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Coby Consumer Electronics
American manufacturer and resellers of low end brown goods.

Coca-Cola See --> Polyconcept USA

Coda Technologies Inc.
USA based manufacturer of high end amplification.
Distribution: In Holland by YN Audio, in Italy by ProAudio Italia, in Scandinavia by P.M. Audio, in Slovakia by Platan Audio and in the UK by Metropolis Music
Homepage: .
Coda Technologies Inc., 8274 Mediterranean Avenue, Sacramento, California 95826, USA.
Tel: +01 916 383 3653. Fax: +01 916 386 8296. E-Mail: info at

Codex Novus
An USA based manufacturer of AV media servers.

USA based manufacturer of compund dynamic loudspeaker drives, in addition to making products using the drivers (bass boxes and subwoofers) and related products such as crossovers et..
Codrive, 1301 NW meyers Butte Road, Powell Butte, OR 97753, USA.
Tel: +541 447 4529. Tel: +541 447 5757. E-Mail: rc at

Coherent Acoustic Systems
South African mid/high end loudspeaker manufacturer that trades under the Vivid Audio brand, note that the company handles distribution itself for sub-Saharan Africa and the UK. Also distributes Atlas Cables in South Africa. Vivid Audio was formed in 2002 by Laurence Dickie who used to work for Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) where he designed the Matrix enclosures and the famous B&W Nautilus loudspeakers, and later worked for Blueroom Loudspeakers where he designed the Blueroom Minipod amongst other products..
Homepage: -- Vivid Audio blog

Coherent Acoustic Systems distribution

Europe: In Austria and in Switzerland by Robert Trunz Consulting, in the Benelux countries by Terrason Audio, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by RP Audio, in Denmark by PS Audio, in France by 0110 Audio, in Germany by Wilhelm Schulte-Niermann, in Greece by Acoustic Design, in Hungary by Double Reed in Italy by MPI Electronic, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Russia by Business Vector International, in Serbia by Art Audio Acoustic in Sweden by Caesar CD Distribution ..

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia and New Zealand by Reference Audio Visual, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Excel Marketing, in Japan by Stella Inc., in Singapore by X Audio, in South Korea by Audio Gallery, in Taiwan by Winkey Electrics and in Thailand by Deco 2000.

The Americas & the West Indies: In USA by On A Higher Note.

Africa and the Middle East: In Israel by Igal Sabo High End.

Vivid Audio (PTY) Ltd., PO Box 343, Kloof 3640, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.
Tel: +27 31 7054168 and +27 86 510 24 84. Fax: +27 31 7054167. E-Mail: info &at!
Vivid Audio Limited, 3 Marlborough Road, Lancing Business Park, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8UF, UK

Coincident Speaker Technology
Canadian manufacturer of valve amplifiers, speakers and cables.
Distributed in Australia by Fine Audio Int., in Canada by AudioToyz, in Greece by Music Lover, in Indonesia by Vokuz, in Israel by Audio Fidelity, in Malaysia by The Hi-Fi Shop, in New Zealand by MH Johnson Partnership, in Norway by Audio Art, in the Philippines by Audio World, in Singapore by Reference Audio, in South Korea by April Music, in Thailand by Movie and Music Lover, in Turkey by Extreme Audio and in the UK by Musicology.
Coincident Speaker Technology, 19 Strauss Road, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L4J 8C6.
Tel: +905 660 0800. Fax: +905 660 1114. E-Mail: iblume #at%

Cold Ray (Cones & resonance controls) See --> Ceratec

Colleen Wyckoff
USA based lady that makes a very sensitive full range coaxial loudspeaker under the Hammer Dynamics brand that was originally intended for use with valve based systems. Slightly unusual off axis full-range driver is really what makes this speaker special, the product is only supplied as a kit at the moment. Business originally started by her late husband John J. Wyckoff in the 90's but she took over after he passed away long before his tine in 2001 at only 45 years of age. You can get further background info on the product from the site and there is an old review to be found here.
Colleen Wyckoff, P.O. Box 1009, Magdalena, N.M. 87825, USA.
Tel: +505 854 2370. E-Mail: hopcanyon at or info at

