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Uesugi See --> TEAC or Uesugi Brothers (U*Bros)

UDG See --> Ultimate DJ Gear

Uher Group
Manufactures recording equipment for specialised applications, both analogue and digital. The current company is an amalgam of the Assmann Dictaphone company and the UHER Werke pro audio company.
Homepage: - UK Homepage
Distributed in Iceland by Inter

Ulix (Speakers, valve amps & servers) See --> C.T.E. srl.

UL Sound
South Korean Manufacturer of valve amplification.

US based maker of in-wall and ceiling loudspeakers.

Ultralink Cables
USA based cable and interconnect manufacturer, recently took over the XLO Electric company and now also sells similar products under that brand.
Homepage: -- XLO homepage
Distributed in Canada by Kevro, in Germany by WBS (XLO only), in Malaysia by The Experts Group Malaysia, in Singapore by The Experts Group and in Thailand by K. S. Sonsgroup.

German manufacturer of headphones.
Distributed in Portugal by Ajasom and in Slovakia by Platan Audio

Ultimate Sound
Car audio.
Distributed in Cyprus by P. Nikitas and in Finland by AH Hifisystems.

Italian high end manufacturer, has valve amplifiers, speakers, DVD and DVD-A players.

Ultimate Ears
USA based manufcturer of high end earphones, owned by Logitech.
Distribution: In Austria & Germany by Jochen Fischer and in Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
Ultimate Ears, 5 Jenner Street, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618, USA.

Uncommon Audio
USA based company that manufactures a bookshelf sized loudspeaker that features a single fullrange unit, very sensitive so designed for valve enthuast in mind.

Unichina See --> Zhongshan Unichina

Unison Research

Italian manufacturer of high end valve based Hi-Fi and turntables, took over the Opera loudspeaker manufacturer a few years back and have a product line of more modern style hi-fi products sold under the Unico brand. In around 2000 the company also offered a "budget" line-up of valve amplifiers sold under the Aria name.
Distribution: In Australia by Fine Audio Int., in Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design, in Croatia by Audio Art, in Denmark by High End Sound (Opera only), in Holland by Analogue Audio, in Iran by Audioart Reference, in Israel by Arama Audio, in Norway by Maxwell Import, in Portugal by Ajasom (UR only), in Poland by Decibel Distribution, in Saudi Arabia by Jeddah Audiophile Club (UR only), in Sweden by Golden Age Music, in Switzerland by Audio iN, in Romania by Hi-Fi Expert, in Thailand by 4D Digital Land, UK distribution by UKD and in the USA by Colleen Cardas Imports
Homepage: -- Opera homepage.
Unison Research, A.R.I.A. Advanced Research in Audio, via Barone, 4, 31030 Dosson di Casier (Treviso), Italy.
Tel: +39 0422 633547. Fax: +39 0422 633550.

USA based loudspeaker manufacturer.
Distributed in Poland by Rhythmica
Unisound Production Inc., 515 S. Palm Avenue, Suite #3, Alhambra, CA. USA.
Tel : +626 289 3738. Fax : +626 289 1228. E-Mail : info at

Low end consumer A/V brand, has some hi-fi products such as micro and mini systems.
Distributed in Iceland by Sjónvarpsmiđstöđin

Universal Electronics Inc.
USA based manufacturer of universal remote controls and other CE control units, these are sold under the One For All, Kameleon, Nevo and the Simpledevices brands in addition to being one of the larger OEM supplier of such. For support on older models of remote controls from the company take a look at this page.
Homepage: - Nevo Homepage
One For All and Kameleon are distributed in Finland by AV Komponentti while Nevo products are distributed in Finland by Solito, in Poland by Rhythmica, in South Africa by Homemation and in the UAE by Archimedia.

Universal Remote Controls
Manufactures uh.. universal remote controls.
Distributed in Greece by Acoustic Design and in Slovenia by E.I.S..

Universum See --> Quelle

Univocal Corp. See --> Aural Symphonics

Uptown Automation See --> Audio Toys Inc

U. S. Acoustics
Makes car audio amplifiers.

US Basic See --> Polyconcept USA

US Blaster
Dutch manufacturer best known for their car audio products but also has a line of PA, DJ and hi-fi products.
Distributed in Norway by BG Audio Import.
US Blaster B.V., Ampéreweg 18, 2627 BG DELFT, The Netherlands.
Tel : + 31 (0) 15 2516750. Fax : + 31 (0) 15 2516759. E-mail : sales at

Taiwanese manufacturer of high end loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems. Company was originally founded in 1972 as a repair shop called USHER Audio Technology but started manufacturing audio products in 1974, in the 70's products from this company where sold under the Marshal and MS brands but started marketing under the USHER brand in 1979.
Distributed in Israel by Sabo Audio, in Italy by Soundberry, in Norway Audioaktøren, in Poland by FAST, in Singapore by X Audio and in the UK by HiAudio.

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