Car and mobile audio & video equipment manufacturers - A to C
Car and mobile audio & video equipment manufacturers - A to C

Air Research
US producer of speaker enclosures for car audio marketed under the Q-Logic name. Part of the Rockford group.

Alba (MP3, CD Radio heads) See --> Argos

Japanese manufacturer of car audio, but did for a time (ca late 70's to early 90's) have a range of mid end home hi-fi products under this name. Owns a host of other audio related companies such as Luxman and the Alps company. They also owned the American McIntosh, company from the early 90's into late 2002 when they sold it to Marantz and the company has traded in Europe under the Alpage brand due to trademark restrictions, but FYI Alpage is the French form of Alpine.
Distributed in Hungary, Poland and Switzerland by Horn Distribution.

USA based manufacturer of car audio loudspeakers, specialises in metal coned ones.

American Bass
US based maker of car audio electronics, speakers and accessories.
American Bass, 5242 Warrensville Center, Maple Heights, OH 44137, USA.
Phone: +216 6622522. Fax: +216 4759311.

American Hi-Fi Industrial

USA based trading company that sells car audio equipment under the Phonics Digital and Audiofonics brands but from 2002 to ca. 2007 the latter brand was Audiofonics Digital Max.
Homepage: -- Audiofonics homepage
American Hi-Fi Industrial, 4480 Pacific Boulevard, Vernon, CA 90058-2206, USA.
Tel: +1 323 588 2999. Fax: +1 323 588 4999. E-Mail: support /at\

American Terminal Supply (Cables & install parts) See --> Luxicor LLC

Areon See --> New Concept Electronics

A. S. Electronics
Indian manufacturer of car audio loudspeakers, primarily an OEM but also sell under their own Maxal brand.
A. S. Electronics, Gl-29, G.T.Karnal Road, Industrial Area, Azad Pur, Delhi - 110033, India.
Tel: +91 11 27441621.

Auris Audio-Systeme See --> Proraum (Loudspeaker and accessories)

Autotek See --> Maxxsonics

BAlabo (Capacitors) See --> Bridge Audio Laboratory

Formally know as Shenzhen Baoling Electronic. co and is a full range car audio manufacturer in China.

Basetech See --> Conrad Electronic

Beltek Corp.
Japanese company that participates in a variety of entertainment related activities such as movie and music distribution but is probably best known in the west for their car audio products and for a time were also active in the professional audio market. Also owns the Quasar brand in Asia and uses that for car audio products.

Beyma (Loudspeakers, amps and crossovers) See --> Acústica Beyma

Part of the German Bosch group but has manufacturing plants in every continent on this world. Is one of the biggest players in the car audio field but has exited the home audio market.
Homepage: German Homepage

Bomber See --> Thomas KL

Boss Audio
US based full line manufacturer of car and marine audio equipment.
Boss Audio Systems, 3451 Lunar Court, Oxnard, California 93030, USA.
Email : boss at

Calcell/C&C (Electronics, systems & speakers) See --> Kaya Electronics

Canton (High end loudspeakers) See --> Canton

Japanese manufacturer of car audio, owns a spate of other audio manufacturers around the world.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Horn Distribution

Coral (Loudspeakers & amplifiers) See --> Coral Electronic

USA based car audio manufacturer.

Crest Audio
USA based manufacturer of amplifiers and other electronics for the sound reinforcement market, part of the Peavey Electronics group.
Distributed in the Middle East by VTI Marketing, in Italy by Sisme and in Rumania by Stage Expert.

Critical Mass See --> Icon Enterprises

Manufactures car audio products.
Distributed in Chile by AVTec and in Indonesia by Danumuri Adhika.

Crunch See --> Maxxsonics

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