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Chinese manufacturer of small DAC's and headphone amplifiers, sells those under the TCG Audio brand.
TCGCN Co. Ltd., Henggang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen Longgang Road, Cuihu Village Dong 5, Guang Dong 518115, China.
Tel: +86 (0)755 28690023 and +86 186 88946821. Fax: +86 (0)755 28690023. E-Mail: sales }at{ Skype: tcgcalvin.

TCG Handels
German company that manufactures cables and interconnects under the Best Wire brand, in addition they handle the distribution of Audes, NAT and ZU in both Austria and Germany and the distribution of Luxman in Germany.
Homepage: -- Luxman DE homepage -- Best Wire homepage -- ZU Audio DE homepage
TCG Handels GmbH, Döppers Esch 7, 48531 Nordhorn, Germany.
Tel: +49(0)5921 78849 27. Fax: +49(0)5921 78849 28. E-Mail: info )at#

TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited
Chinese holdings company incorparated in the Cayman Islands that owns a host of companies active in the CE business including the original TCL company which is China's biggest manufacturer of mobile telephones and televisions, but also owns partly or fully a host of other companies such as TCL - Thomson Electronics (below), TCL Home Appliances and Schneider Electronics GmbH which was formed in 2002 when they bought some Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG assets including production facilities, stocks and the Dual trademark. Company formerly known as TCL International Holdings Limited.
Homepage: - TCL Home Appliances homepage

TCL - Thomson Electronics (TTE)
The worlds largest television manufacturer, jointly owned by TCL International Holdings and Thomson and the products they make are sold under the various brands and by the various companies the control of the aforementioned. Originally founded in 2003.

TC Sounds
USA based manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers.

TDK Corp.
A big Japanese manufacturer of blank media & related hardware with manufacturing capacity in Asia, Hungary and the USA, originally founded in 1935 as Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K. but changed its name in 1983.
Homepage: USA Homepage. European Homepage. Distributed in Finland by AV Komponentti and in Israel by Adar Marketing.

TDL See --> Audio Partnership


TE Audio Systems
German amplifier manufacturer.

TechDAS (Turntables & DAC's) See --> Stella Inc.

Techmakers Electronics
Hong Kong based manufacturer of consumer audio, AV and computer related electronics.
Techmakers Electronics Ltd., Unit A7, 4/F, Hoplite Industrial Centre, Nos. 3 & 5 Wang Tai Rd, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2798 0798. Fax: +852 2796 0216. E-Mail: sales at

Technical Brain
Japanese manufacturer of high end amplifiers and phonographic pre-amplifiers. These are of a legendary quality but do note that in North America there do from time to time show up grey market models designed for the Japanese market which uses 100v, while these do nominally run on the 117v (+/- 8v) electricity of the NA power grid the power protection circuit of the units will burn out if there is a voltage spike (which are common), so if you are based in NA make sure any units you are offered are bona fide 117v versions .
Technical Brain Ltd., 215-2 Kasahata Kawagoe-shi, Saitama 350-1175, Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)49 234 1109. Fax: +81 (0)49 234 1167. E-Mail: enquiry -at-

TechniClean See --> Audio Technica

Technicolor See --> Thomson

Technics See --> Panasonic

Technology Science & Art
French trading company, manufactures high end amplifiers and cables under the Alef brand, but until recently they were sold under the Delta-Sigma label. The company is primarily occupied as a distributor though and handles the Frensch distribution of 18 Sound, Acustica Applicata, Acústica Integral, Ångstom Research, Audia Flight, Audiomatica, EuroAudioTeam (EAT), Ergo, Fischer & Fischer, the Funk Firm, Heil, Labirinti Acustici, Lead Audio, Lector, Manger, Mastersound, Microsorber, Music Tools, Nitty Gritty, NTI Audio, Van Den Hul and Vyger.
Homepage: -- Alef homepage
Technology Science & Art, 6 rue Pierre Jakez Helias, 77600 Bussy St. Georges, France.
Tel: +33 (0)1 64 66 78 06. Mobile: +33 (0)6 80 21 08 26. E-Mail: infofrance at

Technosonic See --> Refinement Canada

Tec - Pac Electrical & Mechanical Services Limited
Makes outdoor loudspeakers under the Rock Garden Speaker trademark, Canadian company.

