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Gale See --> Audio Partnership

Galibier Design
USA based manufacturer of turntables.

Gallo See --> Antony Gallo Acoustics

Gamut Audio
Danish manufacturer of high end audio, makes CD players, amplification and speakers. Also makes active speakers under the AmpSpeaker name.

Gamut Audio distribution

Europe: In Belgium and Luxembourg by DSM Audio Consulting, in Finland by Hi-Fi Guru, in France by Audio Marketing Services, in Germany by Adiago, in Greece by Studio 17, in Poland by Audio System, in Spain by Werner S. A., in Switzerland by Audio Art and in the UK by Audio Reference.

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by Sensus, in Hong Kong by Sound Concepts, in Japan by Combak Corp. and in Thailand by 4D Digital Land.

The Americas & the West Indies: In Brazil by CD Audiophile Shop and on the USA East Coast by Gamut Inc while the West Coast is handled by Lombardi Sales.

Africa and the Middle East: In Iran by FM-Audio, in Israel by Audio Fidelity and in Turkey by Site Audio & Vision.

GamuT Audio ApS, Hedevej 20 A, DK-2680 Solroed Strand, Denmark.
Phone: (+45) 70 20 22 68. Fax: (+45) 70 20 22 67. Email: ole.christensen at

Galaxy Audio
USA maker of pro audio accessories.
Galaxy Audio 601 E. Pawnee Wichita, KS 67211, USA.
Tel: 800 369 7768 (USA). Fax: +316 263 0642.

Garrard See --> Loricraft (UK - High end Turntable Products) or Gradiente (Brazil - Brand owners)

Garrott Brothers
Australian manufacturer of pickups, also performs retipping and rebuild of carts.
Garrot Brothers, c/o Tivoly Hi-Fi Pty. Ltd., 155-157 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East 3123 Victoria, Australia.
Phone: +(03) 9813 3533. Fax: +(03) 9813 3108.

Distributed in Australia by Audio Dynamics, in Norway by Audioroyal and in Switzerland by Precide

Gary Clarke

Canadian gentleman, primarily an high end audio retailer with a store in Manitoba but also manufactures high end power and signal cables and interconnects under the 6sonsaudio brand.
6sonsaudio, 85 West Gate, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2C9, Canada.
Tel: +1 204 770 2341. Fax: +1 204 774 3102.

Gato Audio
Danish Manufacturer of high end separates and loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Belgium and Luxemburg by DSM Audio Consulting and in Hong Kong by Audio Exotics
Homepage: .
Gato Audio ApS, Marielundvej 28, DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark.
Tel: +45 40 95 22 05. E-Mail: hello \at\

GCM Services Inc.

Canadian business, primarily an internet services/web development company but as a side-line manufactures high end USB DAC's under the exaSound Audio Design, brand, the DAC unusually enough supports high rate DSD conversion .
Homepage: -- exaSound homepage
GCM Services Inc., 3219 Yonge Street, Suite 354, Toronto, Ontario M4N 3S1, Canada.
Tel: +1 416 273 2522. E-Mai: CustomerService [at]

GE See --> Thomson


Italian company that manufactures high end loudspeakers under the Rosso Fiorentino brand.
Distribution: In Canada and the USA by Avatar Acoustics and in Germany by WOD Audio
Homepage: .
GEA S.N.C, Via delle Acacie 3, 50012 Bagno a Ripoli, Firenze, Italy.
info !at!

Gekko See --> NCT

Gelaskins Inc
Canadian company that makes protectice skins for all kinds of CE devices including mobile audio products.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
GelaSkins Inc., 201-2738 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y3, Canada.
Tel: 1 888 435 2754 (Toll free, USA and Canada only) or +1 416 849 2440 (International).

Genesis Advanced Technologies
USA based high end loudspeaker manufacturer formed by some of the people behind Genesis Technologies but that company went bust in 2001, some of the models are very similar to older GT models the 7series from GAT is almost identical to the 700 series from GT etc. but they are not based on the same drivers though.
Distributed in Australia by Audio Connection and Simply Hi-Fi, in Austria by Roland Koller Home Cinemas, in Germany by Connect Audio, in Italy by Best Audio & Video, in Singapore by Absolute Sound Distribution, in Taiwan by Sound Art and in the UK by Premier Audio.
+1 206 762 8383.

Geneva (Music systems) See --> G-Lab GmbH

USA based manufacturer of digital recording equipment, originally founded in the UK in the latter half of the 90's.
Distributed in Sweden by POL Teknik

Genexxa See --> JWS International

George-Warren (Turntables) See --> Advance Sign & Engraving Inc.

