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Please note that the services are not sorted into anything but alphabetical order, we are building an separate service index that will be available shortly and this listing here is purely for companies that only provide services. Companies and individuals that provide products as well are listed on the product pager and are not linked to from here.

Angela Wells
Primarily a specialised woodwind repair outfit although they also sell used instruments and used to make double reeds at one point.
Angela Wells, 12100 Montecito Road, #134, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, USA.
Tel: +1 909 702 7233. E-Mail: angela /at\

Chinese/New Zealand based company that is primarily a loudspeaker consultancy but also offers sourcing and design services for both loudspeakers and audio electronics. Run by Garry Lambert, former hed hocho of Lambert Audio and Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD).
Audéo, Room 604 Block 134, Alley 126, Changshou South Road, Ningbo, China.
Tel/Fax: +86 574 88139604. E-Mail: garry _at

Resources : Interview with Garry Lambert on AudioEnz

Clive Button Designs
British freelance MI electronics designer curently based in Bali, Indonesia that specialises in MI electronics, mostly guitar and bass amps but has also designed samplers, electronic percussion and synchronisers. You may remember Clive as the head designer of electronic pecussion pioneers MPC Electronics but after its demise he has worked for a number of MI manufacturers including Trace Elliot and Ashdown Engineering.
Tel: +62 812 384 7499. E-Mail: clive (at)

Cine Project
German company that offers design, bulding and installation services for any sort of visual projection setup, be that movie theatres, outdoor events or conferences etc. Although headquartered in Germany they have offices and agents all around the world. CP is partly owned by Ernemann.
Distribution: In India by GM Audiotechnics
Homepage: .
Cine Project GmbH, Sankt-Wolfgang-Platz 11, D-84032 Landshut, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)871 966 900. Fax: +49 (0)871 966 90 25. E-Mail: cp-muc _at_

Dan Alexander
USA based gentleman that trades as simply "Dan Alexander Audio" and is primarily a dealer in second hand guitars and studio equipment & parts alongside the occasional new gear, but does from time to time make custom products that interface older studio products to something more modern in addition to handling the odd restoration project.
Dan Alexander, 965 Hilldale Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94708-1438, USA.
Tel: +1 510 527 1411. E-Mail: dan ]at[

Delta Audio
USA company formed by ex-Shure Inc. service department personel, repairs most professional and home audio equipment but specialise in repairing IRP Professional Sound/AVM-IRP and discontinued Shure Inc. products, noticably they have stocks of and/or the ability to make spares for product that Shure itself will not touch.
Delta Audio, 7054 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60626, USA.
Tel: +1 773 764 3634 and +1 877 764 3634. Fax: +1 773 274 3534. E-Mail: info /at\ .

Dan J. White
Based in Nebraska, USA and trades as White Audio Designs, this gentleman performs repairs and installations of pro-audio gear.
Dan J. White, 447 N 9th St., Seward, NE 68434-1733, USA.
Tel: +1 4028904049.

Hans Deutsch Akustikforschung
Austrian acoustic & loudspeaker consultancy and design bureau, the company designs loudspeakers for Sound Magic GmbH that are sold under the Hans Deutch brand and designed the Bösendorfer Audio line of high end speakers, those are now available from Brodmann Acoustics..
Hans Deutch Akustikforschung, Oberplainfeld 19, A-5325 Plainfeld, Austria.
Tel: +43 6229 3271. Fax: +43 6229 2510. E-Mail: marlene.kogler at

inDSP Audio Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Company based in India with a German management team, specialises in developing embedded and DSP based audio solutions for industrial and OEM customers. The management team and the basis of their technology comes from the old CreamWare company.
inDSP Audio Technologies Pvt. Ltd., 55 Coles Rd, 3rd Floor, Frazer Town, Bangalore 560 005, Karnataka, India.
Tel: +91 80 40915344. Fax: +91 80 40915345. E-Mail: info "at"

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