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Tianjin Leaders Technology Ltd.
Chinese trading company that sells MP3 players, headphone amplifiers, USB soundcards, electrostatic headphones, earphones and under the Hifiman and Head-Direct brands although the latter has been mostly abandoned these days.
Distribution: In Canada and the USA by VMAX Services, in Germany by Sieveking Sound and in Sweden by Transient Design
Homepage: -- USA Webstore -- Chinese homepage.
Tianjin Leaders Technology Ltd., 828 Hong Qi Nan Lu, Nankai, Tianjin 215300, China.
Tel: or +86 (0)22 50 190 018. Mobile: +86 15822930702. Fax: +86 (0)22 23 929 927. E-Mail: admin (at)
Head- Direct, 5136 Manila st #3, Elmhurst, New York 11373, USA
Tel: +1 1 347 475 7673. Fax: +1 718 766 0560. 


UK based trading company that sells brown goods such as hi-fi systems, TV's and home DJ systems in addition to related accessories such as stands and shelves. Tibo is run by Dane Bo Würtz (ex-Bang & Olufsen and Eltax) and on top of selling under its own name acts as a sourcing agent for a number of supermarkets and electrical retailers and for a short while around 2008 Hr. Würtz ran a company called Axia Electronics Limited from the same address that performed more or less the same services as Tibo.
Homepage: -- Alternative web address
Tibo Ltd., DSV House, Maidstone Road, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK10 0AJ, United Kingdom.

German manufacturer of high end loudspeakers and amplification.
Distributed in Japan by Stella Inc., in Spain by Lab Electronics España and in Switzerland by Lab Electronics.
Tidal Audio GmbH, Immendorfer Strasse 1, 50354 Huerth, Germany.
Tel : +49 (22 33) 966 92 25. Fax : +49 (22 33) 966 92 26. E-Mail : contact at

Japanese manufacturer of high end loudspeakers.

UK based company, primarily a manufacturer of weather satellite systems and software but have a sideline in audio. On on hand they manufacture upgrade products for the Technics SL-1200 and on the other they act as the worldwide distributor of Alex Nikitin Technology (A. N. T. Audio) and the UK distributors of Grimm Audio, Jelco and Shelter. Note that their forum often has info on Technics upgrade products like bearings that never appear on their homepage.
Homepage: -- Timestep distribution homepage -- Timestep hifi forum
Timestep, PO Box 2001, Dartmouth, Devon, TQ6 9QN, England.
Tel: +44 (0)1803 833366. E-Mail: Information (at) (general) or dave at (hifi products).

Timothy Hill
UK based gent that trades using the Ferguson Hill brand and is best known for making loudspeakers out of clear acrylic plastic including horn speakers and subwoofers but also have added more conventional speakers to their lineup.
Distribution: In Australia by Maxmedia, in Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design, in Germany by Audiostones and in Greece by Acoustic Design
Homepage: .
Timothy Hill, 178 Royal College Street, Camden, London NW1 0SP, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)207 284 0969. E-Mail: info /a/t&

Tinly Electro Acoustic Device Co.
Chinese company that manufactures all kinds of brown goods such as DVD players and home theatre systems but is best known for their car audio products, company has it's origins in a Hong Kong entity with the same name.
Tinly Electro-Acoustic Devices Co.,Ltd., Xianjiao Industrial Area, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, China 522000.
Tel : +86 663 8817328 and +8818328. Fax : +86 663 8812318. E-mail : lrh at

Tiny Audio (Accessories and digital adapters) See --> TT Micro AS

Tiny Tube
A line of valve amplifiers that appear to be manufactured by Danish distributor Tekni-Fi.

Tischlerei Lenz
Austrian company that is primarily a bespoke manufacturer of furniture and all kinds of décor installations and so on, but does manufacture hi-fi, AV and media furniture in both bespoke and standardised variants, loudspeakers in association with Trenner & Friedl and AOS including in the latter case a finished products of the kits they design, these are all sold under the Lenz brand but in addition the company makes what can only be described as a furniture loudspeaker or some sort of a modern day radiogram, again with Trenner & Friedl drivers and know how, and these are sold under the Edition Space brand.
Distribution: Edition Space products are distributed in South Korea by Bono Audio
Homepage: -- Edition Space homepage.
Tischlerei Lenz, Ringstraße 66, A-8344 Bad Gleichenberg, Austria.
Tel: +43 3159 2225 0. Fax: +43 3159 2225 16. E-Mail: office at

Tistrup Møbelsnedkeri A/S
Danish company that is primarily a contract and OEM manufacturer of loudspeaker enclosures and loudspeakers but also manufacture hi-fi and AV furniture. The company has its own acoustics laboratory and has been known to partake in the design of loudpeakers for customers. Tistrup Møbelsnedkeri A/S, Kastanievej 3, 6862 Tistrup, Denmark.
Tel: +45 75 29 90 99. Fax: +45 75 29 98 71. E-Mail: tm-tistrup >at>