Columbia See --> Denon

Combak Corporation
Japanese company that makes hi-fi accessories mostly using the Harmonix brand but also under the Enacom label, high end audio electronics under Reimyo name and loudspeakers under the Bravo brand. Company run by Kazuo Kiuchi.
Distribution: In the Benelux countries by Daluso, in Hong Kong by Sound Concepts, in Poland by Moje Audio, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore, in Switzerland by Montana Audio Systems, in the UK by Select Audio and in the USA by May Audio Marketing.
Homepage: .
Combak Corporation, 4-20, Ikago 2-Chome, Zusi-shi, Kanagawa-pref. 249-0003, Japan.
Phone: +(0468) 72 1119. Fax: +(0468) 72 1125. Email: combakjp at

Comply See --> Hearing Components

Composite Products LLC
USA based manufacturer of isolation platforms, hi-fi racks, shelves and cones.
Composite Products LLC, 2455 Old Middlefield Way, Suite S, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.
Tel: +1 650 967 4628. Fax: +1 650 967 4638..

Chinese manufacturer of multimedia and portable loudspeakers.
Compupal Corporation, No. 1555 Jiashan Avenue , Jiashan 314113, Zhejiang Province, China.
Tel: +86 573 466 9808, +86 573 466 9810 and +86 573 466 9823. Fax: +86 573 466 9785. E-mail: info at

Conceptas Anstalt

Company based in Liechtenstein that makes high end signal and power cables and interconnects under the O2A brand. The company also handles the distribution of Aurelia, Definitive Technology, Fone and Leedh in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland in addition to distributing AVM in France, Transrotor in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, LUA in Liechtenstein and Switzerland and Trigon Elektronik & Quadral in Liechtenstein and France. Note that the address below is correct but is a postal/legal address of owner, not an office location or retail front end. Company originally founded in 2008.
Distribution: In France by DEA International
Homepage: -- AVM France homepage.
Conceptas Anstalt, Im Pardiel 16, FL-9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein.
Tel: +423 794 6020. E-Mail: info(at)
Conceptas Anstalt Austria, Kolbengraben 3, 6833 Klaus, Austria

Concept Audio See --> Planet of Sound Hifi

Concept Audio Design See --> CAD Audio DK

Concert Fidelity See --> Silicon Arts Design

Connoisseur Definitions See --> Lyra

Conrad Electronic

Large German retailer and wholesaler of electronic goods, hobby products and electronic parts, traditionally a mail order retailer but also holds out 25 megastores in central Europe and has an internet presence in most of Europe.

Although primarily retailer of other companies products they do hold out a number of own brands although their own and non-branded products only constitute less than 1% of their total stock numbers. The most used is simply the Conrad Electronics name itself but in addition they use Mc Crypt and Renkforce
for consumer and pro audio products, Speaka that hey use on cables, loudspeaker drivers and speakers (primarily installation speakers), McBrown that gets used on musical instruments, Basetech that’s gets used on car audio, tools and lighting products, microcontrollers & development boards are sold under the C-Control name, test equipment under the Voltcraft name and hobby products under the Reely brand. The company has a great forum for technical questions and suchlike but sadly that appears only available in German.
Homepage: -- Conrad Electronic German homepage -- Conrad Electronic UK homepage -- Forum
Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus Conrad Strasse 1, D-92240 Hirschau, Germany.
Tel: +49 96 04 40 88 80. Fax: +49 96 04 40 86 60.
UK Tel: 0844 826 2850..

Conrad Johnson Design
USA based valve amplifier specialist.
Distribution: In India by Sound of Music, in Norway by Audiofreaks, in Poland by Audio Klan, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Spain by Signo Filarmonía, in Switzerland by Montana Audio Systems, in Thailand by Audio Excellence, in the UK by Audiofreaks and in Vietnam by Dong Thanh
Homepage: .
Conrad-Johnson Design Inc., 2733 Merrilee Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031, USA.
Tel: +1 703 698 8581. Fax: +1 703 560 5360.

Consensus Audio Engineering See --> Musiclink International

Consonance See --> Opera Audio

Constellation Audio
USA based manufacturer of high tech/high end audio electronics including amplification, music servers and phonographic preamps.
Distribution: In Japan by Stella Inc., in Scandinavia by Audionord AB, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore and in Turkey by SSD Ses
Homepage: .
Constellation Audio, 3533 Old Conejo Road, Suite #107, Newbury Park, CA 91320, USA

Continuum Audio Labs
Australian manufacturer of high end turntables and tonearms.
Distribution: In North America by The Signals Collection
Homepage: .
Continuum Audio Labs, 33 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia.
Tel: +61 3 9207 8000. Fax: +61 3 9207 8088.

