Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in USA and Canada - R to Z

U.S.A and Canada - R to Z.

Red Wine Audio (WLM) See --> Red Wine Audio

Reference Audio Mods
Distributes Audio Consulting.
Reference Audio Mods, 17255 Vista Del Lago, Riverside, CA 92503, USA.
Tel: +909 780 2869. E-mail: referenceaudiomods at yahoo.com
Reference Audio Mods East, 11845 Highland Drive, Warren, MI 48089, USA.
Tel: +586 944 5611. E-mail: referenceaudiomodseast at yahoo.com.

Robin Wyatt
Distributes Tektron.
Homepage: http://www.robyattaudio.com
Robin Wyatt, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA.
Tel: +001 917 991 5699. Fax: +001 212 791 6652. E-mail: info at robyattaudio.com.

Sakura Systems
Distributes 47 Laboratory.
Homepage: http://www.sakurasystems.com
Sakura Systems, 2 Rocky Mt. Rd., Jefferson MA 01522, USA.
Phone: +508 829 3426. Email: sakurastms at aol.com

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation
Distributes Australian Monitor, HHB, Klein & Hummel, Neumann, Rosendahl Studiotechnik, Sennheiser and Turbosound in the USA and Canada.
Homepage: http://www.sennheiserusa.com

Signals Superfi
Distributes Peak Consult and Stereovox.
Homepage: http://www.signals-superfi.com

Signature Audio
Primarily a high end dealer but also handles the distribution of Aural Symphonics in Canada.
Homepage: http://www.signatureaudio.com
Signature Audio, Ltd., 3025 Cambie St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5Z 4N2.
Tel: +604 873 6682. Fax: +604 873 2830. E-mail: ken at signatureaudio.com.

Smart Devices Inc
The USA distributor of Loricraft products.
Homepage: http://www.smartdevicesinc.com
SMARTáDevices Inc., P.O. Box 414, 101 Hollywood Hills Road, Clarkesville, GA 30523, USA.
Tel: +1 706 839 1528 (Local & international) or 800 457 6278 (Toll free, USA and Canada only). Fax: +1 678 349 0672..

Solen ╔lectronique
Distributes ATC, Audax, Audio Technology, Aura Sound, Eton, Fostex, Fountek, Hi-Vi Research, LCY, LPG, MAX Fidelity, Morel Acoustics, Peerless, RCF, SEAS, Silver Flute, and Volt in Canada in addition to distributing Visaton for the whole of North America.
Homepage: http://www.solen.ca
Solen Électronique Inc., 4470 Thibault Ave., St-Hubert, QC J3Y 7T9, Canada.
Tel: +450 656 2759. Fax: +450 443 4949. E-mail: solen at solen.ca.

Sonic Quest Audio
Distributes Klimo in Canada.
Sonic Quest Audio Ltd., 220-111080 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, B.C. V6X 1T3, Canada.
Phone/Fax: +1 604 303 7378.

Sound Advice
Distributes Esoteric Audio Research - Yoshino (EAR), Helius Designs, Jorma Design, Mårten Design and Townshend.
Homepage: http://www.ear-usa.comf

Soundcraft Canada
Distributes Soundcraft in Canada.
Soundcraft Canada, 9629 Clement La Salle, Quebec H8R 4B4, Canada.
Phone: +1 514 595 3966. Fax: +1 514 595 3970. Email: jeremy at soundcraft-canada.com

Sound Impressions
Distributes ASW in the USA.
Sound Impressions Inc., 2935 Harrisburg way, 80922 Colorado Springs.
Phone: +1 719574 0569. Email: soundimpressions at email.msn.com

Sound Organisation Inc.
USA based company that more or less specialises in distributing high end audio products in its home country, including Certon Systems, Chord, Dali, Naim, PMC, Quadraspire and Rega, .
Homepage: http://www.soundorg.com
The Sound Organisation, 11140 Petal Street, Suite 350, Dallas, Texas 75238, USA.
Tel: +1 972 234 0182. Fax: +1 972 234 0249. E-Mail: info at soundorg.com.

Distributes Audio Physic and Burmester Audiosysteme in the USA.
Soundquest LLC Tel: +212 731 0729. Fax: +212 731 0730..

