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Daad See --> Acustica Applicata

DACT See --> Danish Audio Connect

Daewoo Electronics
The consumer electronics arm of the South-Korean Daewoo group. Production facilities in SK, France, USA, UK and Mexico. Mostly manufactures AV products in addition to white goods these days and is mostly out of the audio business in the Americas but still makes and sells audio products in Europe and Asia.
Homepage: USA homepage - UK Homepage

D'Agostino LLC
USA based company that trades as Dan D'Agostino and manufactures high end amplifiers and isolation platforms. Company principal and brand namesake Dan D'Agostino who started the company in December 2009 was one of the original founders of Krell, and for a long time their head designer.
Distribution: In the Benelux countries by Durob Audio, in Cyprus by A. Th. Loizou & Son and in Scandinavia by Audionord AB
Homepage: .
D'Agostino, 139 Steep Hill Road, Weston CT 06883, USA.
Tel: +1 203 227 9099. E-Mail: petra |at|

Dahlquist See --> Regnar

Dai-Ichi Electronics
Loudspeaker manufacturer based in the Philippines, makes anything from low end multimedia speakers through architectural speakers to hi-fi and AV speaker sets.
Distributed in Malaysia by Dai-Ichi Electronics Malaysia.
Dai-Ichi Electronics Mfg., Corp., #160 F.Mariano Avenue, Bo. dela Paz, Pasig City 1600, Philippines.
Tel: +(632) 645 4891, 645 4892, 645 4893, 681 5325. Fax: +(632) 681 5320.

DAK (Kits) See --> Graham Slee Projects

Dali (Loudspeakers) See --> Audionord

USA based company that manufactures projection screens and related accessories.
Distributed in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Store, in Finland by Highend Studio, in Greece by Adamco, in Iceland by Extón, in India by Sound of Music, in Latvia by DVD Navigators, in Denmark, Sweden and Norway by iFore, in Thailand by Magnet Audio and in Turkey by SSD Ses

Dutch company that manufactures high end loudspeakers, in addition to importing and distributing high end audio products for all the Benelux countries including BlackNoise, Bravo, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Enacom, Harmonix and Reimyo.
Homepage: (Loudspeakers) -- Distribution homepage
Daluso, Op den Dijk 30, NL-6102 EX Echt, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31(0)611354725. E-Mail: info at

Dana Audio
US low to mid price loudspeaker manufacturer.

Danavox Technology
Taiwanese manufacturer of mid and high end loudspeaker systems.
Distribution: In the UAE by mmaasMedia
Homepage: .
Danavox Technology Co. Ltd., 13F-3, No.23, Lane169, Kang Ning St., Hsi Chih City, Taipei County, Taiwan.
Tel: +886 2 2695 0239. Fax: +886 2 2695 0935.

Dan D'Agostino See --> D'Agostino LLC

Daniel Hertz
Swiss registered company that manufactures ultra high end loudspeakers, amplifiers and cables. Company is run by Mark Levinson and most actual assembly is done in the Czech Republic by Petrof, note that the published address listed below is a postal address, not suitable for visits.
Daniel Hertz, Route de La Gare 36, CH-2010 Auvernier, Switzerland.

Daniels Audio
US based manufacturer of CD players, loudspeakers and cables.
Daniels Audio Corp., 1001 N. Humphrey Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302, USA
Phone: +708 383 3319. Email: butch at

Dansk Audio Teknik
Danish maker, has the Amadeus line of kit loudspeakers.

Dantax Radio

Danish business that curiously enough on one hand supplies consumer electronic products in the lower regions of the market and on the other makes seriously high end loudspeakers. The consumer products are the usual gamut of brown goods ranging from budget turntables to televisions, alongside some smaller white goods such as microwave ovens and so on, they are primarily sold under the Dantax brand and mostly Asian sourced. The company also has a line of slightly more upmarket AV products sold under the Scansonic brand and AV furniture, stands, projection screens and fasteners that they sell under the Harmony name.

The loudspeaker brand is called Raidho and they sell some of the most technologically advanced loudspeakers on the high end market featuring wide dispersion planar tweeters and ceramic woofers built into the baffle structure, all manufactured in-house. Company was originally founded in 1971 and was then a loudspeaker manufacturer that made products both under its own name and as an OEM, they owned the Scan-Speak operation for a while, in 2009 Dantax bought the Raidho Acoustics ApS company and moved the factory to its headquarters.
Distribution: Dantax, Harmony and Scansonic products are distributed in Iceland by Sjónvarpsmiðstöðin and in Sweden by Teleton, Raidho products on the other hand are distributed in Israel by BG Sound, in Norway by Oslo Hi-Fi Center and in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video
Homepage: - - Raidho Acoustics homepage -- Scansonic homepage -- Harmony homepage.
Dantax Radio A/S, Bransagervej 15, 9490 Pandrup, Denmark.
Tel: +45 98 24 76 77. E-Mail: Sales (at)
Dantax Norge AS, Brennaveien 4, N-1481 Hagan, Norway.
Tel: +47 67067730. Fax: +47 6706 7731.