Contour Design
USA based company that sells accessories for CE and computer products, that inclueds accessories for mobile audio products.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
Contour Design, Inc., 10 Industrial Drive, Windham, NH 03087, USA.
Tel: +1 603 893 4556. Fax: +1 603 893 4558. E-Mail: terryg )at)

Contrast Audio
Ukrainan manufacturer of high end loudspeakers.
Distribution: In the UAE by mmaasMedia
Homepage: .
Contrast Audio, Office 130, Radunska Street 3-A, Kyiv 02232, Ukraine.
Tel: +38 (0) 44 353 12 36.

USA based manufacturer of home automation products including multi-room audio and video controllers and servers.
Distribution: In Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul
Homepage: .
Control4, 11734 S. Election Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84020, USA.
Tel: 888 400 4070 (Toll free, USA and Canada only) or +1 801 523 3100 (Int.) Fax: +1 801 523 3199.

Convergent Audio Technology (CAT)
USA based manufacturer of high end valve amplifiers, run by designer Ken Stevens. No homepage, visit distributors homepages for product info.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Avantgarde Acoustic Hong Kong, in France by Fusion Acoustic, in Germany by Berliner High End Vertrieb, in Indonesia by Fineesse Audio, in Italy by Audio Gamma, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, in Switzerland by Audio iN and in the UK by Audio Reference.
Convergent Audio Technology, 85 High Tech Dr. Ste. D, Rush, NY 14543, United States.
Tel: +585 359 2700. Fax: +585 359 0797. E-Mail: catamps at

Other resources: - Page from a dealer local to CAT with info all current products.

CoolZET See --> Digital Cube

Copenhagen Design Labs ApS

Innovative Danish company that trades using the Artora brand, manufactures amplifiers that in addition to normal analogue and digital inputs feature Bluetooth inputs (up to 16 of them at once, no less) so allowing you to stream audio wirelessly from a MP3 player or a phone, in addition the company makes CD players and Blutooth adaptors for the iPod.
Distribution: In Austria by Styria HiFi and in Singapore by Eighteen 77.
Homepage: .
Copenhagen Design Labs ApS, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 11.4, DK-1553 København V, Denmark

Danish manufacturer of high end audio electronics such as amplifiers and CD/DVD players.
Distributed in Argentina by Star Audio, in Canada by Divergent Technologies, in Denmark by Audio Sale, in Poland by Audio Klan, in South Africa by Audio Tronic and in the UK by Absolute Sounds.
Copland, Ryesgade 25 D, 2200 København, Denmark.
Tel: +45 35 36 08 08.

Coph Nia
Swedish amplification manufacturer.
Coph Nia Amplifiers, Box 19121, 400 12 Gothenburg, Sweden.
E-mail: cophnia at

German manufacturer of hi-fi furniture, isolation platforms etc..
Distributed in Indonesia by Danumuri Adhika, in Singapore by X Audio and in the UK by Metropolis Music.
Copulare Tonbasenbau, Kleinweichser Strasse 12, D-94563 Otzing, Germany.
Phone: +49 9931 6490. Fax: +49 9931 73777. E-mail: info at

Coral Electronic Srl.
Italian company that manufactures loudspeaker drivers, car and marine audio products under the Coral and Target Audio brands, and home loudspeaker systems under the Indiana Line name..
Coral Electronic Srl., Corso Allamano 74, 10098 Rivoli, Italy.
Tel: +39 011 959 44 55. Fax: +39 011 957 23 55. E-Mail: info )at(

Corda See --> Meier Audio

Manufactures cables.
Distributed in Norway by Njál Hansson and in Sweden by Sennheiser AB

Cosmic See --> Ash Design

Cosmos Hi-Fi
Spanish company that manufactures high end power conditioners and similar products under the Vibex brand and holds out a hi-fi store & local distribution company under the Cosmos Hi-Fi name. Handles the Spanish distribution of AQVOX, Connoisseur, DaVinci Audio, DACT, Fletcher Audio, Heed Audio, Kiso Acoustic, Lyra, Nagaoka and Triology Audio Systems.
Distribution: In Scandinavia by PS Audio
Homepage: .
Cosmos Hi-Fi., Ronda De Alarcos 18, 13002 Ciudad Real, Spain.
Tel: +34 926 273127. Fax: +34 926 273206. E-Mail: info (at/

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