Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment In Holland.

Holland (Nederland, The Netherlands, Holandia)
Dutch pro-audio and MI distributors

Accentus Audio
Distributes Penaudio.
Homepage: http://www.accentus.nl
E-Mail: info at accentus.nl.

Actual Acoustics
Distributes Quadral and Snell Acoustics.
Homepage: http://www.actualacoustics.nl
Actual Acoustics B. V., Rendementsweg 24D, Postbus 143, 3640 AC Mijdrecht, Netherlands.
Tel: +31 029 725 6388. Fax: +31 029 727 4398. E-Mail: info at actualacoustics.nl.

American Audio Import
Distributes Balanced Audio Technology.
American Audio Import, Slangenburg 186, Dordrecht, The Netherlands ZHZ 3328 DV.
Tel: +31 78 651 0567. Fax: +31 78 651 0567.

Analogue Audio
Distributes Fletcher Audio in all the Benelux coustries and Nottingham Analogue, Graaf, Audio Analogue, Diapason, Trichord Research, Resolution Audio, Zingali, Unison Research, Synthesis and Opera amongst other products in Holland only.
Homepage: http://www.analogueaudio.com
Analogue Audio Products, Barteldsgaarde 7, 3436 RK Nieuwegein, Holland.
Tel: +31-(0)30 6044342. Fax: +31(0)30 2383572. Email: info at analogueaudio.com

AND Benelux See --> Audionord (Argon, DALI, NAD, Scandyna and Redeye)

Art Speak
Distributes Vacuum State Electronics.
Art Speak, Achterstraat 1, 4032 NN Ommeren, NL.
Tel: +0031 34 46 02636. Fax: +34 46 03173. E-Mail: artspeak at planet.nl.

Ascon BV.
Handles the distribution of Pro-Ject in Belgium, Holland & Luxembourgh and Ortofon Hi-fi products in Holland.
Acson B.V., Energieweg 8, 3641 RT Mijdrecht. Tel: +31 297 284695. Fax: +31 297 288068. E-Mail: acson at hccnet.nl.

ASN Technologies
Automotive electronics specialist, distributes Polk and Maxxsonics brands such as Hifonics and Crunch.
Homepage: http://www.asntechnologies.com
ASN Technologies B.V., P.O. Box 709, 7500 AS Enschede, Holland.
Tel: +31 53 428 60 00. Fax: +31 53 428 60 71. E-mail: info at asntechnologies.com.

Audio Design Atelier See --> Audio Design Atelier (Trends Audio)

Audio Cube
Dutch company that used to be the distributor of a number of high end Japanese companies in the Benelux countries, that business sector has been moved to X-Fi but Audio Cube still distribute ELNA capacitors and other parts in Northern Europe.
Homepage: http://www.audio-cube.nl
Audio-Cube, Magdalenastraat 2, 3512 NH Utrecht, The Netherlands.
+040 2119808. E-Mail: mail at audio-cube.nl.

Audionord Europe
Dutch business that handles the distribution of Magnepan in all the Benelux countries, please note that the company is not related to industry behemoth Audionord.
Homepage: http://www.audionord-europe.nl
Audionord Europe, De Chamotte 40, 4191GT Geldermalsen, Holland
Tel: +31 (0)347 328 223. E-Mail: info \at/ audionord-europe.nl.

Avance Audio See --> Avance Audio (Actinote and Leedh)

Boelsz Audio
Dutch company that distribute Auralic, Aurum Cantus and J-Feng Digital in the Benelux countries.
Homepage: http://www.boelszaudio.com
Boelsz Audio, Krokussenstraat 9, 1131 LJ Volendam, Holland.
Tel: +31 299 367 009. E-Mail: contact (at( boelszaudio.com.

B & W Loudspeakers Nederland
Distributes Bowers & Wilkins (B&W).
B&W Loudspeakers Nederland, Brugwachter 9, 3034 Kd Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31104134422..

Crusade Audio
Handles Boston Audio Design.
Homepage: http://www.crusade-audio.nl
Crusade-Audio, Boeckstaetehof 630, 6543HH Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Tel: +31 (0)24 3552705. Fax: +31 (0)24 3506236. E-mail: postmaster at crusade-audio.nl.

Daluso (BlackNoise, Bravo, Dr. Feickert, Harmonix and Reimyo) See --> Daluso

Die-is't Hi-Fi & Hi End Audio
Distributor of Plinius, in Belgium and Italy in addition to Holland.
Homepage: http://www.diest-audio.com
Die-is't Hi-Fi & Hi End Audio, Leeuwerik 9A, 3435RR Nieuwegein, Netherlands.
Tel: +31 (0)65 352 5734. Fax: +31(0)84 746 0774. Email: die-is't at diest-audio.com

Distributes Cardas, Cambrigde Audio, Ceratec, InFocus, Magnum Dynalab, Schroers & Schroers and Spendor.
Homepage: http://www.dimex.nl

Durob Audio
Distributor of Audia Flight, Dan D'Agostino, Klimo, Krell & Wilson Audio in all the Benelux countries, also owns the Prima Luna brand.
Homepage: http://www.hifi-notes.com
Durob Audio BV, Asserlaan 4, Vlijmen 5251 XJ, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31 073 5112555. Fax: +31 073 5113411. Email: durob at hifi-notes.com.

