Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in Austria.

Austria (Österreich, Austurríki)
Austrian pro-audio and MI distributors

Andreas Friedl See --> Andreas Friedl KG (Benz Micro, Bel Canto Design, Cardas and Crayon Audio)

AOS Audio Systeme See --> AOS (Scan-Speak drivers)

Audio Exclusive
Distributes Clearaudio, Audioplan, Dragster, Dynaudio, Kicker, Lovan, Morel Acoustics, Soundstream Technologies, Supra Cables and WBT.
Homepage: http://www.audio-exclusive.at
Audio Exclusive, Oberrudling 2, A-4070 Eferding.
Tel: +0676 707 2202. E-Mail: office at audio-exclusive.at.

Distributes Adam Audio, Cayin, Electrocompaniet, HMS Elektronik, Music Hall Audio, Phonar and all the Precide brands including Ergo, Oskar, Heil and Jenklin Float.
Homepage: http://www.audiophil.at
Audiophil Handelsvertretungen, A-1050 Wien.
Tel: +43 699 1 335 73 63. Fax +43 1929 12 56. E-mail: info at audiophil.at.

Audio Tuning
Distributes EuroAudioTeam (EAT), Imerge, Musical Fidelity, Ortofon (hi-fi products only), Pro-Ject, Russound, Snell Acoustics and Solid Steel amongst other brands.
Homepage: http://www.audiotuning.com
Audio Tuning, Margaretenstrasse 98, A-1050 Wien, Austria.
Phone: +431 544 8580. Fax: +431 5448580-33. Email: at.info at audiotuning.at.

Conceptas Anstalt See --> Conceptas Anstalt (Aurelia, AVM, Definitive Technology, Fone, Leedh and Transrotor)

Digital Professional Audio Vertribs.
Distributes Denon.
Digital Professional Audio Vertriebsgesellsch., Seeborkgasse 59, A-1160 Wien, Austria.
Tel: +01 4801006. Fax: +01 4857679..

Disco Store
Handles Glorius DJ, JB Systems, Numark, Ortofon professional audio products, Synq.
Homepage: http://www.disco-store.at
DISCO-STORE, Weiglgasse 16, AT-1150 Wien.
Tel: +43 (0) 1 895 63 55. Fax: +43 (0) 1 895 63 55 20. E-mail: disco-store at disco-store.at.

Fricco Referenz Audio
Austrian company that is primarily a high end audio dealer with emphasis on analogue and valve based products. Also handles the Austrian distribution of Almarro, Manley Labs, Nordic Concept, Orpheus, Red Wine Audio and Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur.
Homepage: http://www.fricco.com
Fricco, Treietstraße 56, A-6832 Sulz, Austria.
Tel: +43 (0) 5522 44641. Fax: +43 (0) 5522 44641-74. E-Mail: info at fricco.com.

Hans Lurf
Distributes Aurum Phonologue, Pioneer and Quadral.
Homepage: http://www.pioneer.at
Hans Lurf GmbH, Gorskistrasse 3, 1230 Wien.
Tel: +0 16 16 45 80. Fax: +0 16 16 45 80 59. E-Mail: info at pioneer.at.

Helmut Eichlinger GmbH
Austrian company that is primarily a high end retailer that operates under the Akustische Systeme name but does also distribute or act as a sole Austrian dealership for a few brands including Abacus Electronics, Acoustic Plan, AHP, Audionet, Consensus Audio Engineering, Fadel Art, Fast Audio, LUA, Music Tools, New Audio Frontiers, Padis and TMR Elektronik.
Homepage: http://www.akustischesysteme.at
Helmut Eichlinger GmbH., Stöberplatz 5, A-1160 Wien, Austria.
Tel: +43 (1)485 40 08. E-Mail: eichlinger _at_ akustischesysteme.at.

HK Electronics
Distributes ASW.
HK-Electronics, Helmuth Kollmann, Schulweg 4, A-05081, Anif.
Phone: +43 6246 76874. Fax: +43 6246 76874.

Ing. Gert Weber Handelsvertretung
Austrian company that handles the local distribution of Eagle Cable, ELAC, In-Akustik and Onkyo. No homepage.
Ing. Gert Weber Handelsvertretung, Triesting Wohnpark 33, 2524 Teesdorf, Austria.
Tel: +43 (0)2253 80320. Fax: +43 (0)6991 0168 919. E-Mail: gert.weber (at) aon.at.

