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Canadian loudspeaker manufacturer.


Hungarian company that manufactures high end loudspeakers, amplifiers and SACD/CD players.
Distribution: In the Benelux countries and Germany by Owl Audio, in Brazil by Áudio Uno, in France by Musikae, in Greece by The Music Box and in the UK by Alex Pilkington
Homepage: .
Etalon Akusztika Kft., Dér Utca 24, H-1028 Budapest, Hungary.
Tel: +36 1 275 70 95. Fax: +36 1 397 46 84. E-Mail: sl ,at,


Australian company that manufactures cables, interconnects and resonance control devices for the consumer market and high end connectors and sockets to the trade/OEM business. Company originally founded in 1999 by Keith Eichmann as "Eichmann Technologies International" and their products were sold under the Eichmann Express brand.
Distribution: In Canada by Europroducts Marketing, in Denmark by Medlyd, in Finland and Spain by Agentur Tur-Pex, in Germany by Audio Int'l, in Holland by ITC Home Theatre, in Hungary by Amtron, in Singapore and Malaysia by MusicLink, in Latin America by Audio Arte and in Thailand by Ultimatist
Homepage: .
ETI, 24 Harries Road, Coorparoo, QLD 4151, Australia.
Tel: +61 7 3324 1709. Fax:+61 7 3394 3258. E-Mail: info )at)

ETKG See --> Guang Zhou ETKG Co.

Etón Corporation
USA based company that sells portable consumer audio products, primarily radios including multiband models. Did for a number of years license the Grundig brandname and use in the USA and Canadian markets and still uses it on a few models.
Distribution: In Italy by Hi-Fi United
Homepage: .
Etón Corporation, 1015 Corporation Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA.
Tel: +1 650 903 3866. Fax: +1 650 903 3867.

A huge Korean company that manufactures everything from low end communications devices to high end AV equipment under their own name, make hi-fi and AV products for the local market using the Inkel brand and make low/mid end Hi-fi separates and an even broader range of home theatre equipment under the Sherwood brand that is the name they mostly use outside of their home turf. The company was originally founded as Shinbang Electronics Co., Ltd in 1978, changed their name to Haitai in 1988 and changed their name again to the current one in 2001. In addition to manufacturing AV products sold under their own brand they are also one of the larger AV OEM's out there, the company acquired Inkel in the early 90's and with that purchase got the Sherwood brandname which Inkel had acquired in 1980, their high end audio and AV manufacturing facilities are surprisingly enough mostly in Great Britain. Also manufacture computer equipment using the Targa brand.
Homepage: Sherwood homepage Sherwood USA hompage
Distribution : In Iceland by Rafgrein

Dutch speaker manufacturer.

Etymotic Research
US maker of hi-fi earphones.

French manufacturer of high end audio seperates, note that even though the company has had a web address since 2000 they have never had any content on it.
Distributed in the USA by Tone Imports.
Euphya, Technopole de l'Izardel, Bidart, VA 64120, Fance.
E-Mail : clientele at

Eurokits See --> Scheu

Euromet See --> Euromet (Projector mounts, fasteners stands etc.)

Evangelos Issichopoulos
Greek architect that that manufactures under the Racks Audio Design brand, makes high end audio and home theatre racks and other supports including cones, in addition the company handles the Greek distribution of Ayon Audio, Lumen White, Phase Tech, Vyger and WSS.
Evangelos Issichopoulos, Patriarhou Ieremiou 31, Athens – 11475, Greece.
Tel: +30 2106459608 Mobile: +30 6944697392. E-Mail: racksaudiodesign –at-

Eventus Audio
Italian manufacturer of high end laudspeaker systems.
Distributed in Germany by B & T Hi-Fi Vertrieb and in Hong Kong by Wise Sound Supplies.
EVENTUS Audio S.r.l., via Cuparelle 2, 82030 Limatola (BN), Italy.
Tel : +39 0823 4813 73. Fax : +39 0823 4849 33. E-Mail : info at

Everything But The Box
Bulgarian manufacturer of high end loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Israel by Sabo Audio
Homepage: .
Everything But The Box Ltd., 15 Hristo Popovich str., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria.
Tel: +359 89 6628386. E-Mail: info &at)

Evolution Acoustics

USA based manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, cables, interconnects and power cords under its own name and makes turntables and mechanical isolation products under the Wave Kinetics brand. EA also acts as a local distributor of high end audio products using the Blue Light Audio name, as such it handles the USA distribution of darTZeel and Playback Designs. Company founded in 2006 by Jonathan Tinn.
In Australia by Absolute Hi End and in Brazil by KVS3 Comercio de Audio e Video
Homepage: -- Wave Kinetics homepage -- Blue Light Audio homepage.
Evolution Acoustics LLC, 4160 SW Greenleaf Drive, Portland, OR 97221, USA.
Tel: +1 503 221 0465

Exact Furniture Ltd.
Canadian based manufacturer of AV furniture both intended for home usage and for use in office and educational institutions.
Distribution: In Canada by Middle Atlantic Products Inc.
Homepage: .
Exact Furniture Ltd., 33 Alex Ave., Unit #1, Woodbridge Ontario L4L 5X2, Canada.
Tel: 1 800 648 9125. (Toll free - USA and Canada only) or +1 905 856 8887 (Int.). Fax: +1 905 856 6344. E-Mail: sales %at#

ExactPower See --> ExactPower

exaSound (USB DAC's) See --> GCM Services

Excel Audio Systems
British manufacturer of monitors and similar loudspeaker products.
Excel Audio Systems, London, England.
Tel : +44 (0)20 8354 0820. Fax : +44 (0)20 8354 0834. E-Mail : sales at

Exclusive Acoustics
Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer.
Exclusive Acoustics, Chamerstrasse 172, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.
Tel : +41 844 400 400. Fax : +41 844 400 401. E-Mail : info at

Exédra (Acoustic treatments) See --> Enrico Ricciardi

Exemplar Audio

USA based company that manufactures high end amplification and cables in addition to offering Blu-Ray players based on modified Oppo Digital units. Company founded in 2001 by John Tucker.
Distribution: In New Zealand by Parmenter Sound
Homepage: .
Exemplar Audio LLC., 2909 95th Drive SE, Lake Stevens, WA 98258, USA.
Tel +1 425 334 4733. E-Mail: jtucker +at+

Expert Stylus
Makes specialised pickups and stylii for the playback of 78'rpm record also rebuilds and retips phonographic cartridges. No homepage. Expert Stylus, P.O. Box 3, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2QD, England.
Phone : +(0)1372 276604. Fax : +(0)1372 276147.

Loudspeaker manufacturer, also makes and sells tweeters based on the wonderful old Philips ribbon leaf units.
Homepage: Expolinear Elektroakustik, Badensche Straße 29, 10715 Berlin, Germany.
Phone : +49 30 8 73 94 54. Fax : +49 30 8 73 80 38. Email : info at

Makes high end amps & CD players, British company.
Distributed in Danmark by Tekni-Fi, in France by Comvergences, in Greece by Nick J. Laios, in Hong Kong by Richcoln Company, in Italy by Hi-Fi United, in Norway by Audio Art avd. Norsk Hi-Fi Center, in Poland by Decibel Distribution, in Spain by Pleyte Audio, in Thailand by Audiocom Group and in the USA by Bluebird Music

Extron Electronics
USA based manufacturer of switching and distribution products, mostly intended for the computer and broadcast markets but they do have product lines for the sound reinforcement market and a line of products intended for multiroom audio and video home installations.
Distributed in Iceland by Extón, in India by Sound of Music, in Romania by Avitech and in Slovenia by E.I.S..

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