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Bob Carver See --> Jade Design

Bocchino Technologies

Australian company that makes connectors, loudspeakers, cables, turntable weights and mechanical isolation products.
Distribution: In South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video

Bodnar Audio
Polish manufacturer of high end loudspeakers designed around a single full range driver.
Distribution: In the UK by Fidelity Art
Homepage: .
Bodnar Audio, ul. Obroki 130, 40-866 Katowice, Poland.
Tel: +48 501 236 412. info %%at

Bodyguardz (Protective skins and cases for media players) See --> NLU Products

Bodysonic See --> Wo Kee Hong (Budget audio & AV)

Boenicke Audio
Loudspeaker manufacturer based in Switzerland.

Bohlender-Graebener See --> BG Radia

Boland Acoustics
Company founded by Peter R. Boland in or around 1987 in the town of Waihi in New Zealand to manufacture loudspeakers. The company was one of a few small start-up audio companies that mostly made loudspeakers and related paraphernalia that got founded in the Waikato region after a large Pye/Philips plant closed down in 1986 leaving the area ripe with unemployed loudspeaker specialists, in fact the Boland Acoustics company purchased some tooling and assets from that plant. The only products we have seen from the company were the BX series of standmount speakers, these were very similar in external and internal design as British speakers had been a few years earlier, but we have heard of bookshelf and large high end models from the company as well.

The company stopped manufacturing speakers in 1998 when the owner suffered a serious a health problem, but after Mr. Boland recovered he continued the operation of the company but on a smaller scale with no serial manufacture of speakers, but the they do make custom designs and repair loudspeakers and drive units including models from other manufacturers, and have specialist knowledge and parts for the repairs of products from other NZ speaker manufacturers. Not to be confused with USA based video equipment manufacturer Boland Communications.
Boland Acoustics, 48 Bradford St., Waihi 3610, New Zealand.
Tel: +(07) 863 6956. E-Mail:  peter (at)

Bolzano Villetri
Italian manufacturer of high end loudspeakers.
Distributed in France, Germany and the UK by Yorina Overseas, in Russia by Nirovision and in Taiwan by Star Power Int..
Bolzano Villetri SRL.,via Nicola Piccinni 5, 20131 Milano, Italy.
E-mail: info at

Bona Industrial Co.
Chinese manufacturer of high end cables and connectors, no homepage or valid address found. Distributed in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Draw East Audio & Video Trading, in North America by Century Audio and in Scandinavia by Duet Audio

Bongiorno Designs See --> Spread Spectrum Technologies (Current) or Bongiorno Designs (Defunct)

Bonnec Audiosysteme
German manufacturer of high end seperates.

US based maker of headphone boosters.

British full line maker of mid to high end audio with emphasis on home theatre and multiroom installations. Markets it products under the Meridian brand and also sells media servers and controllers under the Sooloos name with some of their distributors treating that as a seperate brand. Originally founded in 1875 by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd.
Distributed in Croatia by Media Audio, in Denmark by Audiophil ApS, in Finland by Highend Studio, in France by Audio Marketing Services, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Hong Kong by Excel Marketing, in Iran by Audioart Reference, in New Zealand by Denco Audio, in Norway by Hi-Fi Huset, in Portugal by Ajasom and in Singapore by Absolute Sound Distribution.

Border Patrol
USA based manufacturer of high end amplification, originally based in the UK but moved in mid 2005.
Distributed in Mexico by Audiomex and in Turkey by Dinleti Music

US maker of speakers and AV systems, has a cult like following in the USA and UK but is considered to be somewhat gimmickry by many.
Distributed in Greenland by Grønlands Radio Center, in Macedonia by D. T. Kodi, in Malaysia by Atlas Hi-Fi and in Singapore by Atlas Hi-Fi.

Boston Acoustics
A long running USA based maker of low to mid end speakers, been a part of the D+M Group group since 2005 and in turn owns Snell Acoustics which they bought off Audionord in 1996.
Homepage: Alternative Homepage.
Distributed in Cyprus by P. Nikitas, in Germany by Boston Acoustics Deutschland, in Hungary and Poland by Horn Distribution, in Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul and in Switzerland by DKB Household Switzerland

Boston Audio Design
USA based manufacturer of isolation products.
Distributed in Austria by The Source Audiosysteme, in Australia by Decibel Hi-Fi, in Belgium and Holland by Crusade Audio, in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Konus Audio, in New Zealand by Reference Audio Systems, in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia by Audio Note Singapore, in South Korea by Damino Sound Tecnology, in Swden by Subas Audio Marketing, in Thailand by General Express International and in the UK by Select Audio.
Boston Audio Design, 49 Appleton Street, Arlington, MA 02476, USA.
Tel: +1 617 869 2623 . E-Mail: austin at

US based maker of valve amplifier kits.
Bottlehead Corp., PO Box 2786, Poulsbo, WA 98370, USA
Tel: +(360) 662-1386. Fax: +(360) 662-1387. Email: bottlehead at

USA maker of high end amplification and DAC's, need a 1000 W amp for your bedsit ? This company can and will supply.
Distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Germany by B & T Hi-Fi Vertrieb, in Russia by Qvinta, in Spain by Signo Filarmonía and in the UK by Metropolis Music.

Bow Technologies
Danish high end manufacturer, makes amplifiers and CD players, company founded by Bo Christiensen.
Distributed in Croatia by Media Audio

Bowers & Wilkins

UK based company that normally trades as simply B&W and makes some really good loudspeakers + a line of headphones as well. Occupies the whole spectrum from fairly cheap speakers to outrageously priced monitors intended for classical recording studios. Originally started as hi-fi store in Worthing in the late 40's, the company started making loudspeakers in 1966 and has been in the front line of English audio manufacturers ever since.
Homepage: -- USA homepage
Distributed in the Czech Republic by Eurostrar Ostrava, in Cyprus by Modestou Sound & Vision, in Denmark, Norway and Sweden by Audionord, in France by B&W France, in Holland by B & W Loudspeakers Nederland, in Hungary by Annex Trading, in Macedonia by D. T. Kodi, in Malaysia by The Experts Group Malaysia, in Poland by Audio Klan, in Singapore by The Experts Group, in South Africa by Audio Tronic, in the UAE by Archimedia, in Vietnam by Dong Thanh and in Yugoslavia by Korato.

Box Furniture Co. (Racks & platforms) See --> Anthony Abbate

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