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Taiwanese manufacturer of multemedia and budget A/V loudspeaker systems.

Emerson Radio
An US company that can trace it's history to the beginning of the twentieth century, nowadays it sells a variety of low budget Asian consumer products under it's own name and other old American brand names that it has acquired such as H.H. Scott.
Homepage: H. H. Scott homepage

Emillé Laboratories See --> Kwang Woo Electronics

Eminent Technology
USA based company that manufactures hybrid planar loudspeakers, tangential tonarms and VLF loudspeaker drivers. Company originally founded in 1982 by Bruce Thigpen (ex-Infinity), in the mid-90 the company made high end multimedia speaker and is one of the few that have attempted such, they featured stereo planar drivers mated to a normal subwoofer. ET also manufactured loudspeaker posts under the Edison Price brand up until about 2003.
Distribution: In Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore by HiFi Inn Audio Pte. Ltd., in Italy by ProAudio Italia, in South Africa by The Listening Room and in the UK by A&D Audio Ltd
Homepage: -- VLF driver homepage.
Eminent Technology Inc., 225 East Palmer Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA.
Tel: +1 850 575 5655. Fax: +850 224 5999. E-Mail: info *at*

EMM Labs
Manufactures professional audio products such as multi channel AD and DA converters, specialised in DSD/Bitstream technology.
Distributed , in Finland, Norway & Sweden by Audionord AB, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, in Spain by Werner S. A., in Thailand by Inventive AV and in Turkey by SSD Ses

Emotive Audio
USA based manufacturer of valve based amplification.

Malasian manufacturer of hi-fi furniture and stands.
Distributed in Sweden by Ljudtema

Empirical Labs
USA based manufacturer of professional audio equipment.

EMT Studiotechnik GmbH
German supplier of studio and broadcast products.
Distributed in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Audio Extreme, in Greece by MF Audio, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video and in the UK by Select Audio

EMTEC See --> EMTEC Magnetics (Germany, Defunkt, Ca. 1995 to 2005) or PDO

Enacom See --> Combak Corp.

Enerr See --> Audiothlon

Engelholm Audio
Swedish manufacturer of high end loudspeaker systems and pre-amplifiers.
Engelholm Audio, Trombgatan 1, SE-37151 Karlskrona, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)70 3976259. E-Mail: info [At]

ENG Vista

USA based company that is primarily an electronic engineering service offering prototyping, PCB design, safety evaluations and so on in addition to making transformers, and other power related parts. As a side-line manufactures phonographic pre-amplifiers under the Vista Audio brand. Company founded in year 2000 and from ca. 2006 to early 2013 the company also made a number of valve based integrated amplifiers, distributed audio products in North America and offered audio kits, primarily valve amps under the ENG Vista name.
Distribution: In Canada by AudioLimits Canada
Homepage: -- Vista Audio homepage.
ENG Vista Inc., 77-21 86th St., Ridgewood, NY 11385, USA.
E-Mail: info at or audio at

Manufactures lacquers for use on speaker cones etc., based in Austria.

Enrico Ricciardi Progettazione e Costruzione Acustiche ed Elettroacustiche
Italian company that manufactures loudspeakers and amplifiers under the Hypnocampus, Albedo and Cantico brands, acoustic absorbers and diffusers for home usage under the Exédra and Labirinti Acustici labels and cables for home and pro audio use under the Fluxus name.
Distribution: Acoutic treatments are distributed in France by Technology Science & Art
Homepage: .
Viale Campania 20, 20133 Milano, Italy.
E-Mail: info -at-

Ensemble Ag.
Swiss manufacturer of high end amplifiers, loudspeakers, power conditioners, isolation platfoms cleaning products and other accessories.
Distribution: In Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video and in the USA by Audio Arts (NY).
Homepage: .
Ensemble AG, P.O. Box 215, CH-4147 Aesch, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 61 461 9191. Fax: +41 61 461 9325. E-Mail: info ]at/

Entec See --> Lehmann Audio

Envouge 24
Manufactures high end turntables and valve amplifier, also acts as a local distributor for a number of high end products see: Envouge 24.

En-Wall See --> Dynamic Control

US maker of (mostly) home theatre speakers.

EOSS Labs.
USA based loudspeaker manufacturer.
EOSS Labs.,550 California Street, Suite 730, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA.
Tel: +1 415 956 0300. Fax: +1 415 956 3270, E-Mail: info at

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