Tivoli Audio
USA manufacturer of consumer audio products such as radios and hi-fi systems.
Distributed in Australia by Audio Dynamics, in Austria by Styria HiFi, in New Zealand by Denco Audio and in Sweden by Audionord AB

TMR Elektronik
German manufacturer of high end loudspeakers and electronics.
Distributed in Austria by Akustische Systeme

Toby Corp.
Manufactures loudspeakers for home, AV and auto usage, also manufacture drivers.
Toby Corporation of America 2060 Montgomery St. Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA.
Tel : +817 731 1142.

Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company (TEAC)
A big Japanese manufacturer of audio, video & instrumentation hardware with manufacturing bases in Asia and the USA. Makes consumer equipment and computer components under the TEAC name, semi-pro and professional audio and video equipment under the TASCAM name and high end audio under the Esoteric and Uesugi brands, that is not just a branding exercise, Tascam and Esoteric/Uesugi are wholly separate divisions of the company and often have separate distribution channels. Originally founded by the Tani brothers in Aug. 1953 as Tokyo Television Acoustic Company but shortly thereafter changed their name to the current one, TEAC is also active in importing and distributing hi-fi products into Japan, see : TEAC. TASCAM stands for TEAC Audio Systems Corp. AMerica and was originally founded to comply with USA laws but over there it is a requirement that any company that sells to institutional purchasers is based in he USA and in the case of military equipment actually manufactures it in one of the lower 48 states but in the end quite a lot of their professional audio range ended up being designed by the USA division. In the end even more stringent "must be made in the USA" regulations introduced recently forced the company spin off their data instrumentation business to an independent USA based company called TEAC Aerospace Industries.
Homepage: TEAC USA homepage, TEAC UK Homapge, Tascam Homepage.
Both TEAC and TASCAM are distributed in Israel by Eurotal Tech and in Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul while TEAC and Esoteric are distributed in Canada by L'Atelier-Audio, in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Store,in Hong Kong by Dah Chong Hong Ltd. and in Norway by Maxwell Import.
TEAC is distributed in in Malta by Mosta Electronic Centre, in Poland by EIC, in Romania by Lotus Telecom, in Singapore by Hwee Seng, in Taiwan by Taisheng Trading and in Turkey by PanPA.
TASCAM is distributed in Denmark by Kinovox, in France by Sennheiser France and in Norway by Njál Hansson.
Esoteric is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Reference Audio Visual, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Taiwan by Winkey Electrics, in the UK by Symmetry, in Thailand by Inventive AV and in Vietnam by Dong Thanh. Esoteric CD releases are distributed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by Audio Ranny.
TEAC Esoteric Company, 3-7-3, Naka-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-8550, Japan.
Tel : +81 (0)3 35 92 18 33. E-Mail: hi-end at

Tokyo Shibaura Denki Kabushiki Kaisha (Toshiba)
A long running Japanese electronics giant that is also known by the anglicised Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. Ltd., but is best know by the shortening Toshiba that it uses for marketing purposes. Has in recent years mostly exited the hi-fi market but is still active in the AV one and even stronger in the fields of R&D and IT than in the consumer market. Originally founded in 1875 as a company that later became known Shibaura Engineering which merged with Tokyo Electric in 1939 to form the present company.
Distributed in Iceland by Einar Farestveit og Co

Tom Evans Audio Design
Welsh company that manufactures all kinds of audio amplifiers including pickup pre-amps, company originally called just Audio Design.
Distribution: In Brazil by KVS3 Comercio de Audio e Video, in Monaco by Sound Galleries, in New Zealand by Reference Audio Systems and in Portugal by Exaudio
Homepage: .
Tom Evans Audio Design, St. Margarets Park, Pengam Road, Aberbargoed, Caerphilly, South Wales CF81 9FW, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1443 833570. Fax: +44 (0)1443 839977. E-Mail: sales ;at&

Dutch manufacturer of replacement styli and pickups.
Distributed in Finland by AV Komponentti.

Lithuanian company that manufactures high end tonearms under the Reed brand.
Distribution: In Singapore by Audio Note Singapore
Homepage: ., Naujuju Muniskiu km., Uzliedziu sen., 54317 Kauno raj., Lithuania.
Tel: +370 698 50094. E-Mail: info |at|

ToneWinner Electronics
Large Chinese manufacturer of low and mid end AV/audio electronics and loudspeakers although they have recently branched into the manufacture of some high end amplification products, primarily an OEM but also uses the ToneWinner brand in the West but usually just Winner in Asia. the company is also known as Chengdu Yadi.
ToneWinner Electronics Co Ltd, #3 Plant Building, Hongtu Industrial Plot, Dashi Town, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 511430.
Tel : +(86 20) 34796146 and +(86 20) 34797660. Fax : +(86 20) 34784046.
Chengdu Yadi Industrial Ltd., #26. West 3 Section, Yihuan Rd., Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
Tel : +(86 28) 81700045. Fax : +(86 28) 81700045..

