Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in USA and Canada - A to C

U.S.A and Canada - A to C.

Since most (but not all) Canadian and US based distributors handle both countries to a greater or a lesser degree they are grouped here together for convenience sake, a number of companies also work throughout the whole of Northern America (i.e. including Mexico, Panama, et al). Note that while we do not collect information on retailers we have a small links section to Canadian AV & audiophile product retailers and USA AV & audiophile product retailers

AAudio Imports
Handles the distribution of Audiotop for the whole of North America.
Homepage: http://www.aaudioimports.com
AAUDIO IMPORTS, 4871 Raintree Drive, Parker, Colorado 80134, USA.
Phone: +001 720 851 2525. Fax: 001 720 851 7575.E-Mail: brian at aaudioimports.com.

Allegro Marketing
Distributes Magnat in Canada.
Homepage: http://www.user.dccnet.com/bynet/allegrocanada/

All Electronics
Canadian distributor that specialises in turntable related products such as AM Denmark and DUAL and distributes them in all of NA but handles Ortofon distribution for Canada only.
Homepage: http://www.all-electronics.com

American Sound of Canada
Distributes Burmester Audiosysteme in Canada.
Homepage: http://www.americansound.com
American Sound of Canada, 9108 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4C 6Z9.
Tel: +1 905 8867810. E-mail: angie at americansound.com.

Artech Electronics
Operates in both the US and Canada, handles Myryad, Michell Engineering, Audio Lab, Prisma Cable and Tenderfeet in both countries and in addition distributes Amplifier Technologies Inc (ATI), Monolite and Vantas in Canada.
Homepage: http://www.artech-electronics.com

Audio Advancements
Small US company that distributes the Scheu range of kit turntables and suchlike under the Eurokits name, also distributes Amazon and H. H. Mørch products in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.audioadvancements.com

Audio Advisor
US Distributor of Musical Fidelity and Ringmat Developments.
Homepage: http://www.audioadvisor.com
Audio Advisor Inc, 4717A Broadmoor S.E, Kentwood, Michigan 49512, USA.
Phone: +1616 975 6103. Fax: +1616 975 6111. Email: sales at audioadvisor.com

Audio Arts
Primarily a NY based dealer of high end 2 channel systems but also handles the USA distribution of Ensemble and Stenheim.
Homepage: http://audioarts.co
Audio Arts, One Astor Place, Suite 11H, New York, USA.
Tel: +1 212 260 2939. E-Mail: info &at( audioarts.co.

the Audio Insider
Distributes Slinkylinks in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.theaudioinsider.com

AudioLimits Canada See --> AudioLimits Canada (Vista Audio in Canada)

Audio Pathic
Distributes Audia Flight in Canada.
Homepage: http://www.audiopathic.com
Audio Pathic, 9108 Yonge Street, Richmondhill, Ontario, Canada L4C 1T6.
Tel: +1 905 886 7810. Fax: +1 905 886 6920. E-Mail: angie at audiopathic.com.

Audiophile Systems
Distributes ARCAM and dCS in the USA, formerly listed as ASL Group.
Homepage: http://www.audiophilesystems.com - Alternative homepage
Audiophile Systems, Ltd., 8709 Castle Park Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46256, USA.
Tel: +317 841 4100. Fax: +317 841 4107. E-mail: aslinfo at aslgroup.com.

Actually a manufacturers rep rather than a distributor per se but does handle the USA distibution of Oracle in conjuction with the company itself.
Homepage: http://www.audiotion.com
Audiotion Inc., 1313 Hillside Avenue, Richmond VA 23229, USA.
Tel: +804 422 6500. Fax: +775 890 6519. E-Mail: rusty at audiotion.com.

Distributes Coincident Speaker Technology.
AudioToyz, 10018 82 Av., Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z3.
Tel: +780 454 4636.

