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CPS-Electronics See --> Chris Swinson

CP Sound
Loudspeaker manufacturer.
CP Sound, 901 Queener Road, Jacksboro, TN 37757, USA.
Phone : +(423) 562 3867. Email : sales at

Craig See --> Craig Electronics (Below), New Tech Industries, Craig (Defunct) and Bercor (Defunct)

Craig Electronics
USA based company that distributes low budget audio and karaoke products mostly souced from Asia.
Craig Electronics, 355 Ocean Blvd., North Miami Beach, FL 33160, USA
Tel : +305 682 0741. Email : newmanj165 at or lgarcia2 at

Crane Audio
British seller of home theatre loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Latvia by DVD Navigators
Homepage: .
Crane Audio, Enterprise House, Ocean Way, Southampton, SO14 3XB, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)870 444 1056.

Crankin'power See --> LKG Industries

Crayon Audio
Austrian manufacturer of high end amplification.
Distribution: In Austria by Andreas Friedl KG, in Monaco by Sound Galleries and in Sweden by Audio Concept
Homepage: .
Crayon Audio GmbH, Triesterstrasse 388-390, 8055 Graz / Steiermark, Austria.
E-Mail: office _at/

CR Developments
UK based manufacturer of amplification.
Distributed in Poland by Decibel Distribution and in Taiwan by Sound Art

Creaktiv See --> Audio Selection Creaktiv

Creative Sound Solutions
Canadian manufacturer of loudspeaker kits, although they also provide fully built units on a custom order basis in addition to bespoke loudspeakers. Also acts as the Canadian distributor of Adire.
Creative Sound Solutions, 44-31255 Upper Maclure Rd., Abbotsford, BC, Canada V2T 5N4.
Tel : +604 504 3954.

Creative Technology
Singaporean company that manufactures consumer computer, multimedia and personal audio products under its own name in addition to making pro-audio and musical instrument products under the Emu name. Creative also owns a host of other companies such as Cambrigde Soundworks and a couple of trademarks that are currently not in use such as Ensoniq.
Creative Technology Ltd, 31 International Business Park, Creative Resource, Singapore 609921.
Tel: +65 6895 4000. Fax: +65 6895 4999..

Credo See --> Kraske Electronics AG

UK based company with manufacturing factilities in China that makes mid & high end devices such as amps & CD players, also owns Epos Acoustics.
Distributed in Australia by Epoz, in Bulgaria by Audio Arte, in Canada by Europroducts Marketing, in Chile by AVTec, in Hungary by Amtron, in Mexico by Armonia AVM, in Poland by Audio System, in Slovakia by Platan Audio and in the USA by Music Hall Audio and in Danmark by Tekni-Fi.

Crestron (AV and install products) See --> Crestron Electronics

Crimson Products
UK Company founded by Brian Powell in the 70's as Krimson Electrik, originally sold cheap high power amplifier modules but today make mid/high amplification.
Distributed in Canada by Europroducts Marketing and in the UK by Virtual Reality

Crista Technologies
French mid/high end loudspeaker manufacturer that trades using the Muldine brand, run by designer Marcel Ratchet.
Crista Technologies, 10 rue Bronzac, FR-94240 L'Haÿs-les-Roses, France.
E-Mail : info at

Critical Mass Systems
USA manufacturer of hi-fi racks and isoltion products.
Distribution: In Israel by BG Sound
Homepage: .
Critical Mass Systems, 69 Windsor Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA.
Tel: +1 630 640 3814. E-Mail: criticalmasssystems |at&

Croft See --> Glenn Croft (2008 to Current) or Eminent Audio (Ca 1989 to 2007)

Crosley Corp.
Sells a variety of white and brown goods much of the Asian sourced, use Crosley Radio as a seperate brand for mostly nostagic audio products such as music systems with built in turntables, the company also sells LCD televisions under the Westinghouse Digital Electronics brand. Founded in 1976 and bought the Crosley trademark off Crosley Radio in 1977 but has no connection with the old company or Westinghouse for that matter.
Homepage: - Crosley Radio homepage
Crosley Corporation 675 North Main Street, P.O. Box 2111, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27102, USA.
Tel : +336 761 1212. Fax : +336 721 0685..

US maker of crossovers.

Cryo Audio Technology
Japanese manufacturer of cables, connectors, interconnects and other audio accessories, all cryogenically treated as the name suggests. Note that the company only trades in Asia, hence all their documents and webpages are only available in Japanese and since the writing on their products is in Kanji the only label you sometimes see on them in Roman letters is Super Cryo which people mistake for the manufacturers name, but it is actually one of their product lines..
Tel: +078 787 3838. Fax: +078 787 3839. E-Mail: cat (at-
Distributed in Singapore by X Audio.

USA based manufacturer of cables and interconnects.
Distributed in the UK by Angelsound Audio.
CryoParts, 2201 Long Prairie Road, Suite 107-PMB 398, Flower Mound, Texas 75022.
Tel : +1 877 849 0400. Email: sales at

Crystal Audio
Greek company that sells loudspeakers, cables and consumer AV products & accessories. Note that the company trades more often as Crystal Acoustics or Crystal AudioVideo these days than Crystal Audio.
Distribution: In Israel by Eurotal Tech and in Singapore by Eighteen 77
Homepage: .
Crystal Audio S.A., Aiantos 3A, Vrilissia, Greece.
Tel: +30 210 6134767.
Crystal Audiovideo Ltd, 19 North Street, Ashford, Kent TN24 8LF, UK.
Tel: +44 20 8133 7066.
Crystal Acoustics LLC, 8341 Cherry Lane, Laurel MD, USA.
Tel: +1 443 569 3569.