Inntal Audio
Distributes Rega.
Inntal Audio, A-6170 ZIRL, Hechenbergweg 7, Austria.
Phone: +43 5125 63258. Fax: +43 5238 53224. Email: inntal-audio at utanet.at

Living Sound See --> Living Sound (Accuphase, North Star Design, Phase Tech, Shunyata and Viola)

Longtone Hi-Fi
Handles the distribution of Dezorel for Austria and Croatia in addition to distributing QED, Ringmat Developments and Soundstyle in Austia only.
Homepage: http://www.longtone.at
Longtone, Burggasse 114, A-1070 Wien Austria.
Tel: +431 523 7025. Fax: +431 523 702555. Email: hifi at longtone.at.

Progressive Audio Distribution See --> Progressive Audio (Furutech)

Roland Koller Home Cinemas
Distributes Genesis Advanced Technologies.
Homepage: http://www.homecinemas.at
Tel: +43 15 976 976. E-Mail: office at homecinemas.at.

Sonority Unterhaltungselektronik (Stax) See --> Sonority Unterhaltungselektronik

Styria HiFi
Austrian high end dealer and audiophile record store that acts as the local distributor for Advance Acoustic, Amazon, Artora, Audio Physic, Geneva, Finite Elemente, Horizontal 51, Modul, Tivoli Audio and Wireworld Audio.
Homepage: http://www.styriahifi.at
Styria Hifi HmbH, Mischekgasse 3, A–2320 Schwechat, Austria.
Tel: +43 1 4098787. Fax: +43 1 4098788. E-Mail: office &at; styriahifi.at.

TCG Handels (Audes, NAT Audio and ZU Audio) See --> TCG Handels

The Source Audiosysteme
Distributes Boston Audio Design and Leben.
Homepage: http://thesource.co.at
The Source Audiosysteme, Stumpergasse 38/17, AT-A-1060 Vienna, Austria.
Tel: +0043 676 355 62 35. E-mail: r_b at gmx.at.

Vienna Audiophiles
Distributes Agile and Manger.
Homepage: http://www.audiophiles.at
Vienna Audiophile Records & HiFi, Kettenbrückengasse 18, A-1040 Wien.
Tel: +43 1 865 33 17 24. Fax: +43 1 865 33 17 14. E-Mail: office at audiophiles.at.

Vogrin Datenprojektion
Distributes Soundmatters.
Homepage: http://www.av-vogrin.at
Vogrin Datenprojektion, Langgasse 114, A - 6830 Rankweil.
Tel: +43552246119-0. E-Mail: verkauf at datenprojektion.at..

WOD Audio See --> WOD Audio (Abbingdon Music Research)

Wolfgang Spatt Handelsagentur
Distributes Canton.
Wolfgang Spatt Handelsagentur, Siebenbürgengasse 53, A-9073 Klagenfurt-Viktring.
Tel: +43 664 3 52 34 23. Fax: +43 522 34 42 46. E-Mail: office at spattgmbh.at.

See also: Audio Consulting (Supravox), Audioplan (Distributes Gryphon, Jadis, Lovan & Sicomin), Berliner High End Vertrieb (Audience), Black Forest Audio (Silvaweld),B & T Hi-Fi Vertrieb (Audio Magic Production) and Gaudios.

Europewide distributors : Dynavector Superstereo, Hamburger Hi-Fi Import (CEC), HiFI Matters (Aurios), in and High End Store Gerds (KEA Audio).

Austrian distributors of professional audio, theatrical, lighting and musical instrument products

Ambient Recording See --> Ambient Recording (Aaton, Cinela, Koala, Lectrosonics, Reinhardt, Sound Devices, Voice Technologies and Zaxcom)

Distributor of pro-audio products handles Pearl Mikrofonlaboratorium AB, SQN, Haly-Tek, Peli, Tram, Audionics, VdB and Deneke amongst other brands.
Homepage: http://www.schmidton.com

X!Max Lautsprechertechnik (18 Sound) See --> X!Max Lautsprechertechnik

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