Teddy Pardo
Israeli company that manufactures mid/high end audio electronics such as amplifiers and DAC's in addition to cables and voltage regulator kits intended as upgrades for third party equipment.
Distribution: In the USA by Sounds Of Silence
Homepage: .
Teddy Pardo Ltd., Hankin 10, Hod Hasharon, 4531210, Israel.
Tel: +972 9 742 8228

Italian manufacturer of high end valve amplifier kits.
Distributed in France by Thierry Weber and in the USA by Robin Wyatt.
Tel/Fax: + 39 (0)2 954 416 15. E-Mail: info at

Telefunken Holding
German company that makes hi-fi separates and mini-systems, consumer audio products, car audio and consumer lighting products, note that only the hi-fi products are distributed outside of Germany. Originally founded in 2008 by investment company Live Holdings AG, but they had purchased the Telefunken Licenses GmbH company from Daimler AG in December 2007, and in addition to making products under the Telefunken name licenses the brandname to sundry other operations. Current CEO is Hemjö Klien (ex-Lufthansa).
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Roksan Trading
Homepage: -- Telefunken Autotainment (Car audio).
Telefunken Holding AG, Bockenheimer Landstr. 101, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)69 600 1000. Fax: +49 (0)69 600 1050.

Tellurium Q

UK based manufacturer of high end amplification and cables.
Distribution: In Germany by H.E.A.R. and in Northern America by Fidelis A/V
Homepage: .
Tellurium Q Ltd., The Willows, Bonds Pool, Langport, Somerset TA10 9QJ, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1458 251997. E-Mail: admin )at(

Telos See --> Axia Audio (Telos Systems - USA - Pro audio) -- Sheng-Kai Co. Ltd. (Telos Audio Design - Taiwan - Hi-Fi Accessories)

Tel Rad
Mexican manufacturer of high end amplifiers etc. under the Margules brandname, a small concern that has been going since 1954 in current form and prior to that as Emporio Electrico all the way since 1926 making it Mexico's longest running company. Also makes mid priced audio components under the Magenta name and PA equipment under the Marvox name and acts as the local distributor of SOTA.
Homepage: - USA Homepage
Distributed in Italy by Fabrizio Farina, in Puerto Rico by Speaker Warehouse and in Switzerland by Arbelos Electroakustik
Tel Rad S. A. , Uruapan #17-4, Col. Roma, Mexico D.F. 06700, Mexico.
Tel: +5533 4654 or 1998 7171. Fax: +52 5514 7448. Email: julian at
Margules Audio Group USA, 14038 Tanglewood Court, Dallas, TX 75234, USA.
Tel: +1 972 243 5905. Fax: +972 243 6081. Email: dkeats at

Tenor Audio
Canadian manufacturer of high end amplification, including hybrid valve/transitor power amplifiers (valve gain/tansistor output stage), in an earlier incarnation the company also manufactured OTL amplifiers.
Distribution: In Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia by Son Et Image, in the Benelux countries by Kharma, in Bulgaria by Sofia Audio Centre, in China, Macau and Hong Kong by Tara Labs Far East?, in Germany by WOD Audio, in Greece by Ultra Audio Group, in Ireland and the UK by Metropolis Music, in Poland by SoundClub, in Romania by Hifiexpert Media?, in Scandinavia by Audio Concept, in South Korea by SysBon, in Spain by Marson Audio? and in the USA by GTT Audio & Video
Homepage: .
Tenor Inc. (Corporate), 17 Willow Bay Drive, Midhurst, Ontario L0L 1X1, Canada.
Tel: +1 705 717 1705.
Tenor Inc. (Factory), 1001 rue Lenoir A-209, Montreal, Quebec H4C 2Z6, Canada.
Tel: +1 514 933 6035.

Originally a DIY project but claim to be ready to release a kit turntable.

USA based loudspeaker manufacturer.
Teresonic LLC, 6017 Wellfleet Way, San Jose, California 95129, USA.
Tel: +408 973 8813. E-Mail: info at

German manufacturer of high quality soundcards and related stuff, has both consumer, semi-pro & pro variants.

Terrazzo Art Fidelity
Dutch manufacturer of some very stylish loudspeakers and amplifiers, and conceptually as long way from Bang & Olufsen as you can get, their homepage is a must see.

Ters Audio
German manufacturer og high end mains cables, electric mains filtering equipment and insulating pucks.
Distributed in Germany by Highendwerk
Ters Audio, Bad Meinberger Str. 53, D-32760 Detmold, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)160 5093115. E-Mail: Peters at

TES See --> Thumb Enterprise Solution (TES)

Tesslor (Valve based tabletop radios) See --> Shenzhen V.A.L. Technology Co.

German loudspeaker manufacturer, huge range of home theatre speakers but also makes home and car audio models.


Dutch trading company, primarily sells household products but does sell a few CE products under the Ranex brand. Part of the Smartwares group.
Tevea BV, Lage Zijde 10, 5626 DL Eindhoven, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)40 2540315. Fax +31 (0)40 2540885. E-Mail: tevea 'at'

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