Crystal Cable
Dutch manufacturer of interconnects and cables.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Denmark by Interceptor Audio, in Finland by Highend Studio, in Israel by Sabo Audio, in New Zealand by Reference Audio Systems, in Norway by Audiofreaks, in Poland by Audio System and in the UK by Absolute Sounds.
Homepage: .
Crystal Cable BV, World Trade Centre Arnhem-Nijmegen, Nieuwe Stationsstraat 10, 6811 KS Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Tel : +31 26 353 9045. F : +31 26 353 9048. E-Mail : info at

Crystal Clear Audio
USA based manfacturer of cables and interconnects.
Crystal Clear Audio Cables, Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, California. USA
E-Mail : sales at

Crystal Cloud
English manufacturer of isolation platforms.
Crystal Cloud, Holly House, Alexander Lane, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1AG, England.
Tel : + 44 01702 302712. Fax : + 44 01277 260736. E-Mail : isolation at

CSE Corp.

Japanese company that manufacture high end power conditioners and power re-constructers for usage with home and pro audio systems under the CSE name, and make small valve based audio products and accessories under the Musica brand, these include amplifiers, phonographic preamplifiers, headphone amplifiers and USB DAC's.

The company started using the Musica brand in 2002 when it introduced an ioniser under the name and by 2004 had separated the product lines and websites of Musica and CSE, the company did also for a number of years sell power cables and related accessories.
Primary export agent for the company is Muson Project. Local distribution of both brands is handled in Singapore by X Audio. CSE is distributed in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Audio Extreme and in Taiwan by Star Power Int.. Musica is distributed in Russia by Metex and in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.
Homepage: -- Musica homepage -- Musica English landing page -- Musica blog (most postings are in both English and Japanese).
CSE Corporation, 2-102 Asakusa, Ogaki-city, Gifu, Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)584 89 7791. Fax: +81 (0)584 89 569. E-Mail: eigyou #at# and gizyutu (at(

CSS See --> Creative Sound Solutions

C.T.E. srl.

Italian company that makes high end audio products including loudspeakers, media servers and valve amplifiers under the Ulix brand.
C.T.E. srl., Via Santa Lucia 80, 10075 Mathi TO, Italy.
Tel: +39 011 5505560. Fax: +39 011 19835759. E-Mail: Info ,at,

Cue Acoustics
USA based company that makes consumer audio products including wireless loudspeaker systems and radio dock.

Curcico Audio Engineering (CAE)
US maker of valve amplifiers.

Curtis Furniture Co.
Company based in Evans Mills, New York State, USA that manufactures custom high end hi-fi and AV furniture to your specifications. The company also supplied loudspeaker cabinets to Meadowlark Audio for their top of the line models between 2001 and 2004, and when that company went bankrupt they handled the sales of their remaining stock.
Curtis Furniture Co. , 25465 Route 342, Evans Mills, NY 13637, USA.
Tel: +1 315 782 7363. E-Mail: curtisfurniture \at\

Curtis Joe Howard
USA based gent that runs an audio accessories webstore under the Audiophile Answers name and sells audio accessories under the Nerve Audio brand.
Distribution: Worldwide marketing of Nerve Audio products by May Audio Marketing while local distribution in Canada is handled by Liberty Trading
Homepage: -- Nerve Audio homepage.
Curtis Joe Howard, 822 SW 75th Way, Gainesville, FL 32607-4920, USA.
Tel: +1 352 333 7232 (Audiophile Answers) or +1 404 585 1129 (Nerve Audio). E-Mail: curtis &at& or audiophileanswers &at&

Custom Design
UK based manufacturer of hi-fi and AV furniture, loudspeaker stands and isolation cones, also handles the Sound Improvement Disc distribution n the UK.
Distribution: In Norway by Maxwell Import
Homepage: .
Custom Design (Newcastle), Unit 11, Bathstreet Industrial Estate, Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 3PH, UK.
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1912 62 46 46. E-Mail: sales /at/

Cygnus (High end loudspeakers) See --> Brückner+Melzer GbR

UK based maker of high end seperates formerly known as Onix.
Homepage: Restek hompage

British manufacturer of utility products for AV systems such a scalers, extenders and converters.
Distribution: In Greece by Acoustic Design
Homepage: .
CYP (UK) Ltd, Unit 6 Metro Industrial Estate, St. Johns Road, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 6NJ, UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8232 8842. Fax: +44 (0) 20 8560 8050.

UK based full line manufacturer of separates and loudspeakers in and around the mid price mark. Used to be called Mission but the loudspeaker manufacture and brand name was sold off (see Mission).
Distributed in Belgium, France & Luxembourgh by Audio Marketing Services, in Canada by Europroducts Marketing, in Israel by A. L. Audio, in Switzerland by Montana Audio Systems, in the United Arab Emirates by Dubai Audio Centre, in the UK by Audyus Distribution and in the USA by Source Systems

Cyrus Brenneman Audio
US based manufacturer of valve amplification, we have had no luck in getting info from the company through the years, but they are still trading as of summer 2011.

C37 See --> Ennemoser

C37 Sound Systems See --> IVEDIA

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