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Epiphany Audio
USA based loudspeaker manufacturer.
Distributed in Indonesia by Danumuri Adhika.
Epiphany Audio, 628 S. Maple, Spokane, WA 99204, USA.
Tel: +509 838 6497. Fax: +509 838 2962. E-mail: info at

Episode (Multiroom systems & speakers) See --> WirePath Home Systems

Epos Acoustics
UK company that manufactures loudspeakers, production factilities are in China, the company is owned by Mike Creek who also runs Creek Audio. Epos was formed after Creek bought the rights to the Epos name from TGI in 1999.
Distributed in Australia by Epoz, in Bulgaria by Audio Arte, in Canada by Europroducts Marketing, in Denmark by Tekni-Fi, in Hungary by Amtron, in Mexico by Armonia AVM, in Poland by Audio System, in Slovakia by Platan Audio and USA distribution handled by Music Hall Audio.

Epoz PTY Ltd.
Australian company with manufacturing factilities in China, makes an active loudspeaker systems with an iPod dock under the Aktimate brand, also acts as the Australian distributor of Creek Audio and Epos Acoustics.
Distribution: In Mexico by Armonia AVM and in Sweden by Audio Concept
Homepage: -- Aktimate homepage.
Epoz PTY Ltd., P.O.Box 258, Belrose, NSW 2085, Australia.
Tel: +61 2 9450 0789. Fax: +61 2 9475 4255. E-Mail: info /at/

Epson (Projectors) See --> Seiko Epson Corp.

Equilibrium (Speakers & cables) See --> Audiothlon

E R Audio

Australian manufacturer of electrostatic loudspeakers and hybrids as self build kits, the company also offers repair and upgrade kits for classic electrostatic loudspeakers and sells loudspeaker components on the web. Company founded in 2006 by Robert Neil Mackinlay but he had been selling electrostatic loudspeaker kits since 1993 as a sole trader using the "E R Audio" name and in the late 90's was the main designer behind the VASS Electronics line of electrostatic loudspeakers.
E R Audio Pty Ltd., 546 Brookton Highway, Roleystone, WA 6111, Australia.
Tel: +61 (0)8 93976212. Fax: +61 (0)8 94961546. E-Mail:

Ergo See --> Precide

Polish manufacturer of mid & high end loudspeaker systems for hi-fi and home theatre usage.
Distribution: In Scandinavia by Agentur Tur-Pex
Homepage: .
ESA, 5 Jontka St, 04-823 Warszawa, Poland.
Tel. +48 601 69 21 48. Tel/Fax +48 22 615 50 01. E-Mail: biuro:at&

Escalante Designs
A manufacturer of loudspeakers.
Distributed in Spain by Signo Filarmonía.

ESE Lab See --> ESE Lab

ESI (High end soundcards & converters) See --> ESI

Esoteric See --> TEAC

Esoteric Audio
US company that sells home hi-fi and AV cables under its own name and cables and accessories for car audio under the names Tiff Electronics, Streetwires and Goldquest.
Distributed in France by Hamy Sound.

Esoteric Audio Research-Yoshino (EAR)
Makes high end valve amplifiers and mics, also modifies recording equipment..
Distributed in Brunei by Giok Seng Enterprise Company, in Denmark by Art Sound, in Germany by Envouge 24, in Monaco by Sound Galleries and in the USA by Sound Advice

Esoteric Sound
US company sells turntables specificially made to be utilised with 78 rpm and transcription disks, this includes both modified designs and more upmarket in house ones. Their turntables are sold under the Rek-O-Kut brand.

Esoteric Sound Equipment Lab (ESE)
Slovenian manufacturer with a slightly unusual mix of high end audiophile products on one hand and products for the recording industry on the other.
Ese Lab d.o.o., Pobocna 1, 6310 Izola, Slovenia.
Tel: +386 5 6415548. Fax: +386 5 6415548 E-mail: info at

Esoteric Speaker Products (ESP)
USA based manufacturer of high end loudspeakers.
Tel: +843 665-6113. E-Mail: inquiries at

Essential Audiotools (Power products) See --> Square Audio

Essential Sound Products (Power products) See --> Essential Sound Products (note, despite similarity of name and products to above, no relation)

ESS Laboratory
USA based manufacturer of high end loudspeakers.
ESS Laboratory, 10170 Croydon Way, Suite#H, Sacramento CA 95827, USA.
Tel: +916 362 4102. Fax: +916 362 1179. E-Mail: ess at

Estelon (Loudspeakers) See --> Alfred & Partners

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