German Maestro (Speakers & headphones) See --> MaestroBadenia

German Physiks
German maker of loudspeakers.
Distributed in South Korea by Audio Gallery and in the USA by Axiss Distribution

Germany Yarbo International (HK) Limited
Hong Kong based manufacturer of cables, interconnects and related products for hi-fi, AV and car audio usage, note that people get confused about the name of the company, the trademark is either Yarbo or Yarbo Audiophile, the name of the company is Germany Yarbo International .... and has nothing to do with the country of Germany.....
Distribution: In Japan by Yokohama Sound Trade
Homepage: .
Germany Yarbo International (HK) Limited., UNIT 1021, 10/F, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 5 Canton Road, TST Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 9434 4548. Fax: 852 2527 0888. E-Mail: yarbo AT

Gershman Acoustics
A Canadian maker of mid to high end loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Greece by MF Audio and in the UK by Select Audio.
Homepage: .
Gershman Acoustics, 1054 Centre Street, Suite 638, Thornhill, Ontario L4J 8E5, Canada.
Tel: +905 669 5994. Fax: +905 669 1941. E-Mail: gershman8632 at

Hadcock (Tonearms) See -->

Giersiepen GmbH
German company that manufactures high end lighting, security and communication cotrol equipment under the Gira brand, that includes installation and multiroom systems and controllers including units specifically designed to integrate with Revox systems.
Distribution: In Iceland by S. Guğjónsson
Homepage: .
Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG, Dahlienstrasse, 42477 Radevormwald, Germany.
Tel: +49(0)2195 60 20. Fax: +49(0)2195 60 21 91. E-Mail: info (at/

Gigawatt See --> Power Audio Laboratories (Power conditioners etc.)

Gill Audio Design
USA based business that manufactures valve based audio products including amplification and DAC's. Worldwide distribution handled by Art Audio.
Gill Audio Design, 4 Great View Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904, USA.
E-Mail: Davidgill +at+

Gingko Audio
USA based company that manufactures high end loudspeaker systems in addition to accessories such as acrylic dust covers for turntables and other hi-fi products, and mechanical vibration isolators.
Distribution: In Slovakia by Hanzel Audio and in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video
Homepage: .
Gingko Audio Inc., 7 Saddle Ridge Drive, Colts Neck, NJ 07722, USA
E-Mail: gingko `at`

G-Lab GmbH
Swiss company with a design office in Zürich and design & manufacturing factilities in Shenzhen, China. Manufactures of high tech music and AV systems under the Geneva brand, these range from fairly simple iPod dokcing systems to a home theatre system delivered in its own sideboard. Currently not available in the USA due to their former distributor owning the rights to the trademark over there.
Distribution: In Austria by Styria HiFi and in New Zealand by Denco Audio
Homepage: .
G-Lab GmbH, Schiffbaustrasse 10, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 (0)43 205 25 70 . Fax: +41 (0)43 205 25 72.

Glacier Audio
USA manufacturer of loudspeakers sold under the Gilmore Audio brand.
Glacier Audio LLC., P.O. Box 7668 Kalispell, MT 59904, USA.
Tel: +406 257 0145. Fax: +406 257 0116. E-Mail: info at

Glass Amplifier Company
USA based producer of high end valve amplifications, sometimes refereed to as Glass Audio.

Glenn Croft
UK based gent that makes valve based amplification under the Croft Acoustics brand.
Distribution: In Israel by Igal Sabo High End.
Homepage: .
Tel: +44(0)5601 639905. E-Mail: glenn &at(

US based DJ and club products maker.

Goertz See --> Alpha Core

Microphone manufacturer.
Gold High Science Electronic Co., Ltd., Diansheng yi qi Industrial Building, Xinping bei Road, Enping City, Guangdong Province, China.
Phone: +(0750)7714372 or 7710619. Fax: +(0750)7735203. Email: gold at

Golden Middle
Company based in St. Petersburgh in Russia, manufactures valve base audio such as amplifiers etc.
Email: goldenmidle at

Goldenote See --> Akamai Audio

Golden Sound
USA company makes ceramic isolation feet.

Goldmund See --> Digital Audio SA

Gold Peak Industries
Hong Kong based holdings company that owns GP Acoustics, GP Industries and other audio and AV related companies.
Gold Peak Industries. Gold Peak Building 8/F, 30 Kwai Wing Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2427 1133. Fax: +852 2489 1879. E-Mail: gp at

Goldpoint Audio
USA based company that manufactures audio accessories such as line attenuators.

UK based manufacturer of pickups, turntables and other vinyl related wares but has also more recently started to sell headphones. The company is part of the Armour Group group.
Goldring Products Ltd., 8 Greyfriars Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. England IP32 7DX.
Phone: +1284 701101. Fax: +1284 750040. Email: sales at

Distributed in Belarus by Medium, in the Czech Republic by Finale Audio, in Denmark by PS Audio (Pickups), in Denmark, Norway and Sweden by Audionord (Headphones only), in France by GT Audio, in Iceland by Einar Farestveit og Co, in Italy by Hi-Fi United, in Japan by Tosy Corp, in Norway by Mono A/S, in Poland by Grobel Audio, in Singapore by Electrades, in Sweden by Ljudtema, in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd. and in the USA by Music Hall Audio.

Gold Sky
Chinese manufacturer of budget consumer and professional loudspeaker systems but also has a range of AV electronics, note that link is to their USA subsidiary.

Goldstar See --> LG Electronics

Goobay (Accessories) See --> Wentronic

Goodmans See --> Harvard International (Budget audio & video products)

Gotham Audio
Swiss manufacturer of audio and video cables primarily intended for pro audio and installation usage.

German manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, cables and acoustic treatments, note that if it is to be written with English character only it's written as Goebel.
Göbel, Schabweg 4a, 82239 Alling - Holzkirchen, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)8141 22 55 887. Fax: +49 (0)8141 22 55 889. E-Mail: info at

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