Avatar Acoustics See --> Avatar Acoustics (Acoustic System International, AMR, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Karan, Monk Audio and Rosso Fiorentino)

AVS Technologies
Distributes Case Logic in Canada.
Homepage: http://www.avs.ca
AVS Technologies LP, 2100 Trans Canada Hwy. South, Montreal, Quebec, H9P 2N4, Canada.
Tel: +514 683 1771. Fax: +514 683 5307. E-mail: rmmail at avs.ca.

Axiss Distribution
Distributes Accuphase and Soulution in the USA and Canada in addition to handling the USA distribution of Air Tight, Acoustic Masterpiece, German Physiks and Odeon.
Homepage: http://www.axiss-usa.com
AXISS Distribution Inc., 17800 South Main St., Ste 109, Gardena,California 90248, U.S.A.
Tel: +(310) 329 0187. Fax: +(310) 329 0189. E-Mail: info at axiss-usa.com.

Acst as the worldwide distributor of Artemis Labs and handles the USA distribution of KR Audio Electronics.
Homepage: http://www.aydn.com

USA based company, primarily occupied with distributing designer furniture but does handle that North American distribution of Soften acoustic treatments in North America.
Homepage: http://azure-usa.com
Azure LLC, 4824 Townes Road, Edina, Minnesota 55424, USA.
Tel/Fax: +1 888 897 8216. E-Mail: service:at# azure-usa.com or dshand ;at( azure-usa.com.

Bauls Audio
Distributes Bastanis products in NA.
Homepage: http://www.baulsaudio.com

Beach Avenue Marketing
Distributes MBL in Canada.
Beach Ave. Marketing, PO Box 1113, 4008 Lake Ave., B. C. VOH IXO Peachland, Canada.
Phone: +250 767 6208. Fax: +250 767 663. Email: BobMenzies at cablelan.net

Bertrand Audio Imports
Handles the distribution of Oasis, SEEC, Stello, Xindak, Zanden Audio Systems and ZYX in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.bertrandaudio.com
Bertrand Audio Imports, 49 Fairview Ave, Nashua, NH 03060, USA.
Tel: +(603) 883 1982. Fax: +(603) 880 4533. Email: BertrandAudio at comcast.net.

Bluebird Music Ltd.
Distributes Chord Electronics, Exposure, Neat Acoustics, Nottingham Analogue and Living Voice in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.bluebirdmusic.com
Bluebird Music Limited.
Tel: +416 638 8207. Fax: +416 638 8115. E-Mail: sales at bluebirdmusic.com.

BLue Light Audio See --> Evolution Acoustics (DartZeel & Playback Designs)

Bob Mandeville
Distributes Supravox in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.supravox.com
Bob Mandeville, 3000 Park Newport Unit 105, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA.
Tel: +1 800 960 3455. Fax: +1 949 644 6203. E-mail: info at supravox.com.

Cable Factory
Distributes Lundahl Transformers.
Cable Factory, Unit 101, 4438 Juneau Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C 4CB, Canada.
Tel: +1 604 298 9110. Fax: +1 604 298 9140. E-Mail: lundahl at cablefactory.com.

Canadian Hi-Fi
Canadian distributor of Chapter Audio.
Homepage: http://canadianhifi.com

CC Audio
Distributes PSC Audio and WHT in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.cc-audio.com

Charisma Audio
Handles the Canadian distribution of Audio Space, Aurum Cantus, Gini, , Jas Audio, Qinpu and Shenzhen Shanling.
Homepage: http://www.charismaaudio.com
Charisma Audio, Suite 86, 4261 Highway 7, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 9W6.
Tel: +905 470 0825. Fax: +905 470 7966. E-mail: charisma at rogers.com.

Colleen Cardas Imports
USA based company that handles the local distribution of Opera, PureAudio and Unison Research.
Homepage: http://colleencardasimports.com
Colleen Cardas Imports, 6085 Steiner, Kyle, TX 78640-8722, USA.
Tel: +1 512 262 6280.

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