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Klang Manufaktur (High end cables) See --> Manuel Löffler

Klang Und Kunst
A German manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, their name translates to something like "Sound & Art" and that is no overstatement their speakers are visually stunning and not as dear as some such products we have seen recently, not cheap either though.

Swiss company that is primarily a high end audio retailer but does manufacture high end loudspeakers as well and handles the local distributions of Manger loudspeakers.
Distribution: In the Benelux countries by Terrason Audio, in Monaco by Sound Galleries and in Taiwan by Session Audio Research
Homepage: .
Kangwerk GmbH, Wieslergasse 6, CH-8049 Zürich, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 (0)43 818 44 90. Fax: +41 (0)43 818 44 91. E-Mail: info at

Klaudio See --> Koolance (Record cleaning machines)

KLH See --> Lavcon

German manufacturer of high end audio electronics.
Dipl. Ing. D.Klimo GmbH, Pestalozzistrasse 5, D-72762 Reutlingen, Germany.
Tel: +49 7121 23662. Fax: +49 7121 230066. E-mail: info at

Distributed in Canada by Sonic Quest Audio, in the Benelux countries by Durob Audio, in the Czech Republic by High End Audio Studio, in France by Next Audio, in Greece by Orpheus Audio, in Italy by Suono E Communicazione, in North America by The Signals Collection , in Norway by Audio Media, in Spain by Audio Crisel, in Sweden by Svalander Audio and in Taiwan by Sonance

Klinger Favre

French manufacturer of loudspeakers, both intended for home audio and for studio applications, in addition the company also manufacture DAC's, loudspeaker cables, power cords, interconnects, amplifiers and CD cleaning products. Company originally founded on the 17th of November, 1977 by Jean-Jacques Bacquet and was during the 80's primarily known as a manufacturer of studio monitors.
Distribution: In France by Musikae and in Germany by Audiostones
Homepage: .
Resources: The Speaker Wizard A French documentary about Jean-Jacques Bacquet and the Klinger Farve company, available on DVD from the link. An excerpt from the documentary is available on Youtube.
Klinger Favre SARL, 8 rue Richardville, 88100 Saint-dié des Vosges, France.
Tel: +33 3 29 56 35 70. Fax: +33 3 29 55 49 88. E-Mail: klinger.favre =at=

American manufacturer of loudspeakers, famous for their horn speakers that they have been producing since the 50's, but much of their current line-up seems to consist of sound reinforcement products. Bought bought the Mondial company in late 2000 and manufacture amplifiers using that name and home theatre electronics using the Aragon brand. Took over the Audio Products Int. group in 2006 and a few years earlier got hold of the Danish JAMO loudspeaker manufacturer.
Distributed in Denmark by Audio Sale, in Italy by MPI Electronic, in Norway by Audiocompaniet, in Poland by Horn Distribution, in Russia by Hi-End Centre, in South Africa by Homemation and in Sweden by Netto Direkt. Aragon products distributed in Japan by TEAC.

Klutz Design
Swedish company that makes headphone stands and a listening chair, a unit specially designed to allow long listening sessions without having the large backs that usually lessen sound quality due to reflections. In addition the company acts as the Swedish distributor of Bakoon Products and Trenner & Friedl.
Distribution: In Sweden by Audio Concept
Homepage: .
Klutz Design AB, Stövarvägen 23, 174 41 Sundbyberg, Sweden.
Tel: +46 738 45 0103. E-Mail: info &at%

Klyne Audio Arts
USA based manufacturer of high end audio electronics.

Knoll Systems (Multiroom and AV install products) See --> Pacific Sound & Signal Inc.