Resources: -- Raidho loudspeaker factory visit by The Absolute Sound magazine, take note of the external picture site link at the bottom of posting

Dared See --> Shenzhen Danyigao Audio Equipment Limited

DarkVoice See --> Orphean Sound Audio-Video Lab. (Valve based headphone amps)

darTZeel Audio SA
Swiss manufacturer of high end amplifiers.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Brazil by KVS3 Comercio de Audio e Video, in Croatia by Son Et Image, in Scandinavia by Audionord AB, in the UK by Absolute Sounds and in the USA by Evolution Acoustics
Homepage: .
Authorised repair centres : Soundsmith (USA - NY State)
darTZeel Audio SA, 2 Ch. Louis-Hubert, CH-1213 Petit-Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 22 793 8284 (sales) or +41 22 793 8283 (tech). E-Mail: moreinfo /at&

Datak See --> LKG Industries

Dattenberg GmbH
German manufacturer of mid and high end turntables sold under the Montegiro brand.
Distribution: In Norway by Audioroyal
Homepage: .
Dattenberg GmbH, Zum Ludwigstal 10-12, 45527 Hattingen, Germany.
Tel: +49 2324 9332 50. Fax: +49 2324 9332 33. E-Mail: info &at%

Dave Slagle

USA based gentleman whose primary occupation is photography but also manufactures transformers for phonographic pickups and passive parts for use in high end audio products under the Intact Audio brand, the parts are primarily intended for valve amplifiers and passive pre-amps. These include attenuators, both switch mode resistors and autotransformer types, output transformers, chokes and wire-wound resistors.
Homepage: -- Intact Audio homepage
Dave Slagle, 62 W 36th Street 4W, New York, NY 10018, USA.
Tel: +1 212 268 3030. E-Mail: Dave /at/

David Archambault
USA based gentleman that manufactures and sells upgrades and parts for Audio Research turntables under the Vinyl Nirvana brandname, in addition he provides repairs and upgrades to AR and Vintage Thorens turntables.
David Archambault, 4 Gary Lane, Exeter, NH 03833, USA.
Tel: +1 603 772 6063. E-Mail: ddarch88 /at%

David Berning Co
US maker of valve based amplification.
David Berning Co., 12430 McCrossin Lane, Potomac, MD 20854, USA. Phone: +(301) 926 3371. Email: david at

David Chaffey

USA based gentleman that makes high end hi-fi loudspeakers and full range speaker drivers for home, automotive and marine applications under the DC Gold Audio brand and makes cables and interconnects under the Dynastrand name. In addition the operation offers upgrades to the old ESS AMT loudspeakers and asserts that they will be offering cabinet kits suitable for use with their drivers in the near future. Mr Chaffey started out in early 2006 after buying the remaining assets of driver manufacturer Babb Loudspeakers and added to the product line by introducing loudspeakers of his own design, he then bought the cable operation of Jed L. Hacker in late 2012.
-- Dynastrand homepage
David Chaffey, 3101 Wellington Drive, Palmdale, California 93551, USA.
Tel: +1 661 618 2050. Mobile: +1 661 618 0221. E-Mail: sales £at£

USA based manufacturer. Has an unusual lineup of ribbon based TLA loudspeakers.

DaVinci Audio Labs
Swiss manufacturer of high end audio amplification, pickups, tonearms and CD players.
Distribution: In Hong Kong by Audio Exotics and in Spain by Cosmos Hi-Fi
Homepage: .
DaVinciAudio Labs GmbH, Freiburgstrasse 68, CH-3008 Bern, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 78 823 88 82, +41 78 920 46 14 or +41 79 286 97 20. E-Mail: welcome (at(

Davis Acoustics
French manufacturer of home and car audio loudspeakers and drivers.
Distribution: In the USA by Soundsmith (drivers only)
Homepage: .
Davis Acoustics, 70 rue de la Paix, 10000 Troyes, France.
Tel: +33 3 25 79 84 84. Fax: +33 3 25 79 84 85

Danish manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, some models are very visually appealing.
Distribution: In North America by The Signals Collection
Homepage: .
Davone, Enghavegaardsvej 40, 3400 Hillerod, Denmark.
Tel: +45 33 23 88 11. E-Mail: info %at%

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