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Q Acoustics See --> Armour Group

Q Audio
USA based manufacturer of hand made loudspeaker cables and interconnects.
Q Audio, 2817 18th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820, USA.
Tel: +1 916 457 7946. E-Mail: info &at$

QED See --> Armour Group

Qinpu See --> CHPO

Q-link (Cable & accessories) See --> Elofer

QLN Acoustics
Swedish loudspeaker manufacturer.
QLN Acoustics, Box 27, SE-31121 Falkenberg, Sweden.
E-Mail: info at

USA based manufacturer of music servers, including 2 channel and multiroom capable models.
Distribution: In New Zealand by Feed Back Audio and in Singapore by Sound Decisions
Homepage: .
Qsonix, 3541 Old Conejo Road, Suite 115, Newbury Park, CA 91320-6315, USA.
Tel: +1 818 332 9504. Fax: +1 818 584 8998.

Quad See --> International Audio Group

Quad Musikwiedergabe
This German company bought the tools and the rights to manufacture the ESL-57 electrostatic speaker and the Quad-II valve amplifier from the original Quad company, also supplies spares for those 2 products, services all other Quad products and acts as the German distributor for the current Quad lineup.
Phone: +49 (0)261 38824. Fax: +49 (0)261 38172. Email: quad.ger at

German loudspeaker manufacturer, was one of the pioneers in the manufacture of Transmission Line speakers but now makes a wide range of models intended for use in home audio or AV from the low end to the high end, also has a brand of speakers called Aurum Phonologue. Also acts as the German distributor of Real Cable.

Quadral distribution

Europe: In Austria by Hans Lurf, in Belarus by Mintekhpromzentr, in Belgium by New Invor, in Bosnia by FIS, in Croatia by ESTEC, in Cyprus by Supersound Trading, in the Czech republic by K + B Expert, in France & Liechtenstein by Conceptas Anstalt, in Greece by Schneider Hellas, in Holland by Actual Acoustics, in Hungary by Albacomp Computers, in Italy by Italaudio, in Latvia by Referenz Studio, in Lithuania by JSC Genrita, in Malta by Mosta Electronic Centre, in Norway by Foto Phono, in Poland by EIC, in Portugal by Delmax, in Romania by Audio Bronx, in Russia by Russian Game, in Slovenia by Audioton, in Spain by Grup Strand 87, in Sweden by Teleton, in Switzerland by Sacom AG, in the UK by Axcelle, in Ukraine by Planeta Audio, in Yugoslavia by Dayens.

Asia & the Pacific: In Hong Kong by Audio Supplies Company, in Indonesia by Aurora, in Japan by Network Japan Corp. and in South Korea by SuYoung Electronics.

The Americas & the West Indies: N/A.

Africa and the Middle East: In Israel by Avdor Systems, on the Ivory Coast by Hifivoir, in Namibia by JAC-MAT, in Syria by Wattar Trading and in Turkey by PanPA.


English manufacturer of hi-fi furniture.
Distribution: In Australia by Synergy Audio Visual, in Finland by AH Hifisystems, in Monaco by Sound Galleries, in Norway Audioaktøren, in Poland by Audio System and in the USA by Sound Organisation USA.
Homepage: .
Quadraspire Ltd, 305 Kelston Road, Bath BA1 9AB, United Kingdom.
Phone: +44 (0) 1225 333360. Fax: +44 (0) 1225 338083. Email: qsales at

Quali-Fi (Loudspeakers) See --> Respons ApS

Quali Service
Danish manufaturer of high end speakers and crossovers etc.

Quantum Resonant Technology
USA based manufacturer of power conditioners, formerly "Quantum Products".
Distributed in Australia by Stolmack Audio, in Germany by Connect Audio and in the USA by Nat Distribution
Quantum Products, Inc., 943 Euclid Street, Suite A, Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA.
Tel: +310 394 4488. Fax: +310 859 5563. E-Mail: info at

Loudspeaker manufacturer, originally started in 1994 in France but currently located in Houston, Texas, USA.

USA based manufacturer of valve amplification.
Distributed in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Audio Extreme, in Mexico by Armonia AVM, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound and in South Africa by The Listening Room.

Quiet (Loudspeakers & valve amplifiers) See --> Audio 4 & C

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