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Information wanted

I am having problems tracing down New Zealand based loudspeaker manufacturer that sold their products under the Ultimate brand in the 70’s and I am still looking for info on defunct English mixer manufacturer Chacadre (sometimes seen it spelled Chacaderance) that also made some reasonable modular synthesisers, it would actually be fun to get background info on M&A company as well, but they made mixer kits (quite good actually) and published DIY tape recorder handbooks as well. There are also brands that I can only find limited information on despite having seen or even owned products by, such as Baume, AIR, Jackson Acoustics and Körting, I am especially interested in knowing why the latter brand showed up on DDR made products in the 80's.

Finding information on small loudspeaker companies is in particular giving me headaches, this is not unexpected since this is by far the most common type of a specialised audio company, they are the easiest to set up and the least regulated since their products use only passive electronics and thus do not need type or electrical approval. I am seeking info on any of the small concerns that sprung up in central Europe and Asia Pacific in the 60's, 70's and 80's since it is almost impossible to find any information on them here in the UK due to a fixation by the local audio press on products made in the Anglo-Saxon language sphere. In actuality I would welcome info on any small loudspeaker company anywhere in the world, unlike companies that made electronics these were often funded by owner/operator and can have a lifetime of as little as a couple of years or less, making them easy to miss.

If you have any information on any of the company's or products here above and would be willing to share them with us, please be so kind as to get in touch via the address at the bottom of the page.

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The site you are reading now started its life as a links & info Gopher page dealing with hard disk recording on the Atari Falcon in 1993 and in 1994 the site was converted to HTML, was hosted on the old Veda community server in Iceland. In 1996 a section on modular synthesis was added to the site and there were sundry small pages related to semi-pro audio held out on a number of free community servers. These mostly languished until 1999 due to work commitments, but then all of the "open" and "free" Internet resources suddenly morphed into commercial organisations overnight, thus forcing yours truly to look for a new home for the pages held out at the time. The domain had been registered a few weeks earlier with a vague intent of having a site that dealt with computer audio in general rather the sundry DAW related pages held out previously, the Bode (modular synthesiser) pages were moved to the domain and a couple of pages providing info & links on open reel recorders, DAT machines and photographic equipment were thrown up there but behind an empty front page and only linked to from some offsite pages with the intention of moving them elsewhere when convenient.

BTW, this origin of the current site as a links page explains the format of the pages and the modular synthesis stuff explains why the sites logo is a Korg MS-50 and not a piece of hi-fi but it should be noted that none of the pre 1999 DAW, professional audio and synthesis articles are currently used here and probably will never be due to time constraints.

In 2001 I did notice that the open reel links page got more hits that the rest of my domains in total which indicated that there was a lack of such resources out there, and all that despite being seriously difficult to find. Starting to read up on the subject on the Internet all I could find was either audiophile pornography or dubious information although I must admit that things have improved somewhat since, that resulted in me starting to collect and publish information systematically. That continued until the summer of 2002 when the server that contained the site amongst others was stolen by an ex-business associate and when I was trying to resurrect the site on a commercial ISP the hard disk that contained the backup copy broke down, so the site was down for a year and no work was done on it, indeed large parts of the site are still untouched since early June 2002, between mid-2004 and 2009 the author has had no Internet connection due to technical and administrative inaptitude by British Telecom so updates have been slow in coming for the last few years.

As for the quality of the English, it's not my first language, not my second or third either so the end result is bound to be a bit scrappy, and since the pages are automatically compiled it's not possible to spell check on each update.... As to frequent mails asking what the point and/or motivation behind is, the long and the short of it is that there is none, it's just a waste of time.

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Just a few notes regarding the spelling and sorting of the links pages and other lists featured here, combining conjectures like & (and, und, og etc.) are ignored in most cases and the spaces in company/object/personal names are ignored as well, in addition numbers are placed at the end of lists rather than the beginning, traditions vary from culture to culture as to whether numbers are placed before or after so I arbitrarily choose one rather than the other. So BO Speakers is listed after Bospeaker rather than before and B 9 is listed after B Nine.

Another simplification is regarding accented characters, because people used to languages with simplified character sets like US English, Dutch, Afrikaans etc. are clueless as to where the characters missing from their sets actually go in the alphabet they are treated as unaccented, even if they have a corresponding ligature or 2 characters that would in normal circumstances be used instead of the accented character unless the company or individual uses it themselves, such as in the case of Löve/Loeve. Ligatures however are treated as their separate constituent characters, so ø and ö are treated as o rather than oe while æ is treated as ae. Pre-Roman (e.g. runic like þ & ð) characters or symbols taken from a foreign character set but commonly used in variants or in specialised subsets of the Roman one are usually treated as their nearest sound-alike e.g. þ is treated as th, π as pi etc. and characters imported from the Cyrillic set such as in Sámi, are converted into their nearest Roman equivalent.

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It should also be noted that in English a slight variation in spelling of the same word can change the meaning completely, expose usually means uncovering something while exposé means an orderly statement of fact, insert appropriate joke here, this is often not understood by native speakers much less those that have it as a second or third language. So we will continue to equalise sounds around here rather than equalize them and writing to me moaning about it is just naïve.

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Historical items often have their original prices displayed verbatim, so they might show up in defunct or little used currencies such as DM, DKr, Gs., ISKr, SKr and even Canadian Pesos. Note also that European conventions may be used when prices and other numbers are displayed i.e. 1,59 € is one Euro and 59 cents not 1590, ditto concerning billions, even though the English are rapidly taking up the American bad habit of calling a milliard a billion, we do no such thing, not a lot of hi-fi in that price range though (but does exist in countries with low value currencies).

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Be aware though that we have a 2 year to-do list of some 10000 plus items to go through and it may be difficult to find the time to fix or insert your stuff.

Thanks list

Thanks to everyone that has sent us new or updated links and or reports of dead ones, due to a lack of time, resources and even an Internet connection in 2002 and since 2004 it has not been possible to answer all these mails and some of them have been lost but I do appreciate all the info and the time you have taken and beg forgiveness for those that I have been so rude to as not to at the least aknowlegde reciept......... Thanks to Michael Gammon for the info on Audio Linear Turntables. The information on the Tesla and ZK tape recorders from Jan Rudziñski was appreciated.

And finally ........

..... was "banned" by a few "children friendly" web filters in or around 2003 due to the occurrence of the word pornography here above and possibly due to references to nude phonographic stylii (nude = whole)........ weird

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