German manufacturer of phonographic related accessories such as cleaning machines, sleeves etc..
Distributed in Finland by AV Komponentti and in Portugal by Exaudio.
Knosti Phono Zubehör Vertriebs GMBH. Gewerbering, D-86666 Burgheim, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)8432 94 87 0. Fax: +49 (0)8432 94 87 30. E-Mail: info at

Japanese manufacturer of high end MC pickups and tonearms, founded in the 70's by the late Yoshiaki Sugano, no homepage.
Distributed in Belgium by Multitrade Belgium, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Roksan Trading, in the Czech Republic by Finale Audio, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Italy by Audio Natali, in Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore by Koetsu South East Asia, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, in Poland by Grobel Audio, in South Africa by The Listening Room, in Spain by Werner S. A., in Russia by Hi-End Centre, in the UK by Absolute Sounds and in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.

Japanese manufacturer of high end power conditioners and power cables sold under the Kojo Technology brand.
Distribution: In Singapore by X Audio
Homepage: -- Storefront.
Kojo-Seiko Co.,Ltd., Tel: +0172 44 4560. Fax: +0172 44 4753.

Kolin Group
A Taiwanese group of companies that manufacture a range of consumer electronic good under a variety of names including Syntax, also owns the Kolin-Denon Entertainment distributor, Arestech Electronic and Digimedia Technologies. Founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of televisions but moved into the manufacturing of white goods and electronic components in the 1970's, company name means roughly "song of the forest".
Homepage: - Phillipines homepage

Kolton Technology
USA based company that sells lifestyle headphones under the V-Moda brand.
Kolton Technology, 2920 Durand Drive, Los Angeles, California 90068-1908, USA.
Tel: +310 691 8021 or +1 888 866 3252..

Kondo See --> Audio Note/Kondo

Chinese maker of consumer AV electronics.
Homepage: - Television Homepage

Konus Audio Systems
Loudspeaker manufacturer based in Bosnia-Herzegovina, is also the European rep for 47 Laboratory and the local distributor of Boston Audio Design.
Konus Audio Systems, Alipasina 45-A, 71000 Sarajevo.
Tel: +387 61 171641. Fax: +387 33 201066. E-mail: info at


USA based company that is primarily a manufacturer of water cooling equipment for computers but has a sideline in making record cleaning machines that they sell under the Klaudio brand.
Homepage: -- Klaudio homepage
Koolance, 2840 W Valley Hwy N, Auburn, WA 98001, USA.
Tel: +1 253 249 7669. Fax: +1 253 249 7453.

Kora Electronic Concept
French maker of high end amplifiers, DAC's and power blocks.
Distributed in Norway by Audioaktøren, in Romania by In Auditu, in Spain by Werner S. A. and in Sweden by High-Fi Consult.

Serbian manufacturer of high end amplification, both valve and silicon based. Also acts as a local distributor of a number of brands, see: Korato.
Distributed in Greece by Nexus Acoustics, in the UAE by mmaasMedia and in the UK by A Audio Marketing.
Korato Group, Milesevska 66, 11000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Tel/Fax: +381 11 2402 342. E-mail: korato at

Korea Toptone
Korean manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers.

Long running USA based headphone specialist, although they did for a time venture into loudspeaker manufacture. Other consumer electronic products sold under the Koss brandname are actually not made or sold by this company but the result of licensing deals, see Hagemeyer N.V. and GPX Inc. for instance. Took over Addax Sound Company in 2003.
Distributed in Brazil by Waldman, in the Czech Republic by Eurostrar Ostrava, in France by Algam, in Germany by Sound Magic, in Iceland by Rafgrein, in Israel by Adar Marketing and in New Zealand by Pudney & Lee. Non-exclusive distribution in the Caribbean and South & Central America by Consolidated Music Export Inc.

Kostax Metaxas
Australian high end manufacturer, makes mostly amplifiers, electrostatic speakers and cables but has some DIY and pro audio products as well. Formerly known as Metaxas Audio Systems (MAS) and was based for some of it's lifetime in London, England although originally formed in Melbourne in 1981, prior to the formation of the company proper, Mr. Metaxas hand made some products under his own name in Heidelberg, Germany. The current company offers full service and upgrades for older MAS products.
Kostas Metaxas,1460 Woodend Rd., Romsey 3434, Victoria, Australia.
Tel/Fax: +613 99236481. E-Mail: metaxas at

Kouri Denki Co. See --> Leben

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