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USA based multi-room specialist, makes amplifiers and specialised equipment for that market.
Distributed in Belgium by New Invor, in Malaysia by The Experts Group Malaysia, in Romania by Avitech, in Singapore by The Experts Group and in Slovenia by E.I.S..

Czech loudspeaker manufacturer, also handles the local distribution of Monrio.
Distribution: In Indonesia by Fineesse Audio, in Poland by Moje Audio and in South Africa by Extraordinary AV
Homepage: .
Xavian Electronics s.r.o., Wolkerova 2766 - areál MTH, 27201, Kladno, Czech Republic.
Tel/Fax : +420 312 687 087. E-mail : info at

Xhadow (Connectors) See --> The Signals Collection

USA based maker of multimedia loudspeakers.
Xhifi, Inc., 465 Pike Road unit 112, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-1621,USA.
Tel : +267 288 0199. Fax : 267 288 0198. E-Mail : info at

Xindak See --> Chengdu Xindak Electronic

Formally known as Guangdong Xingbao this Chinese company manufactures a range of low budget audio products.

Makes PC to Mini Disc connection hardware and software.

XLO See --> Ultralink Cables (USA - Current) or XLO Electric (USA - Defunct)

Xoro See --> MAS Elektronik

Xsymphony (Cables & interconnects) See --> Sunshine Insulated Wire Mfg. Corp.

Xtreme Cables LLC
USA based manufacturer of high end cables, interconnects and contact cleaning solutions.
Distribution: In Chile by MOR Audio & Video
Homepage: .
Xtreme Cables LLC, 33331 Ocean Hill Drive, Dana Point, CA 92629, USA.
Tel: +1 949 488 7662. Fax: +1 815 642 4124.

Swedish company that manufactures & sells mid and high end hi-fi, home theatre and computer audio products, the price range is quite wide with some products bordering on being in the budget class while the bulk of their product line hovers in the mid-range while some of their speaker products in particular go into the high end price bracket.
Distribution: In Greece by Location Sound, in Italy by Multimedia Digitale and in Russia & the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.
Homepage: .
XTZ AB, Gamla Nissastigen 19, 314 41 Torup, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)345 20049. Fax: +46 (0)345 20800. E-Mail: info }at{

Yakov Aronov
Russian born, but long time USA based gentleman, primarily trades as a general hi-fi repairs shop called Audio Service Center but also on a smaller scale builds valve amplifiers under the Aronov Audio brand, no homepage.
Audio Service Center, 7418 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA.
Tel: +1 323 935 1175..

Taiwanese transducer manufacturer, makes anything from earphones to big loudspeaker systems and has recently branched into audio electronics as well, and no, we have no clue as to why a Taiwanese corporation has a Japanese name.

Yamamoto Sound Craft
Japanese manufacturer of high end audio accessories and valve amplification.
Yamamoto Sound Craft Inc., 726 Sakaki-tyo, Ono-city Hyogo 675-1323, Japan.
Phone : +81 794 62 5655. Fax : +81 794 63 6405. E-Mail : shige-y at

Distributed in Canada by L'Atelier-Audio and in Turkey by Dinleti Music

Yamaha Corporation

Japanese compnay that is one of the smaller Japanese conglomerates and was until recently named Nippon Gakki (literally translates as Japanese Instruments). Makes all kinds of music related stuff from pianos to PA systems and some damn good hi-fi to boot. Took over the L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik company in 2007 and had prior to thaj taken over Kemble.
Homepage: - USA homepage -- Yamaha Electronics UK Homepage.
Distributed in Croatia by Audio Art, in the Czech Republic by K + B Expert, in Iceland by Hátækni (Audio & AV), and Pfaff (Pro-audio) and by Extón (PA systems), in Hong Kong by Dah Chong Hong Ltd., in Italy by Italaudio, in Hungary by Albacomp Computers, in Papua New Guinea by Keynote Music Houses, in Poland by Audio Klan, on Reunion Island by Fotelec (Musical instruments only), in Romania by Avitech, in Sweden by POL Teknik (Professional audio products only), in Turkey by Ertekin Elektronik and in Vietnam by Dong Thanh.

