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Alner Hamblin Electronics
UK based company that manufactures amplifiers and power conditioners under their own name but is primarily an OEM, ODM and contract designers & manufacturers and have as such made products for a whole host of UK home and professional audio companies. The company was originally founded in 1977 by Dave Alner and Paul Hamblin, both ex-Radford and ex-Nytech Audio, the amplifier products sold by the company were previously available under the Veritas Horn Systems Ltd. brand, and finally the company is an approved LAB Gruppen service centre.
Alner Hamblin Electronics Limited, 3 Boultons Road, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 1RU, UK.
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)117 961 4239. E-Mail: info |at|

Alpha Core
US manufacturer of speaker components transformers, power supplies and cables, owns the Goertz cable brand.
Distributed in Thailand by 4D Digital Land.

Alpha Design Labs (DAC's, headphone amps & cables) See --> Furutech

Alpha Digital Technologies See --> Tara Labs

Alphason Designs Ltd.
British manufacturer that made it's name in the 80's as a producer of high end hi-fi products such as turntables and tonearms but has exited that market altogether and currently make only AV furniture, part of Armour Group but is run independently. Originally founded in 1975 by Michael Knowles.
Distributed in Finland by AV Komponentti, in Italy by Hi-Fi United, in Poland by EIC, in Sweden by HiFi Agenten and in Romania by Avitech.

ALR Acoustics
Manufacturer of loudspeakers, most of them are sold as ALR-Jordan.
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Dynamics, in Belgium and Luxembourg by DSM Audio Consulting, in South Korea by Audio Gallery, in Sweden by HiFi Agenten and in the UK by Überphon.
Homepage: .
ALR Acoustics, Am Schornacker 5, D-46485 Wesel, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)281/83 100. Fax: +49 (0)281/83 111. E-Mail : info /at|

Altai See --> Electrovision

Altec Lansing

USA based manufacturer of consumer audio products with production facilities in China, sells low end multimedia loudspeakers, docking systems, wireless speaker systems, audio accessories and headphones. Official homepage

Distribution: In Australia by Amber Technology

Altec Lansing Technologies Inc., Sorrento South Corporate Center, 9330 Scranton Road, Suite 600, San Diego, CA 92121, USA.
Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., 535 Route 6 and 209, Milford, PA 18337, USA.
Tel: +1 570 296 4434. Fax: +1 570 296 6887..

Altec Lansing/Sparkomatic history
Originally incorporated in 1953 as Sparkomatic Corporation and at first operated primarily as a local wholesale distributor of automobile aftermarket parts, by 1961 the company had started to sell products with their own Spark-O-Matic brand and the product line included aftermarket car transmission shifters and related automotive accessories such as tachometers and oil gauges. In 1968 the company branched into the car audio accessories business with a line of FM car radios, speakers and related accessories, primarily sourced from Asia. Remember that in the USA autos were normally sold standard with only a AM radio until the late 80’s, FM radio and cassette players were optional extras. By the mid 70’s the company had become better known for their car audio’s and accessories although they continued to sell other car accessories for a while longer but they changed their logo to the more familiar red log and dropped hyphens or spaces from the brand.

The Sparkomatic Corp. was at that time primarily a vendor of budget and low end products, with some that would be considered quite odd ball these days like the device that converted an 8 track into a quadrophonic unit, by the latter half of the 70’s it expanded again into the other car related accessories such as digital dashboard clocks and CB radios, the latter originally under the Sound Quake brand but after a year or 2 these were sold under the Sparkomatic name, a few years later it also attempted to go make some inroads into the mid-end with a new car audio brand called Amplidyne and added other products like radar detectors to the line-up in the mid 80’s. By the latter half of that decade their automobile accessories where folded into a new brand called “Kenco” and by the early 90’s they had exited the market segment altogether.

At the beginning of the 90’s the company entered the home audio market and created a new brand called Sennet or “Sennet Concepts” that in addition to being used on audio and home theatre speakers was also used on car audio speakers that where in a price segment higher than the Sparkomatic ones, this was not successful and thus short lived, the company continued in the home audio business tough but using the original brand, they opened up a design office in Israel in 1996 that focused on designing multimedia products but closed it down in 2001 and moved the operations to the USA.

In 2000 the company decided to purchase the Altec Lansing trademark from Telex, but the latter company had decided that its pro-audio division had too many trademarks and to focus on the Electro-Voice label, for Sparkomatic the purchase is understandable but the name had low end connotations in the USA in particular and people associated the brand with K-Mart (USA low-end supermarket chain), the name even had a slang sound-alike for the original Spark-O-Matic in the form of “Sparks and static” so the Altec Lansing name with its long history and technical innovations gave the company a new face to the public.

It began to brand products immediately under the AL name and in 2001 changed its name to Altec Lansing Technologies, even though Sparkomatic had only actually bought the rights to the name they teamed up with some former employees of the original Altec Lansing company and set up a professional audio division in Oklahoma City later that year (Oklahoma was AL’s original home town) but that operation was never profitable and was closed down by 2006. By this time the company was almost exclusively a manufacturer of multimedia products like computer speakers and had exited the other businesses in the latter half of the 90’s. The company was based in Milford, Pennsylvania since its founding but in 2011 moved its headquarters to San Diego in California although it is still listed in Pennsylvania and have some warehousing facilities in Milford.

Alternate Audio
US company, makes amplifiers, crossovers and planar magnetic speakers, including some hybrid models.

Althea Música
German manufacturer of high end audio equipment including valve amplification and turntables.
Distributed in Brazil by Tone Audio.
Althea Música, Am Briel 49, 78467 Konstanz, Germany.
Tel : +49 (0) 172 7443404. E-Mail : info at

USA based company, primarily a manufacturer of specialised networking products but has a small lineup of products intended for multiroom Audio and video distribution.
Distributed in Slovenia by E.I.S.
ALTINEX, Inc., 592 Apollo Street, Brea, CA 92821, USA.
Tel: +1 714 990 2300. Fax: +1 714 990 3303.E-Mail: sales at

Altmann Micro Devices
A German manufacturer of Jitter correction devices and DAC's.

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