Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in USA and Canada - D to L

U.S.A and Canada - D to L.

Dimensions Acoustiques & Imago Audio
Distributes Manger in Canada.
Dimensions Acoustiques & Imago Audio, 600 rue des Lacasse, Laval, Quebec H7K 1J4, Canada.
Tel: +1 450 625 3921. E-Mail: c.debien at sympatico.ca.

Divergent Technologies Inc.
Distributes Antique Sound Laboratory, Chang Lightspeed, Copland, JJ Electronic, Reference 3A, Vovox and Yeil M&C Co. in Canada.
Homepage: http://www.divertech.com
Divergent Technologies Inc., 480 Bridge Street West, Waterloo, Ontario N2K 1L4, Canada.
Tel: +519 749 1565. Fax: +519 749 2863. E-Mail: divergent &at( divertech.com.

Donald North Audio (Audio Synthesis & Air Tangent) See --> Donald North Audio

Distributes Nbien in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.azenx.com
Dynatron Corporation, 41458 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538.
Tel: +1 510 498 8888. Fax: +1 510 498 8488. E-Mail: sales at azenx.com.

Eastview Electronics
Distributes Aural Symphonics in Canada.
Eastview Electronics, 270 W. Beaver Creek Rd., #17, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 3Y9.
Tel: +905 709 2068. Fax . +905 709 2081. E-mail: stephencheng at bellnet.ca.

Elite Audio Video Distribution See --> Classic Records (L'art Du Son, Muse and Plinius in NA and Furutech, Kuzma and Hannl Reinigungssysteme in USA only)

Emerald Audio
Distributes Acoustic Energy (AE) in Canada.
Emerald Audio Resources Ltd., RR#1 Palgrave, Ontario, CANADA LON 1PO.
Tel: +905 880 7170. Fax: +905 880 7171. E-mail: info at emerald-audio.com.

Emillesound Inc.
Distributes Emillé Labs..
Homepage: http://www.hifihomeaudio.com
Tel: +909 356 9607. Fax: +909 428 5728. E-Mail: info at hifihomeaudio.com.

Erikson Consumer See --> Jam industries

Essential Audio
Handles the distribution of Ortofon hi-fi products and Pro-Ject in Canada.
Essential Audio Corp., 1692 Canadore Crescent, Oshawa, Ontario L1G 8A7.
Tel: +1 905 728 0320. Fax: +1 905 728 0320. E-Mail: essentialaudio at sympatico.ca.

Europroducts Marketing
Canadian distributor of Creek Audio, Crimson, Cyrus, DNM, Epos Acoustics, Eichmann, the Funk Firm, Isoblue, Soundcare, Ringmat Developments and Visonik.
Homepage: http://www.europroducts-canada.com
Europroducts Marketing Ltd., 720 Sixth Street, Suite 386, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. V3L 3C5.
Phone: +604 522 6168. Fax: +604 677 6263. Email: eurocontact at shaw.ca.

Eurotek Marketing
Club and DJ product distributor, handles Omnitronic amongst other manufacturers.
Homepage: http://www.eurotekmarketing.com

Fidelis A/V
Primarily a hi-fi store but also acts as the North American distributor of Harbeth, Kudos, LFD Audio, Palmer Audio, Perreaux, Pyon Sound, Stein Music and Tellurium Q.
Homepage: http://www.fidelisav.com -- Fidelis distribution homepage
Fidelis high-end audio & home theater, 14 East Broadway (Route 102), Derry, NH 03038, USA.
Tel: +1 603 437 4769. Fax: +1 603 437 4790. Mobile: +1 603 703 1800 (Distribution). E-Mail: info at fidelisdistribution.com.

Flat Earth
USA distributor of ATC consumer products.
Homepage: http://www.flatearthaudio.com

Gamut Inc.
Handles distribution of Gamut on the east coast of the US.
GamuT Inc., 410 Park Avenue 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022, USA

Global Electronic Supplies
Distributes Audio Technica in Canada, company formerly known as Global Semiconductors Inc..
Homepage: http://www.globalsemi.com

GTT Audio & Video
Distributes Kharma in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.gttgroup.com
GTT Audio & Video, 356 Naughright Road, Long Valley, NJ 07853, USA.
Tel: +908 850 3092. Fax: +800 747 4379. E-mail: av at gttgroup.com.

Haig Audio
Primarily a high end audio equipment and audiophile record dealer in Rochester, Michigan, USA but they also handle the worldwide distribution (and manufacture?) of the IDS loudspeaker system.
Ken Haig, 202 Oaklane Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48306, USA.
Tel: +1 248 425 1027. Fax: +1 248 652 1133. E-Mail: ids25 /at: earthlink.net.

Hawaii Audio
Distributes Qinpu in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.hawaiiaudio.com
Hawaii Audio, 2916 Date St., Suite 21-B, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816.
Tel/Fax: +808 739 9553. E-Mail: hawaiiaudio at hotmail.com.

Highwater Sound
Distributes Hörning in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.highwatersound.com
High Water Sound, 274 Water Street, NYC 10038, USA.
Tel: +212 608 8841. Fax: +212 571 5809. E-Mail: highwatersound at earthlink.net.

H. Roy Gray Ltd.
Distributes In-Akustik in Canada.
H. Roy Gray Ltd., 135 Anderson Avenue, L6E 1A4 Markham Ontario, Canada.
Tel: +1 (905) 2944833. Fax: +1 (905) 2947670. E-mail: higher.fidelity at symphatico.ca.