Sounds Distribution
Distributes Ortofon DJ products in Canada.
Homepage: http://www.soundsdist.com
Sounds Distribution Inc., Toronto, Ont Canada.
Tel: +416 299 0665. Fax: 416 299 4416. E-Mail: sdinfo at soundsdist.com.

Soundsmith (Davis Acoustics) See --> Soundsmith

Sounds Of Silence
Primarily a high end retailer of hi-fi equipment based in New Hampshire. Also acts as the worldwide distributor for Vibraplane in addition to distributing Audio Note/Kondo, Nanotec Systems, New Valve Order, Ocellia and Teddy Pardo in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.soundsofsilence.com
Sounds Of Silence, 14 Salmon Brook Drive, Nashua, NH 03062, USA.
Tel: +603 888 5104. Fax: +603 888 2773.

Source Systems
USA based company that handles the local distribution of Cyrus, Lumin and M2Tech.
Homepage: http://pcaudiosystems.com
Source Systems Limited, 35 S Montilla, San Clementine, CA 92672, USA.
Tel: +1 949 369 7729. E-Mail: sourcesystems {at} cox.net.

Source Systems
USA based company that handles the local distribution of Cyrus, Lumin and M2Tech.
Homepage: http://pcaudiosystems.com
Source Systems Limited, 35 S Montilla, San Clementine, CA 92672, USA.
Tel: +1 949 369 7729. E-Mail: sourcesystems {at} cox.net.

Stanalog Audio Imports
Handles Sugden Audio Ltd..
Homepage: http://www.audioinflux.com
Stanalog Audio Imports Inc., P.O. Box 671, Hagaman, NY 12086 USA.
Phone: +518 843-3070.

Distributes CineVersum, Primare, Pro-Ject, Rel Acoustics, Sequence, SME ltd., Sonus Faber and Vienna Acoustics in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.sumikoaudio.net
Sumiko, 2431 Fifth Street, Berkeley CA 94710.
Tel: +0510 8434500. Fax: +0510 8437120. E-Mail: mail at sumikoaudio.net.

Tangram Audio
Distributes Audio Tekne, Pluto Audio and Schr÷der Tonarme in the USA and handles the distribution of ART Loudspeakers, Furuyama Audio Lab (FAL), Ikeda Sound Labs and Tron Audio in North America. Company is run by resturanteur and noted audiophile Yujean Kang.
Homepage: http://www.tangramaudio.com (note; their website has been down since late 2010 when this was written in April 2011)
Tangram Audio LLC., 3131 Piccolo St., Pasadena, California 91107, USA.
Tel: +1 626 689 8904. E-Mail: info &at)tangramaudio.com.

Taylor Marketing
Distributes Balanced Audio Technology in Canada.
Taylor Marketing Inc., 2958 145A Street, Surrey, BC Canada V4P1P7.
Phone: +604 531 7666. Fax: +604 531 6011

Taylor Sales Group
Distributes Soundcare in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.taylorsales.com
Phone: +413 772 6286. Fax: +413 774 7122. Email: spike at taylorsales.com

Texas Audio Products
USA distributor of Holfi.
Homepage: http://www.texasaudioproducts.com
Texas Audio Products, 2925 Ellington CT, Mckinney Texas 75070, USA
Tel: +972 542 3878.

The Quest Group See --> The Quest Group (Lyra)

The Signal Collection See --> The Signals Collection (Absoluta Sound & Space, Continuum Audio Labs, Davone, Klimo and Transmission Audio.)

TMH Audio
Worldwide distributor for K÷chel and NA distributor for Wavac Audio Lab, WHT, Pure Silver Connection and Miyabi in addition to distributing Manger in the USA only.
Homepage: http://www.tmhaudio.com
TMH, PO Box 751681, Dayton, OH 45475, USA.
Phone: +937 439 2667. Fax: +520 441 7418. Email: info at tmhaudio.com

USA distributor for Dynavector.
TOFFCO, 4600 McPherson AV, St. Louis, MO 63108-1917, USA.
Phone: +(314) 454 9966. Fax: +(314) 454 9965. E-mail: toffco-usa at yahoo.com.