Eltim Audio
Distributes Morel Acoustics.
Homepage: http://www.eltimaudio.com

Distributes Von Schweikert.
Tel: +31 72 574 1984. Fax +31 72 574 0420.

Fox Audio
Distributes Analysis Plus, Audio Aéro, Bel Canto Designs, Jeff Rowland, Jorma Design, Joseph Audio (USA), NAT, Vacum Tube Logic and Weiss Engineering.
Homepage: http://www.foxaudio.nl
Fox Audio, Ooievaarshof 12, 7622 BV Borne, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31 74 26 70 935. E-Mail: info at foxaudio.nl.

Hanstead Audio
Distributes Ringmat Developments.
Homepage: http://www.hanstedaudio.nl
Hansted Audio, Postbus 84, 1191 AB Ouderkerk a/dA, Holland.
Tel: +31 20 496 5480. Fax: +31 20 496 5812.

Heijmans Sound & Vision
Distributes In-Akustik.
Heijmans Sound & Vision, Wetering 7, 1261 ND Blaricum.
Tel: +31 (3) 55247075. Fax: +31 (3) 55247319. E-mail: b.heijmans at leohsv.nl.

Hifi Corner See --> Hi-Fi Corner (Acoustic Preference, North Star Design, Proac, PurePower and Sugden Audio Ltd.)

Hifi Matters
Dutch company formerly known as Music Matters that distributes Agile, Antony Gallo Acoustics, Art Vinyl, Audioplan, MJ Acoustics, Projectiondesign and ZYX in the Benelux countries while handling the distribution of Aurios in all of Europe except the UK and the distribution of Beamax in Holland in addition to using the Pebbles name that they use to re-brand record cleaning machines and cleaning liquids. This is the company that used to run Heart Audio.
Homepage: http://www.hifimatters.nl
HiFi Matters, Cort van der Lindenstraat 8h, 2288 EV Rijswijk, Holland
Tel: +31 (0)70 319 39 36. Fax: +31 (0)70 319 46 70. E-Mail: info _at- hifimatters.nl.

Interstate Audio
Distributes Ortofon DJ products.
Homepage: http://www.interstateaudio.nl
Interstate Audio, Warder 186 A, NL-1473 PL Warder.
Tel: +31 653 482 512. Fax: +31 299 401 101. E-mail: interstateaudio at wxs.nl.

ITC Home Theatre
Distributes Eichmann.
ITC Home Theater, Constructieweg 8, 8305 AA, Emmeloord.
Tel: +527 636 666 Email: info at itccomp.nl

John & Partner
Distributes ELAC.
Homepage: http://www.elac.nl
V.O.F John + Partner, Boschstraat 11, NL-6921 MB Duiven.
Tel: +31 (316) 265 202. Fax: +31 (316) 266 446. E-Mail: info at elac.nl.

M. J. Latham
Distributes QED in Holland and Dynavector in Belgium and Luxembourgh in addition to Holland.
Homepage: http://www.latham-ci.com
M. J. Latham Audio BV, Postbus 7, 5130 AA Alphen, The Netherlands.
Tel: +0031 13 508 2411. Fax: +0031 13 508 2617. Email: info at latham-ci.com

Monitor Audio Nederland
Distributes Isotek, Klegg, Monitor Audio, Roksan, Tara Labs and Transrotor in Holland in addition to distributing Target HiFi in both Holland and Belgium.
Homepage: http://www.monitoraudio.nl
Monitor Audio Nederland B.V, PO Box 283, 3760 AG Soest, Holland.
Tel: +31 356295491. Fax: +31 356295492. E-Mail: info at monitoraudionederland.nl.

More Music
Distributes Spectral Audio in Holland and Viola Audio Labs in all of the Benelux countries.
Homepage: http://www.moremusic.nl
More Music BV, Groenekanseweg 6A, 3737AG Groenekan, Holland.
Tel: +0346 211919. Fax: +0346 210912. E-mail: info at moremusic.nl.

Music 2
Distributes Accuphase in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg and Cabasse in Holland only.
Homepage: http://www.music2.nl

Musical Affairs (PHY-HP) See --> Musical Affairs

Music Matters See --> HiFI Matters

Number 4 Audio
Dutch company that distributes the Avantgarde Acoustic, the Funk Firm, Michell Engineering and Music Hall Audio in Holland in addition to distributing HRT and Stax in the Benelux countries..
Homepage: http://www.number4audio.nl
Number 4 Audio, Grote Kerkplein 4, 3011 GC Rotterdam, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)10 2810405. Fax: +31 (0)10 2810406. E-Mail: info ;at( number4audio.nl.

Nutters Audio
Distributes Oyaide.
Homepage: http://www.nuttersaudio.nl
Nutters Audio, Spinner 11, 8456 HZ De Knipe.
Tel: +31 513 689250. Fax: +31 513 688965. E-Mail: info at nuttersaudio.nl.

