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Here the idea is not to list all manufacturers of electronic, mechanical or electric parts but rather list those that either make devices specifically intended for AV electronics as in specialised silicon or components that are of a great interest to that field even if not specifically intended for it such as in the case of thermionic valves or high quality capacitors. In other words here go all manufacturers of audio devices not intended for end users but rather for producers of equipment, be that a multinational or a DIY hobbyist. A small number of companies are active in both manufacturing end user products and parts and in those cases they are either linked to from here or in the cases where they are distributed separately from the consumer lines they are listed both on this page and on the Hi-Fi & AV Manufacturers pages.

Acme Audio Labs
USA based company that manufactures high end AC connectors and "outlets", note that these are USA style only. Company run by Michael Brinkman.
Acme Audio Labs, 2480 McMillan Street, Eugene, OR 97405, USA.
Tel: +1 541 342 2378. E-Mail: contact /at]

Accuton See --> Thiel & Partner (Loudspeaker drivers)

Accu-Bell/Accutron (Reverb tanks etc.) See --> Belton

Acoustic Laboratory Endo (ALE)

Japanese manufacturer of high end loudspeaker drivers and horns better known by their initials or ALE or even ALE Acoustics depending on market, primarily makes compression drivers intended for horn usage. Note that their products are not intended for pro-audio use despite being all horns and compression drivers, but for high end, high effiency home hi-fi speakers, also please note that the company does not have a homepage, the one listed here is owned by their USA distributor.
Acoustic Laboratory Endo, 2- F, Azuma Building, 4-13-7 Sotokanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo-1010021, Japan.
Tel: +81 35 2969265..

AC Transformer Corporation
USA based manufacturer of power transformers, also does repairs and of custom manufacuring of such.
AC Transformer Corporation, 89 Madison St., Newark, NJ 07105, USA.
Tel: +973 589 8574. Fax: +973 589 3155. E-Mail: acinfo at

Acústica Beyma

Spanish manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers, horns and crossovers intended for use in pro-audio products, the company also has a car audio division that makes car/mobile audio amplifiers, filters (Crossovers) and loudspeakers. Their products are sold under the Beyma brand.
Distribution: In India by GM Audiotechnics and in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher
Homepage: .
Acústica Beyma S.L., Carrer del Pont Sec, 1c, 46113 Moncada-Valencia, Spain.
Tel: +34 96 130 13 75. Fax: +34 96 130 15 07.

A&D Audio
Hong Kong based company with production facilities in China, manufactures loudspeaker drivers primarily intended for PA applications but have a large variety, their products are sold both under their own name and as an OEM and ODM service.
A&D Audio, Unit 01,14/f, Block A, Kam Fung Court, Ma On Shan, Shatin, New Terretories, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 6284 9385. Fax: +852 2698 5060. E-Mail: ccleung %at%

A.E.B. S.p.A.
Italian company that is primarily an electronic hardware manufacturer, they do also though manufacture loudspeaker drivers and horns primarily intended for professional audio and installation usage that they sell under the 18 Sound brand and as an OEM.

A.E.B. S.p.A. distribution

Europe: In Austria, Germany and Switzerland by X!Max Lautsprechertechnik, in Bosnia & Herzegovina by AAP Electronic, in Bulgaria by Nat Ltd., in Croatia by A&V Oprema, in Finland by Steel Warrior Sound Works, in France by Technology Science & Art, in Greece by Phenomenon - Professional, in Holland by RSL & Partners, in Hungary by Pako, in Macedonia by Alfa Audio, in Norway by Lyd og Lys Norge AS, in Poland by Pol Audio and in Portugal by Acústica F. E. S..

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by Acoustic Technologies Electronics, in China by Guangzhou Perfect Sound Equipment Co., in India by GM Audiotechnics, in Indonesia by Ken's Audio, in Malaysia by Acoustic & Lighting System and on Reunion Island by Fotelec.

The Americas & the West Indies: In Argentina by Prind-Co, in Bolivia by I. E. E. Electronics, in Brazil by Spectral Balance, in Chile by Tonno Audio Center, in Ecuador by Banlow S. A., in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher, in Paraguay by Musical Instrumentos SA and non-exclusive distribution in Central America and the Carribean by Universal Music LLC.

Africa and the Middle East: In Angola by Leinunes Audio Comercial and in Israel by Malki Shmuel Electronics Ltd..

A.E.B. S.p.A., Via dell’Industria 20, 42025 Cavriago, Italy.
Tel: +39 0522 494402. Fax: +39 0522 494410. E-Mail: info (at)

AER Studienverlag GmbH

German company that makes high quality full range drivers that could be described as updated and better built versions of the old Lowther units. Very popular with horn builders and indeed some of their models shuld only be used in horn or horn loaded cabinets.
Distribution: In Canada by RL Acoustique,in Thailand by The Elegance Sound and in the USA by Tony Minasian
Homepage: .
AER Studienverlag GmbH, Böckingerstraße 24/1, 70437 Stuttgart, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)711 841077. Fax: +49 (0)711 3806720. E-Mail: aer !at!

Aitais Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Taiwanese manufacturer of audio video and RF connectors and cable assemblies that are sold under the Ace Connectors brandname, the company also has a small range of audio related accessories such as spikes. Company originally founded in 1973 as Rong Jin Hardware Processing Factory and was for a time known as Cheng Lu Enterprise Co..
Ace Connectors, 13, Alley 38, Lane 478, Sec. 1, An-Ho Rd., Tainan City, Taiwan.
Tel : +886 6 2456295. Fax : +886 6 2456265. E-Mail : sales at

AK Design See --> Playback Designs (DAC Modules)

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