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USA based company that manufactures active minimonitor for use with MP3 players etc and similar small loudspeaker models.
Distribution: In Italy by ProAudio Italia and in Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
Audioengine Corporation, 400 North First Street #303, San Jose, CA 95112, USA.
Tel: 877 853 4447 (USA Only), +1 408 221 6898 (rest of world). E-Mail: support at

Audio Engineering Associates (AEA)
A manufacturer of microphones and other recording accessories.
AEA, 1029 N. Allen Ave., Pasadena, CA 91104, USA.
Tel: +626-798-9128. FAX: +626-798-2378. Email: StereoMS at

Audio Epilog
Croatian high end audio manufacturer, we do know that they manufacture loudspeakers and distribute Monitor Audio and QED locally.
Audio Epilog, Tratinska 34, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Tel/Fax: +385 1 3821459 or 38 513 821470. Email: usaxy at or audio-epilog at

Audio Experience See --> YS Audio

Audio Group
British loudspeaker manufacturer, make home hifi and monitors speakers under the Heybrook name, budget models under the JPW name and in-wall and other "wife friendly" loudspeaker design under the Sequence brand. Also handle the worldwide distribution of Illusion Audio.
Homepage: - Heybrook homepage - Sequence homepage - JPW homepage
Distributed in Denmark by Tekni-Fi, in Estonia by Top Vox, in Switzerland by Lab Electronics and in Poland by Trimex. Sequence distributed in Spain by Lab Electronics España and in the USA by Sumiko. JPW distributed in Germany by Taurus High End, in Poland by EIC and in Sweden by Ljudtema.
Audio Group UK Ltd, Unit 4, Saltash Business Park, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6LX, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0) 1752 848816. Fax: +44 (0) 1752 847576. E-mail: contact at .

Audio Innovations See --> Audio Partnership

Audio International
USA based Company that manufactures, sells and installs brown goods and comms equipment for use in business aircraft.
Audio International, 7300 Industry Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72117, USA,
Tel: +501 955 2929. Fax: 501 955 2988.

AudioKinesis (Loudspeakers) See --> Francis E. LeJeune

Audiolab See --> International Audio Group

Audio Lab
Dutch speaker manufacturer.
Distributed in Malaysia by Atlas Hi-Fi and in USA & Canada by Artech Electronics.
Audiolab, Doniagaweg 20, 8535WD Follega, Holland.
Tel: +0513 431337. Fax: +0513 431377..

German maker of high end audio products both digital and analogue.

AudioLabo 47 See --> 47 Laboratory

AudioLimits Canada
Canadian company that manufactures passive pre-amplifiers, interconnects and power cables, also handles the Canadian distribution of Vista Audio.
AudioLimits, 10-8707 Dufferin Street, Suite# 369, Thornhill, ON L4J 0A6, Canada.
E-Mail: sales at and info at

Audio Linéaire
French manufacturer of high end audio products, prinmarily high effiency loudspeakers that they sell as kits as well as fully built.
Distributed in Germany by Audiotubes, in Greece by Velvet Audio and in Turkey by Extreme Audio.

USA based manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, company formed in 2011 but principal owner Karl E. Schuemann had traded under the same brand name for a since 2007 at the least.
Distribution: In Japan by Zephyrn
Homepage: .
AudioMachina Inc., 4632 Echo Circle, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA.
Tel: +1 970 412 1718. E-Mail: info &at&

Audio Magic Production
Danish producer of loudspeaker stands, hifi furniture, cables, isolation platforms and so on.
Distribution: The company handles distribution in Sweden and Denmark by itself while it is distributed in Belarus by Orionlight, in Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design, in Costa Rica by Salvador Grijalva, in Finland by Audist Oy., in Austria, Germany, Austria and Switzerland by B & T Hi-Fi Vertrieb, in Grecce by Orpheus Audio, in Hungary by Annex Trading, in Japan by Conduct Company, in Norway by Høium Data & Hifi AS., in Portugal by Art Audio, in Romania by Hi-Fi Expert, in Russia by Audiomania, in Slovakia by Hi-Fi Bazar and in Turkey by Mavi Hi-Fi Müsýk Sýstemlerý
Homepage: .
Audio Magic Production, Havnevej 57, DK-9670 Løgstør, Denmark.
Tel: +45 96 66 20 00. Fax: +45 96 66 20 01. E-Mail: info at

Audio Magic USA
Manufactures cables, interconnects and power conditioners.

Audio Marketing Services

French company that is primarily a distributor of high end audio, hi-fi and home theatre products but also manufacture low to mid end audio and HT interconnects and cables under the Positive Cable brand.

AMS is the distributor in Belgium, France and Luxembourg for Cyrus, Essential Audiotools, Mission, Roksan, Soundmatters, Sumiko, Target HiFi, TProgress and Vienna Acoustics while the company also handles the French distribution of Aeron, Gamut, Meridian and Pro-Ject.
Distribution: In Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A.
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage -- Positive Cable homepage (Undeveloped when this was written, a catalogue and price list is downloadable from the AMS homepage).
Audio Marketing Services, Positive House, 320 Za Des Nations, 94500 Champigny sur Marne, France.
Tel: +33 (0)1 55 09 55 50. Fax: +33 (0)1 55 09 55 59. E-Mail: Info [at]

Audio Master Corp
Taiwanese company that manufactures cables, interconnects and power conditioners, usually trades using the ATL brand.
Audio Master Corp., 2F, No. 543-1 Hsinfu Road., Hsin Chuang City, Taipei Hsien, 242, Taiwan R.O.C..
Tel: +886 2 29934570. Fax: +886 2 22795043. E-Mail: sales at


French manufacturer of amplification and digital to audio converters, the company is best known for their valve amplifiers but they also make transistorised phono preamps and DAC's. Company founded by Norbert Clarisse in 1992 but he has been making equipment under the Audiomat brand with his brother Denis since 1986 when they introduced an OTL valve amplifier to the market. Please note that the company does not hold out a homepage, the link below is to the Mutine company which handles the distribution of the Audiomat products outside of Europe and has the most complete set of information available on the brand and its products.
Distribution: In the Americas, Asia and Africa by Mutine, in Germany by H.E.A.R., in Portugal by Imaginaria and in Romania by In Auditu
Homepage: .
Audiomat SARL., 270 Chemin du Regage, 13112 La Destrousse, France.
Tel: +33 (0)4 42 72 21 97 or +33 (0)4 42 04 96 95

Italian company that manufactures digital and PC based audio test and measurement systems.
Distributed in France by Technology Science & Art and in Sweden by Golden Age Music.

French company that makes high end sources including DVD, CD and record players, also makes the Pierre Lurne tonearms.
Distributed in Denmark by Activ Hi-Fi, in Greece by Sonus Hi-Fi, in India by Sound of Music, in Sweden by Audio Concept and in Taiwan by Session Audio Research.

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