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TP Radio
Danish high end loudspeaker manufacturer, their designs are active and are usually sold under TP Tube brand.
Homepage: - Alternate homepage
TP Radio, 37 Agenavej, DK-2670 Greve, Denmark.
Tel: +45 4390 6048. Fax: +45 4390 5207. E-Mail: sales at

TProgress (Hi-Fi seperates & accessories) See --> Audio 4 & C

Trafomatic Ltd.
Serbian manufacturer that is well known for their thorodial transformers but has more recently branched into the manufacture of valve based audio amplifiers and power conditioners.
Distribution: In Finland by Audio Shop Ratilainen, in Greece by Nexus Acoustics, in Norway by Moiz Audio, in Poland by Hi-End Studio, in Sweden by Akkelis Audio and in the UK by Ikon Audio Consultants
Homepage: .
Trafomatic Ltd., Andije Habusa 15, 11400 Mladenovac, Serbia.
Tel/Fax: +381 (0)11 8236 258. E-Mail: office at

Transcendent Sound
Makes valve amplifier kits etc., based in the USA.

Transcriptors Limited (2000)
Turntable manufacturer started by Michael Gammon in 2000, but Mr. Gammon is the son of the original founder of Transcriptors Limited, in addition to manufacturing a turntable the company also supplies spares for some of the original Transcriptors designs.

Trans-Fi Audio See --> Victor Patacchiola

Transfiguration See --> Immutable Music

Transient Design
Swedish company that manufactures high end turntables, they currently sell them under their own name but an earlier version of the table was branded Knaster, in addition they locally distribute Acoustic-Revive, AMR, B. M. C. Audio, Burson Audio, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Hifiman, Jelco, JohnBlue, Leben, Roberts Radio Ltd. and Tesslor.
Transient Design KB, Rörkärr, 441 92 Alingsås, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)322 18805. E-Mail: post at

Manufactures high end loudspeaker systems.
Translife GmbH , Industriepark 12, D-74706 Osterburken, Germany.
Phone:+49 (0) 62 91 6 43 10 34. Email: info at

Transmission Audio
Manufactures loudspeakers and other transducers based around a custom ribbon transducer technology.
Distribution: In North America by The Signals Collection
E-Mail: info at

Transparent Audio
USA based company that makes cables, interconnects and power conditioners, usually seen listed as Transparent Cable.

Distribution: In Australia by Audio Dynamics, in Cyprus by A. Th. Loizou & Son, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Italy by Audio Natali, in Japan by Axiss Corp., in Norway by Oslo Hi-Fi Center, in South Africa by Audio Tronic, in Sweden by Hi Fi Consult, in Switzerland by Montana Audio Systems, in Turkey by SSD Ses, in the UK by Absolute Sounds, in the United Arab Emirates by Dubai Audio Centre and in Vietnam by Dong Thanh

Homepage: .
Transparent Audio, 47 Industrial Park Road, Saco, ME 04072, USA.
Phone: +207 284 1100. Fax: +207 284 1101.E mail: transparent

German maker of high end record decks.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland by Conceptas Anstalt, in Brazil by KVS3 Comercio de Audio e Video, in Denmark by PS Audio, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Roksan Trading, in Holland by Monitor Audio Nederland, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, Italy by Hi-Fi United and in Poland by Grobel Audio.

US maker of custom monitors and monitoring systems, some of the ugliest speaker we have seen but apparently they sound good.

Trapez See --> Audiovector

TRC Development
Hong Kong based company that manufactures power conditioners for use with home hi-fi and AV equipment, sold under the Isoclean Power brand.
Distribution: In Indonesia by Fineesse Audio
Homepage: .
TRC Development (HK) Ltd, B-1307 Sea View Estate, 2-8 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2578 7813. Fax: +852 2887 1934. E-Mail: trchk ~at`

Trends Audio See --> ITOK Media Ltd.

Trenner & Friedl See --> Andreas Friedl KG

US based manufacturer of high end amplification and active loudspeakers.
Distributed in Singapore by X Audio

Tri See --> Triode

Loudspeaker manufacturer, makes mostly "architectural" or in wall speakers.
Distributed in New Zealand by Denco Audio.
Triad Speakers Inc., 15835 NE Cameron Blvd, Portland Oregon 97230, USA.
Phone: +800 666 6316 (USA Only). Fax: +503 256 5966.

Triangle Electroacoustique
French speaker manufacturer, manufactures mid to high end speakers and drivers.
Triangle Electroacoustique, 6 bd Jules Ferry, 02200 Soissons, France.
Fax: +(33) 3 23 59 80 81.

Distribution in USA and Canada by VMAX Services, in Finland by T. L. Audio, in Italy by BB Audio, in Norway by Maxwell Import, in the Phillipines by Designer's Collection Marketing, in Poland by Audio Klan, in Romania by Hi-Fi Expert, in Slovenia by Intek, in Singapore and Malaysia by Norman and in Thailand by Golden Sound (2001).

Danish manufacturer of antennas and similar products.
Distributed in Norway by Njál Hansson

Tributaries Cable
Cable manufacturer, actual company name is Gordon j. Gow Technologies.

Trichord Research
UK based manufacturer of amplification, cable, power conditioners, CD players and CD upgrades etc.
Distributed in Denmark & Sweden by High End Sound.

