the past also serviced the teenage market sometimes with propriety formats such as Pocket Rockers.

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