Yang Jing

Chinese gentleman that trades as "Matrix Electronics", manufactures headphone amplifiers, DAC's and external sound cards, but in addition to those two sites and distributors the company has been known to sell on auction sites such as Taobao and E-Bay .
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage
Yang Jing, A809, No.22 Fengcheng 2nd, Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shaanxi, China.
Tel: +86 (0)29 65693537. E-Mail:

Yaqin See --> Foshan Chancheng Yaqin Sound (Chinese - Valve based amps, CD Players and filters)

Yarbo Audiophile (Cables & connectors) See --> Germany Yarbo International

Chinese manufacturer of budget valve based amplifiers, note that the company's hompage is in Chinese only.
Distributed in Thailand by The Elegance Sound

Yayin See --> Youxing

YBA See --> Phlox Electronique

Yeil M&C Co.
South Korean business that is primarily a OEM manufacturer of metal parts, but also do manufacture isolation pods that use a patented magnetic levitation feature, in most cases the isolators are sold as Spike Sound Will but in some countries the products are distributed under the Magnetic Levitation brand (USA) and as LSU No Spikes (UK), LSU in that instance standing for "Levitation Support Unit", no homepage.
Distribution: In Canada by Divergent Technologies and in the USA by The Lotus Group.
Yeil M&C Co. Ltd., 576-6 Gwansan-Dong, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 412-804, South Korea.

YG Acoustics
USA based manufacturer of high end loudspeaker systems.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Croatia by Son Et Image, in Germany by WOD Audio, in Sweden by Audio Concept, in Turkey by SSD Ses and in the UAE by mmaasMedia
Homepage: .
YG Acoustics LLC, 4941 Allison St. Unit 10, Arvada, CO 80002, USA.
Tel: +1 801 726 3887. Fax: +1 303 420 0156. E-Mail: info (at(

YHC See --> Inmark Industrial

Yifang Digital
Chinese manufacturer of portable electronics, in addition to IT produts it includes media players and so on, primarily an OEM.
Homepage: -- Japanese homepage
Yifang Digital, Building # 22 and #23, Zone 5, Bai Wang Xin Industrial Park, Song Bai Road, Nan Shan District, Shenzhen 518108, China.
Tel: +86 755 27354999 (Exchange) or +86 755 27354741 (Sales). Fax: +86 755 86106140. E-Mail: sales _at_

Yindi (Speakers, microphones) See --> Shanghai Silver Flute Sound Co.

YL See --> Audio Note/Kondo

YMC Cassette Industrial See --> Inmark Industrial

Yoga Electronics
Taiwanese manufacturer of small transducers such as headphones and microphones. In addition to selling under the Yoga name they are a large OEM.
Distribution: In Indonesia by Tiga Negeri Music House, in Turkey by Ertekin Electronic
Homepage: .
Yoga Electronics Co. Ltd., 7F, No.8, Lane298, Xinmin Road Neihu, Taipei City 11470, Taiwan.
Tel: +886 2 27918211. Fax: +886 2 27921443. E-Mail: yoga1985 (at)

Yorx See --> GPX Inc.

Yoshiba Onkyo
Long running Japanese manufacturer of high end valve audio products, almost compleatly unknown outside of its home country.
Homepage: -- Yoshiba Onkyo Facebook page
Yoshiba Onkyo Inc., 1-14-15 Mine, Utunomiya Tochigi 321-0942 Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)28 637 3990. Fax : +81 (0)28 367 3963..

Yoshimura Sound Labs See --> Audio Note/Kondo

Ypsilon Electronics
Greek manufacturer of high end separates.
Distribution: In Germany by WOD Audio
Homepage: .
Ypsilon Electronics, 8 Ag. Athanasioy St., Peania – 19002, Athens, Greece.
Tel: +30 210 66 44 588. Fax: +30 210 66 44 812. E-Mail: info `at`

YS Audio
Hong Kong based manufacturer of high end valve amplifiers, started trading in 1988 and was named after it's founder Chui Yat Sang, but now mostly trades using the Audio Experience brand. Note that the company has also from time to time made bespoke valve based amplification and loudspeakers but all the references to such work on their homepage was in Chinese.
Distributed in Italy by The Analogue World and in the USA by Mavrick Audio.
YS Audio, Room 1308, 13/F, BLK C., Kai Tak FTY BLDG. 99-101 King Fuk St., San Po Kong, KLN, .Hong Kong.
Tel : +(852) 23818862. E-mail : infoat

Italian manufacturer of high end cables and acoustical treatments.
Distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds.

Yudafu (TV's, DVD's & other CE products) See --> Shenzhen Yudafu Electronic Co.

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