Trident (Acoustic panels) See --> Trident Audio

Trigon Elektronik
German manufacturer of high end seperates.
Distributed in Denmark by Interceptor Audio, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Roksan Trading, in France & Liechtenstein by Conceptas Anstalt, in Norway by Audioroyal and in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Audio Extreme

A German company that specialises in DAB products, including computer and personal audio devices.
Homepage: - Storefront

Trinnov Audio (Room correction & pre-amps) See --> Trinnov Audio

Trio See --> Kenwood

Japanese company that makes valve amplifiers, note that their products are usually marked by the shortened Tri, also make the Kiwame line of resistors much beloved by valve buffs.
Distributed in Italy by ProAudio Italia, in Russia by Hi-End Centre, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore and in the USA by Twin Audio Video Inc.

Triode Ljud
Swedish manufacturer of valve based amplifier kits, ljud is Swedish for sound in case you where wondering.

Triology Audio Systems
UK based company that manufactures high end valve based and hybrid valve/silicon based audio products under its own name and electric isolation and power conditioners under the Isol-8 brand.
Distribution: Isol-8 products are distributed in Germany by Connect Audio and in Spain by Werner S. A., while Triology branded products are sold in Spain by Cosmos Hi-Fi
Homepage: -- Isol-8 homepage.
Trilogy Audio Systems, PO Box 56402, London SE3 7WQ, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)20 8856 8856. Fax: +44 (0)20 8856 0616. E-Mail: nic &at%

A manufacturer of high end tonearms and related accesories.
Distributed in Scandinavia by High End Sound, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Roksan Trading, in France by Semelec, Germany by Active Audio, in Italy by Hi-Fi Italy, in Russia by Techno-M, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore, in Taiwan by Audio Vertex, in Vietnam by Dong Thanh and in the UK by Audiofreaks
Tri-Planar, 3611 Snelling Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA.
Tel: +(612) 623 0922. Fax: +(612) 623 0923. E-Mail: planar at

Tripoint Audio
USA based business that manufactures high end power conditioners and related accessories.
Distribution: In Hong Kong by Audio Exotics
Homepage: .
Tripoint Audio LLC,233 NW Goldcoast Avenue, Port St. Lucie, Florida 34983, USA.
Tel: +1 786 897 2975. E-Mail: info =at=

Dutch trading company, sells white goods and CE under the Tristar name and communication & IT products under the Topcom brand. Part of the Smartwares group.
Distribution: In Argentina by Newsan (Topcom only)
Homepage: .
Tristar Europe BV., P.O. Box 3189, 5003 DD  Tilburg, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0) 13 59 40 300. Fax: +31 (0) 13 46 70 610. E-Mail: sales ;at;

Tron Audio
Swiss based manufacturer of high end valve based amplifiers..
Distribution: In Hong Kong by Audio Exotics and in North America by Tangram Audio
Homepage: .
Tron Audio, Rue du Simplon 26, 1026 Renens-VD, Switzerland.
E-Mail: info #at)

Tron Electric
English manufacturer of valve amplifiers.
Distribution: In the UK by GT Audio.

Tru Audio (Installation & outdoor speakers) See --> SoundVision Technologies

True Dimensional Sound
US based manufacturer of cables and audio software.

Trutech See --> Target

Tsakiridis Devices
Greek manufacturer of high end amplification products, both solid state and valve based.
Distributed in Turkey by Dinleti Music.
Tsakiridis Devices, 12 Aristomenous Str., Athens 104 40, Greece.
Tel: +30 210 8253132. Fax: +30 210 8256014. E-Mail: admin at

A manufacturer of speaker cables, interconnects, antennas and related accessories.

TTE See --> TCL - Thomson Electronics

TT Micro AS

Norwegian trading company that makes DAC's and table top radios under the Pinell brand, the radios are DAB and internet streaming capable in addition to the more usual FM. The company also sells accessories such as DAB adapters under the Tiny Audio brand and Bluetooth enabled wireless audio products for home and car usage under the Supertooth name.
Distribution: In Australia by Maxmedia (Pinell products only)
Homepage: -- Pinell homepage.
TT Micro AS, Postboks 150, 0619 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: +47 22 74 88 40. Fax: +47 22 74 88 41. E-Mail: salg &at&

TTWeigts Audio See --> LJT Manufacturing

Tubaphon See --> Einstein

Tube Amp Company See --> Sintron

Tube Technology
UK based manufacturer of valve based seperates.
Distributed in Australia by Fine Audio Int.

Tube Trap See --> Acoustic Sciences Corp. (USA) or Acustica Applicata (Italy).

Turku TV See --> Finlux

Turntable Basics
Makes cartridge/tonearm accessories and sells all kinds of turntable related products.
Homepage: See --> Jonas Jakutis

TW Acustic
German manufacturer of turntables, pickup preamplifiers, pickup arms and horn loudspeakers.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Avantgarde Acoustic Hong Kong, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore and in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video
Homepage: .
TW-Acustic, Harkortstraße 62 f, 44652 Herne, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 2325 668484. Fax: +49 (0) 2325 668483. Mobile: +49 (0) 151 14135153. E-Mail: twacustic ]at[

German manufacturer of valve based amplification, most of their output is actually amplifiers intended for mucicans but they do have a line of home hi-fi products as well.
Twinsound, Postfach 1528, 21234 Buchholz i.d. Nordheide, Germany.
Tel: +41 83 97 57 40. Fax: +41 83 97 57 41. E-Mail: info at

Tyler Acoustics
USA based loudspeaker manufacturer.

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