Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in Denmark

Denmark (Danmark, Danmörk, Dania)

Activ Hi-Fi
Handles Audiomeca and Clearaudio distribution for Denmark itself, Red Rose Music in the whole of Scandinavia and Ringmat Developments in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
Homepage: http://www.activ-hifi.dk
Activ Hi-Fi, Jernbanegade 12, 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark.
Tel: +45 7545 0102. E-mail: info at activhifi.dk

Agentur Tur-Pex See --> Agentur Tur-Pex (Enerr, Equilibrium and ESA)

Art Sound
High end audio distributor, handles Avantgarde Acoustic and Esoteric Audio Research - Yoshino (EAR) in Denmark, Audia Flight in Denmark and Norway, Opera Audio in Denmark and Sweden, and KR Audio Electronics distribution for the whole of Scandinavia.
Homepage: http://www.artsound.dk
Artsound, Nonbo Dal 14, 8800 Viborg, Denmark.
Tel: +0045 2819 8163. Fax: +0045 8660 1202..

Audionord See --> Audionord AB (Air Tangent, Audio Research, Constellation Audio, Dan D'Agostino, darTZeel, Magico, Magnepan, Parrot, Scaena, and Shunyata Research)

Audiophil ApS
Distributes Accuphase in Denmark and Sweden in addition to In-Akustik, Meridian, Michell Engineering and Tannoy in Denmark only.
Homepage: http://www.audiophil.dk
Audiophil ApS, Stamholmen 193 F, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark.
Tel: +45 36 78 16 22. Fax: 45 36 78 16 88. Email: info at audiophil.dk.

Audio Sale
Handles the distribution of Audio Analogue, Copland, Chario, Definitive Technology, Klipsch and Supra Cables.
Homepage: http://www.audiosale.dk
Audio Sale,Vassingerødvej 89 B, 3540 Lynge, Denmark.
Tel: +26 22 26 05. Fax: +48 48 55 44. E-mail: info at audiosale.dk or audiosale at mobilixnet.dk.

Bieda Agency
Actually an export agent specialising in broadcast equipment etc. rather than a local distributor, handles the distribution of Ortofon and Holfi in eastern Europe. Please note that when this was written the company has only recently registered their domain name and there was no information yet on their homepage.
Homepage: http://www.bieda-agency.com
Bieda Agency, Maglevænget 16, DK-2791 Dragør.
Tel: +45 32 53 32 32. Fax: +45 32 53 32 22. E-mail: auscher-bieda at get2net.dk or info at bieda-agency.com

CMI Partner
Distributes BBE Sound in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in addition to distributing Hosa Technology and Vestax locally.
CMI Partner, Kornmarksvej 2, Brondby, DK 2605, Denmark.
Tel: +45 70 20 80 02..

Distributes Magnat automotive audio products, trades in Denmark as CD Cardic.
Homepage: http://www.biludstyr.dk

Distributes Analysis Plus.
Homepage: http://www.dynamax.dk
DynaMax, Skovsogade 1b, 2., DK-4200 Slagelse.
Fax: +45 58531115. E-Mail: info at dynamax.dk.

Genesis Audio
Distributes Acoustic Energy (AE), Atoll, Harmonic Technology, Roksan and Triangle.
Homepage: http://www.genesisaudio.dk
Genesis Audio ApS. Reberbansgade 14, 9000 Aalborg
Tel: +45 2299 8889. E-mail:genesis at genesisaudio.dk.

Distributes Oyaide in Denmark and Sweden.
Homepage: http://www.hificable.dk
Hificable.dk, Nærumvaenge 59, 2.th., 2850 Nærum, Denmark.
Tel: +45 31715156. E-Mail: info at hificable.dk.

Hi-Fi Freaks See --> Maiken-Mia Holding Ltd (Audiolab, Focal, Densen, Kimber Kable, Marantz, Stax, Sumiko and Well Tempered Lab)

Hi-Fi Klubben See --> Audionord (ARCAM, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), Cambrigde Audio, Cerwin Vega, Classé, Denon, Goldring (headphones only), Lyngdorf, NAD and QED)

High End Sound
Distributes Amplifon, Moth Group, Opera and Unison Research in Denmark, Origin Live in Denmark and Norway, Trichord Research in Denmark and Sweden, Audio Static and Lamm Industries in Denmark, Norway and Finland, while they handle the distribution of Amazon, Living Voice, H. H. Mørch, Renaissance Amplification, Rossner & Sohn, Sonneteer, SOTA and Tri-Planar in the whole of Scandinavia .
Homepage: http://www.highend-sound.com
High End Sound, Oesterbakken 3, 9310 Vodskov, Denmark.
Tel: +45 98 29 24 48. Fax: +45 98 29 13 48. E-mail: info at highend-sound.com.

Home Theatre Professionals
Distribute Acoustic Zen, Barco, Bryston, Christie Digital Systems, Cinemateq, CineVersum, DVDO, Lexicon (home AV products only), MK Sound and Stewart.
Homepage: http://www.htp.dk
Home Theater Professionals, Tel: +45 27 281212. E-mail: info at htp.dk.

iFore Distribution
Handles the distribution of Buttkicker, Da-Lite and Faroudja in the whole of Scandinavia, Halcro in Denmark, Finland and Norway and Sim 2 Multimedia in Denmark.
Homepage: http://www.ifore.nu

Interceptor Audio
Distributes Bladelius Design, Cayin, Crystal Cable, Martin Logan, Siltech, Spark Audio, Thorens and Trigon Elektronik.
Homepage: http://www.interceptor.dk
Tel: +4827 7979. E-mail: info at interceptor.dk.