Penta Electronics/Penhold
Distributes Denon, DUAL, Metz, Monster Cable and Stax.
Homepage: http://www.lookenlisten.nl
PENTA Electronics B.V., Poppenbouwing 58, 4191 NZ Geldermalsen.
Tel: +31 345 588070. Fax: +31 345 588085. Email: info at lookenlisten.nl

O.L.S. Audio Technology
Distributes Lamm Industries.
O.L.S. Audio Technology, Breda, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31 76 571 5010. Fax: +31 76 571 4773. Email: kharma at xs4all.nl

Handles Michell Engineering, Naim and Hi-Fi Holz Hutter.
Homepage: http://www.phonologic.com

RA Vision
Distributes Soulution.
Homepage: http://www.ra-vision.nl
RA-Vision, Audio Video Home-automation, De Tulp 8, NL-4631 AJ Hoogerheide.
Tel: +31 164 61 5583. Fax: +31 164 61 2857. E-Mail: info at ra-vision.nl.

Sound Design Import
Handles Burmester Audiosysteme.
Sound Design Import, Zwetteweg 16, NL 8432 PB Haule, Netherlands.
Tel: +31 516 577236. E-Mail: info at sounddesign.nl.

Dutch company that distributes the products of MBL and Orpheus in all the Benelux countries.
Homepage: http://www.soundemotions.com
Sound E-Motions B.V., Industrieweg 1a-5, 4104 AP Culemborg, Holland.
Mobile: +31 (0) 6 4673 6557 and +31 (0) 6 5511 3771. E-Mail: info ¦at¦ soundemotions.com.

Sound Fashion
Distributes DLS in both Holland and Germany.
Homepage: http://www.soundfashion.nl
Sound Fashion bv, Langenboomseweg 96, NL 5411 AW Zeeland.
Tel: +31 486 451 27. E-mail: infoat heihorst.nl.

Terrason Audio
Dutch company that distributes CD Softcover, Chapter Audio, Klangwerk and Vivid Audio in the Benelux countries..
Homepage: http://www.terrason-audio.nl
Terrason Audio BV, Herenstraat 71A, 3431 CX Nieuwegein, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)626 77 67 87. Fax: +31(0)30 2340716. E-Mail: ewald /at| terrason-audio.nl.

TES Audio
Distributes Aura, Mission and Stello.
Homepage: http://www.tesaudio.nl
TES Audio, Postbus 100, 3850 AC Ermelo, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)341 557553. Fax: +31 (0)341 558553. Email: info (at) tesaudio.nl.

Distributes Musical Fidelity and Acoustic Energy (AE) in Belgium as well as Holland.
Homepage: http://www.viertron.nl
Viertron bv, Zuideinde 2, 2991 LK Barendrecht, Netherlands.
Tel: +311 8061 8355. Fax: +311 8061 9967. Email: info at viertron.nl

VT Components
Distributes Bartolucci Transformers.
Homepage: http://www.triodes.nl
VT Components, Everdonk 36, 4824CB Breda, Netherlands.
Tel: +31 62 505 6072. Fax: +31 76 544 0706. Email: info at triodes.nl

Dutch company that distributes high end audio products in all the Benelux countries, brands handled include ADL, AMR, Audio Consulting, Audio Note UK Ltd., Devore Fidelity, Furutech, Jean Marie Reynaud (JMR), Luxman (Holland only), Ocean Way Audio, Solid Steel and 47 Laboratory. In addition the company runs an audiophile retail operation called Audio Life and took over the high end audio distibution portion of Audio Cube a few years back.
Homepage: http://x-fi.nl -- Audio Life homepage
X-Fi, Buitenhuizenpoort 7, 4116 CA Buren, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0) 6243 80328. E-Mail: info )at( x-fi.nl.

YN Audio
Dutch high end audio distributor and dealer, handles the local distribution of Black Rhodium, Coda Technologies, Perreaux and Robson Acoustics.
Homepage: http://www.yn-audio.nl
YN Audio, Graan voor Visch 15317, 2132 EL Hoofddorp, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)6 394 249 26. E-Mail: info /at{ yn-audio.nl.

See also: Aqua Blue (Lundahl), Ascon (Pro-Ject), Audeo, Dynamic Solutions (Basis, Gamut Audio, Graham Engineering, Marsh Sound Design, Mimetism, Nirvana and Phonomena), Earpleasure (Ancient Audio), Joenit (Rega & Totem Acoustic), New Invor (Leben) and Technology Factory (EAT Valves & SID).

Dutch distributors of professional audio, theatrical, lighting and musical instrument products

RSl & Partners See --> RSL & Partners (Altair, CAD, The Confettimaker, Earthworks, Master Audio, P. Audio and 18 Sound.)

Hifi Corner See --> Hi-Fi Corner (Ohm UK)

Wolf See --> Wolf (Keith McMillen Instruments)

Europewide distributors : Dynavector Superstereo, Hamburger Hi-Fi Import (CEC), HiFI Matters (Aurios), in and High End Store Gerds (KEA Audio).

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