Tonian Acoustics See --> Tony Minasian (Below)

Polish manufacturer of transducers such as loudspeakers, microphones and headphones etc. Is a big OEM for British loudspeaker manufacturers and sells a lot of drivers, PA and car audio speakers in Eastern Europe.
TONSIL SA, 2-3 Daszynskiego str., 62-300 Wrzesnia, Poland.

Tony Anson
Manufactures plinths for older turntables such as Older Garrard turntables and Vintage Thorens turntables.

Tony Minasian

USA based gentleman that manufactures loudspeakers, mechanical decouplers and tweeter add-ons under the Tonian Acoustics brand and handles the USA distribution of AER, Phy-HP and Supra Cables under the "Tonian Laboratories" name. Most of the company's loudspeakers have a slightly unusual setup in that they couple a full-range driver that would normally be in a baffle by itself, with a ribbon tweeter.
Distribution: In Greece by Antihisi Audio Equipment
Homepage: .
Tony Minasian, 700 S. 6th Street Unit# 107, Burbank, CA 91501, USA.
Tel: +1 818 326 1177 . Fax: +1 818 848 9090. E-Mail: info "at"

Top International Electronic Ltd
Manufactures high end separates and loudspeakers including valve based amplification, trades using the Audio Space, Houston and Duntonic brands.
Distribution: AudioSpace products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Reference Audio Visual and in Canada by Charisma Audio.
Homepage: .
Top International Electronic, Ltd., 10/F., NO. 16 Wah Yeun Factory Building, Elm Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel : +852 2729 7271 and 2390 4812. Fax : +852 2307 9476 and 2390 4798. E-Mail : topintl at

Run by Italian watchmaker Roberto Torlai, this company specialises in repairing old MC and MI pickups but they also have a product or 2 under their own name.
Roberto Torlai, via Liguria 41, 41043 Formigine MO, Italy.
Tel : +39 059 573582. Fax : +39 059 558539. E-mail : pickupservice at

Torus Power
Canadian manufacturer of power conditioners for use with home audio and AV equipment, same operation as Plintron and has also sold products under the Torus International name in the past.
Distribution: In Belgium and Luxembourg by DSM Audio Consulting, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video
Homepage: .
Torus Power, 8-601 Magnetic Drive, Toronto, Ontario M3J 3J2, Canada.
Tel: +1 800 PLITRON (Toll free, USA and Canada only) or +1 416 667 9914. E-Mail: tech }at}

Tosy Corp
Manufacures accessories under the Pole Star brand, but is primarily active as a local distributor, see : Tosy Corp.
Tosy Corp., Shibuya-Ku, 150 Tokyo.
Tel : +81 (3) 54235511. Fax : +81 (3) 54235515. E-mail : akane.urata at

Totem Acostic
Canadian manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, run by designer designer Vince Bruzzese.

Totem Acostic distribution

Europe: In the Benelux countires, France and the UK by Joenit, in Denmark by PS Audio, in Finland by SounData, in Germany by Golden Ear Audio System, in Italy by Hi-Fi United, in Poland by ArsFono, in Portugal by Audio Team LDA, in Russia and Ukraine by Audio Gamma Trading, in Spain by Pleyte Audio, in Sweden by Audio Concept and in Switzerland by High End Company.

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by Fine Audio Int., in Indonesia by PT. Aneka Roda Makmur, in New Zealand by Xtreme Audio, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore, in South Korea by Heis, in Taiwan by Trukey Group and in Thailand by Deco 2000.

The Americas & the West Indies: Distribution in North America is handled by the company directly while in Panama it is handled by Audio Video Panama.

Africa and the Middle East: In Israel by dbaudio, in Italy by Hi-Fi United and in the UAE by Tones & Colours Technologies.

Totem Acoustic, 9165 Champ D'eau., St-Leonard, Quebec, Canada H1P-3M3.
Tel : +514 259 1062. Fax : +514 259 4968. E-mail : info at

Tound See --> Taycom

Townshend Audio
UK based maker of turntables cables and isolation platforms.
Distribution: In Canada by Planet of Sound Hifi
Homepage: .
Townshend Audio, 7 Bridge Road, Hampton Court, Surrey, KT8-9EU UK.
Phone : +44 (0)20 8979 2155. Fax : +44 (0)20 8979 3787. Email : sales at

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