Handles the distribution of Tascam in addition to the professional range from Nagra Audio.
Homepage: http://www.kinovox.dk
Kinovox A/S, Marielundvej 29, 2730 Herlev, Denmark.
Tel: +45 44 53 3011. Fax: +45 44 53 3006. E-mail: kinovox at kinovox.dk.

LB Radio
Distributes Imerge.
E-Mail: info at lydogbolig.dk.

Distributes Eichmann and Rega.
Homepage: http://www.medlyd.dk
Medlyd, Blalersvej 63, 2990 Nivaa, Denmark.
Tel: +45 7025 3009. Fax: +45 4914 2963. E-mail: be at rega.dk.

McIntosh Nordic
Handles Balanced Audio Technology for the whole of Scandinavia, distributes Wadia and Jeff Rowland in Denmark and Sweden, Revox in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, in addition to handling Electrocompaniet and Sonus Faber in Denmark only. Company formerly known as McIntosh Associates.
Homepage: http://www.mcintosh.dk - Alternative homepage
McIntosh Nordic, Amicisvej 21, 1 sal, DK-1852 Frederiksberg C, Denmark.
Tel: +(45) 3325 8900. Fax: +(45) 3379 8910
Email: mac at mcintoshnordic.com

MJ Service & Agentur
Danish company that was active in distributing some high end brands locally and acted as a Danish sub-distributor for the high end audio products that Audionord handled for Scandinavia but htese days it seems that they only hadle the products of sister company to ZenSati. Run by & named after Mark Johansen.
Homepage: http://www.mjsa.dk
MJ Service & Agentur, Kirkevej 27, Blistrup, 3230 Graested, Denmark.
Mobile: Mobil +45 29 92 29 79. E-Mail: info /at& mjsa.dk.

Pablo Salg
Specialised distributor of professional audio and lighting products, handles Camco, Carver Professional, Countryman Associates, Nady, Nexo & Samson Audio.
Homepage: http://www.pablo.dk
Pablo Salg ApS, Silkeborgvei 901, Brabrand, 8220 Denmark.
Tel: +45 862 656 55. Fax: +45 862 652 65. E-mail: pablo at email.dk

PM Audio See --> P.M. Audio (Coda Technologies, Krix, Neutrik and Sanders Sound Systems

PS Audio
Danish distributor of Audience, Breuer Dynamic, BrionVega, Dynavector, Goldring, Luxman, Magnum Dynalab, McIntosh, Muse, Music Interface Technologies (MIT), Nagra Audio, SME ltd., Spectral Audio, Totem Acoustic, Transrotor, Vitsœ and Vivid Audio, in addition to handling Acoustic System International in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and Chapman Audio Systems, Verity Audio and Vibex for the whole of Scandinavia.
Homepage: http://www.psaudio.dk
PS Audio, P.O.Box 5, Fynsgade 13, DK-7400 Herning, Denmark.
Tel: +45 9712 1252. Fax: +45 9627 7699. E-mail: psaudio /at| mail.dk.

San Audio
Distributes SOTA.
Tel: +45 97333861. E-Mail: san-audio at post1.tele.dk.

Scandinavian Audio Systems
Distributes Nordost.
Homepage: http://www.sas-audio.dk
Scandinavian Audio Systems, Industrivej 30, DK-2605 Brøndby,DK 2605 Denmark.
Tel: +45 43 43 17 77. Fax: +45 43 43 17 67. E-Mail: erik at sas-audio.dk

Studiosound See --> Studiosound (Aether Audio, Amphion, Auto-Tech, Blue Jeans Cable, Earthquake, Oppo Digital and Quali-Fi)

Tape Connection
Distributes DLS and Monitor Audio amongst other products.
Homepage: http://www.tapeconnection.dk
Tape Connection, Europaplads 6, 8000 Arhus C, Denmark.
Tel: +86760806. Fax: +86130049. E-mail: mail at tapeconnection.dk

Distributes AMC. Creek Audio, DNM, Exposure, Fletcher Audio, Grado, Heybrook Hi-Fi, Jolida, Manley Labs, Nottingham Analogue, Parasound, Pro-Ject, Shahinian Acoustics and Snell Acoustics amongst other products.
Homepage: http://www.tekni-fi.dk
Tekni-Fi, Kingosgade 17, DK-1818 Frederiksberg , Denmark.
Tel: +45 3325 0620. Fax: +45 3325 1576. E-mail: post at tekni-fi.dk

Villadsen's Agentur
Generic wholesale of AV and other brown goods.
Homepage: http://www.vagentur.dk
Villadsen's Agentur, Østerbrogade 35B, 7620 Lemvig, Denmark.
Tel: +45 86 64 23 22. Fax: +45 86 64 23 88. E-Mail: tw at v-agentur.dk.

See also: Audioactive (Monolite), Hörning (Lowther), T.AA. Import (Cabasse, Mimetism & Stax), Audionord (Krell), Hinke (Soundcare - Superspikes, Soundmatters), Duet Audio (Bona, Elite, Jasmin & JungSon), High End Store Gerds (KEA Audio), JJ Audio Zest (Cardas), LC Audio (WBT), PL Audio (Viola), Vario (AVI) and Golden Age Music (PS Audio) .

Europewide distributors : Dynavector Superstereo, Hamburger Hi-Fi Import (CEC), HiFI Matters (Aurios), in and High End Store Gerds (KEA Audio).

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