Image Audio
Distributes Magnan Audio Cables in Canada.
Image Audio, London, Ontario, Canada.
Tel: +519 457 5551. Fax: +519 457 0363. E-Mail: info at imageaudio.ca.

Imagine Studios
Handles the distribution of Audiodata Elektroakustik worldwide with the exception of Europe, the worldwide distribution of Rossner & Sohn and the Worldwide distribution of Vitus Audio with the exception of China, HK, Taiwan, Macau and Western Europe.
Imagine Studios, 158 Winners Circle, Brampton, Ontario L7A2C2, Canada.
Tel: +001 905 846 2236. E-Mail: imaginestudios at rogers.com.

Immedia Sound Refinement
Distributes A.R.T., Finite Elemente, Herron, String Suspension Concept (SSC) and Sonics By Joachim Gerhard in the USA, the turntable manufacturing arm of the company is now called Spiral Groove.
Homepage: http://www.immediasound.com
Immedia, 1717 A Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA.
Tel: +(510) 559 2050. Fax: +(510) 559 1855. Email: norbert at immediasound.com

Jam Industries
Distributes Korg and Soundmatters in Canada, note that the comapny also trades as Erikson Music (Musical instruments), Erikson Pro Audio, Coast Music (Accessories), Ericson Audio (Home Hi-Fi) and Erikson Consumer that handles the Canadian distribution of Harman Kardon, Infinity and JBL.
Homepage: http://www.jam-ind.com - Ericson Consumer homepage
Jam Industries Ltd., 21000 Trans-Canadienne, Baie D'Urfe, Quebec, Canada H9X4B7.
Tel: +514 457 2555. E-Mail: info at jamindustries.com.

Jason Scott Distributing
Distributes Electrocompaniet in Canada.
Tel: +1 8003599 154. Fax: 1 2158362 273. E-mail: alan4zid1 at comcast.net.

Handles Canada only, distributes Siemens, Faroudja, Dahlquist, Bell Express, PanaMax, Sunfire, Winegard and Loewe.
Homepage: http://www.jonic.ca

Kevro International
Handles Canadian distribution of Cary Audio Design, Monitor Audio, Musical Fidelity, PanaMax, Tributaries Cable and XLO.
Homepage: http://www.kevro.com
Kevro International Inc., Suite 4, 902 McKay Road, Pickering, Ontario L4A 7X4, Canada.
Phone: +1 905 428 2800. Fax: +1 905 428 0004. Email: info at kevro.com

Canadian distributor of high end hi-fi equipment, parts and accessories that also has a showroom in Montréal, Québec. Handles the local distribution of Acoustic System International, Elipson, Esoteric, Furutech, Metrum Acoustics, M2Tech, Phy-HP, Ocellia, Ortofon, Oyaide, TEAC and Yamamoto Sound Craft. Company is owned and run by Samuel Furon, which makes it a sister company to Laboratoire d'Acoustique et d'Electronique, note that the showroom is open by appointment only.
Homepage: http://atelier-audio.com
L'Atelier-Audio, 12064 Saint-Evariste, Montréal, QC H4J 2B5, Canada.
Tel: +1 514 658 4894. E-Mail: contact `at` atelier-audio.com.

Lenbrook Industries Ltd.
Distributes NAD and PSB in both USA and Canada, but in addition handles the Canadian distribution of KEF, Marantz, Nakamichi and Sim 2 Multimedia. While primarily a distribution group the company has recently expanded into the manufacturing sector and as such is the mother company of aforementioned NAD and PSB.
Homepage: http://www.lenbrook.com

Liberty Trading
Canadian operation that distributes mid and high end audio products and audiophile records in its home country, handles the distribution of April Music, Analogue Productions, Atlas Cables, Audes, Audio Fidelity Records, AudioPrism, Audio Quest, Audio Wave, Brik, Chesky, Discwasher, First Impression Music, Groove Note, GutWire, Hugo Productions, Impex Records, JVC XRCD, KingRex, LSA, Mastersound, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Nerve Audio, Nitty Gritty, Opus 3 (CD's only), ORB, ORG, Original Recordings Group, Penaudio, Premium Records, Premonition Records, Proprius, Pure Pleasure Records, Quad, Reference Recordings, Revolver, Roksan, Smarter Speaker Support, Sonneteer, Target HiFi, Universal, Valley Entertainment and Wattgate. Company run by Nabil Akhrass, ex owner of Justice Audio.
Homepage: http://www.libertytrading.ca
Liberty Trading, 100 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Concord, ON L4K 5X, Canada.
Tel: +1 905 532 9004 or +1 647 997 4607. Fax: +1 905 532 9105. E-Mail: LibertyTrading2009 at Gmail.com.

Lombardi Sales
Handles distribution of Gamut on the west coast of the US.
Homepage: http://www.rayofsound.com
Lombardi Sales, Ray Lombardi, 390 Cheerful Ct., Simi Valley, CA 93065, USA.
Phone: +(800) 759 5842. Fax: +(805) 522 0989. Email: Rjlombardi at aol.com

The Lotus Group See --> The Lotus Group (Acrolink, Acoustic-Revive, Audio Replas, Feastrex, fo.Q, Hanss Acoustics, Magnetic Levitation, Origin Live, SMC and Sound Mechanics in the USA. Oyaide in both the USA and Canada)

Lowther USA
Handles the USA distribution of Lowther.
Homepage: http://www.lowther-america.com

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