Tone Imports
Dsitributes Auditorium 23, Euphya, Leben and Shindo Labratory, please note that last time it was cheked their website was down but that is believed to be a temporary inconvinience only. http://www.toneimports.com

Tony Minasian See --> Tony Minasian (AER, PHY-HP and Supra Cables)

Toronto Home of Audiophiles
Distributes SOTA in Canada.
Toronto Home of Audiophile, 100 Steels Ave. W, #22, Thornhill, Ontario L4J 7Y1, Canada.
Tel: +905 881 0101. Fax: +905 482 9981..

Canadian distributor of Acapella, Acoustic Zen, Basis Audio, Benz Micro, Cardas, Clearaudio, Dynavector, ELAC, Graham Engineering, Hovland, Joule Electra, Kuzma, Merlin, MSB Technology, Precide, Shakti Innovations, SPJ, Meadowlark Audio and Wilson Benesch.
Homepage: http://www.tricell-ent.com
Tri-Cell Enterprises Inc., 176 Monsheen Dr., Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Tel: +905 265 7870, 905 265 7870 or +905 265 7869. Fax: +905 265 7868. Email: vince at tricell-ent.com.

Twin Audio Video Inc.
USA based company that handles the North American distribution of ORB and Triode in addition to handling the distribution of the consumer product lines (AGS) from Nittobo Acoustic Engineering.
Homepage: http://twinaudiovideo.com
Twin Audio Video Inc., P.O. Box 681, Loma Linda, CA 92354, USA.
Tel: +1 909 954 2175. Mobile: +1 951 347 2732. Fax: +1 909 954 2176..

Ultra Systems
Distributes Audiodesksysteme Gläß in the USA, company usually trades as the Cable Company.
Homepage: http://www.fatwyre.com
Ultra Systems/The Cable Company, 125 Union Square, New Hope, PA. 18938, USA.
Tel: +(215) 852 4870. Fax: +(215) 862 4871, E-Mail: fatwyre at fatwyre.com.

VAS Industries
Distributes Aurum Cantus, AVM, Cayin and Nobility.
Homepage: http://www.vasaudio.com
VAS Industries, 1 Bethany Road Building 1 Suite 16, Hazlet , New Jersey 07730, USA.
Tel: +1 732 888 3288. Fax: +1 732 888 2988. E-Mail: vasaudio at comcast.net.

Venus Hi-Fi
Mainly a hi-fi shop but also handles the distribution of Final Labratory in the USA.
Homepage: http://www.venushifi.com
Tel: +1 517 881 7753. Email: info at venushifi.com

VMAX Services
Canadian company that has offices in the USA as well as its home country, handles the distribution of Amphion, Atohm, Audio Analogue, Hanss Acoustics, Hegel, Hifiman, L'art Du Son and Triangle in USA and Canada in addition to handling the distribution of NuForce in Canada only.
Homepage: http://www.vmax-services.com
VMAX Services,P.O. Box 570 Chazy, NY 12921, USA.
Tel: 800 771 8279 (Toll free, inside USA only) or +1 514 932 7786. Fax: +1 +514 931 8891. E-mail: info at vmaxservices.com
VMAX Services, P.O. Box 8, Montreal, QC H3Z 2T1, Canada.
Tel: +1 514 931 1880. Fax: +1 514 931 8891. E-mail: info at vmaxservices.com.

Westside Music and Cinema
Distributes Rives Audio in Canada, note webpage undeveloped at the time this was written.
Homepage: http://www.westsidemusic.ca
Westside Music and Cinema, 1000, 610-8 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P1G5i, Canada.
Tel: +403 538 2312. E-Mail: info at westsidemusic.ca.

Yama's Enterprises
Handles the USA and Canada distribution of My Sonic Lab, Nissha and Stax. The company also performs repairs of audio equipment in general using the Accutech name.
Homepage: http://www.yamasinc.com
Yama's Enterprises Inc., 16617 S. Nomandie Ave, Suite C, Gardena, California 90247-5457, USA.
Tel: +1 310 327 3913 (Distribution) or (310) 324 7406 (Repairs). Fax: +1 310 324 7422. Email: info at yamasinc.com (dist) or accutech at yamasinc.com (Repairs).

See also: Audio Oasis (Mark & Daniel - Canada), Avlex (Mipro, Superlux), Cardas (SPJ), CinemaSonics (J.P. Gurtner/Stellavox analogue products), Denon (Mission), Samson Audio (Zoom), Song Audio (Vasant K and Loth-X in Canada) and Wavelength Audio (Shelter, RS Labs & Yamamoto)

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