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V Inc.
USA based concern that sells televisions and related apparatus under the Vizio brand.
V Inc., 320A Kalmus Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA.
Tel:+714 668 0588. Fax: +714 668 9099. E-Mail: techsupport at

VAC See --> VAC

VacPac See --> Pudney & Lee

Vacum Tube Logic (VTL)
US manufacturer of valve amplifiers, this is the same company as existed in the UK in the early 90's.
Distribution: In France by Sound & Colors, in Switzerland by the High End Company

Vacuum State Electronics
Manufactures valve based audio prodtucts, perfoms modifications on other audio equipment and sells cookbooks and kits. Company based in Switzerland.
Distributed in Holland by Art Speak, in Taiwan by Bica and in the UK by Chevin Audio Developments.
Vacuum State Electronics, Büsingerstraße 5, 8203 Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 52 620 3581. E-Mail: aw at

Vad Lyd
A Danish company that specialise in the transfer of 78's and other outdated media into a digital format. Also manufactures specialised equipment for that purpose.

Custom builder of high end loudspeakers based in Belgium.

Vaf Research
Australian loudspeaker manufacturer, sells them both fully assembled and as kits.

V.A.L. See --> Shenzhen V.A.L. Technology Co.

Valentin Kazanzhi
Russian gentleman that sells headphones and earphones under the Fischer Audio brand.
Valentin Kazanzhi, Zamshina str. 40, 10, Saint-Petersburg 195271, Russia.
Tel/Fax: +7 960 254 8055.

Valeur Audio
German manufacturer of mid/high end loudspeakers, appears to specialise in small cabinet units.
Valeur Audio, Karklohweg 16, D-24629 Kisdorf, Germany.
Tel: +04193 2994. E-mail: info at

Valve Amplification Company (VAC)
USA based company that makes valve based amplifiers and digital electronics.
Distributed in Belgium by Multitrade Belgium, in Malaysia by Centre Circle Audio and in Spain by Signo Filarmonía.

German manufacturer of high end valve amplifiers.
Valvet High-End Amplification, Inh. Dipl.- Ing. Knut Cornils, Fliederbogen 8a, D-22941 Bargteheide, Germany.
Tel: +49 4532 267651. Fax: +49 4532 267652. E-Mail: info AT

VAM See --> Joseph Audio (China)

Vampire Wire See --> Sound Connections

Van Den Hul
Dutch manufacturer of high end phonographic cartridges, accessories and cables, run by legendary audio nut Aalt Jouk Van den Hul who amongst other things designed the VdH stylus profile and pioneered the use of non metallic cables in audio. In addition to manufacturing pickups the company also rebuilds almost any type of moving coil or moving iron cart that has ever been made.
Distributed in Argentina by Star Audio, in Australia by Duratone, in Brazil by Gramophone Electronica, in Finland by AH Hifisystems, in France by Technology Science & Art, in Iran by Audioart Reference, in Israel by Arama Audio, in Japan by TEAC, in Slovakia by Platan Audio, in Switzerland by Audiools by Braintools, in Yugoslavia by Korato and in the UK by Henley Designs.

Vandersteen Audio Inc
USA based high end loudspeaker manufacturer.
Distributed in Hungary by Magic Sound, in Portugal by Ajasom, in South Africa by The Listening Room, in Spain by Pleyte Audio and in Thailand by 4D Digital Land.

Van Medevoort See --> Audioart

Van Slyke Engineering
USA based manufacturer of telescope accesories that has a small line of mechanical isolation products for use with audio products.

Vantage Controls
USA company that manufactures multiroom controllers and other installation products.
Distribution: Distributed in Finland by Solito, in Greece by Acoustic Design, in South Africa by Tweak Music & Film and, in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video
Homepage: - Europe & Middle East homepage.
Vantage Controls, 1061 South 800 East, Orem, UT 84097, USA.
Tel: +801 229 2800. Fax: +801 224 0355. E-Mail: press at
Vantage Emea, Binnendijk 40, 9130 Beveren, Belgium.
Tel: +32 (0) 3 773 31 06. Fax: +32 (0) 3 773 31 05. E-Mail: evelinev at

Vasant K See --> Musical Design Labs

Vate See --> VaTe

VdH See --> Van Den Hul

Vector Transworld
USA based company that makes horn loaded loudspeakers under the Réthm trademark.
Distribution: In Monaco by Sound Galleries
Homepage: .
Vector Transworld Corporation/The Soul of Music, 444 South Flower Street, Suite 1688, Los Angeles, CA 90071, USA.
Tel: +1 213 624 4704. Fax: +1 213 624 1188. Email: info at

Veda See --> Armour Group

VEF Radiotehnika RRR
Long running Latvian manufacturer of consumer electronic products, they have however recently specialised in the manufacture of loudspeakers.
VEF Radiotehnika RRR, Kurzemes prospekts 3, Riga, Latvia LV-1067
Phone:+371 7418828. Fax:+371 7459201. E-Mail: rrr at

Belgian company that makes test equipment and kits for the educational and hobbyist markets, but are best known for their very high quality audio kits that often surpass commercial offerings in quality.

Veloce Audio LLC
USA based manufacturer of high end valve based amplification.
Distribution: In the UAE by mmaasMedia
Homepage: .
Veloce Audio LLC, 329 Francis Avenue, Ambler, PA 19002, USA.
Tel: +1 215 913 1990. E-Mail: mark %at%

Makes loudspeakers for home theatre use.
Distribution: In Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Radar Audio, in France by Hamy Sound, in India by Acoustic Arts, in Israel by A. L. Audio, in Slovakia by Platan Audio and in Switzerland by Dynavox SA.
Homepage: .
Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., 1070 Commercial Street, Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95112, USA.
Phone: +408 436 7270. Fax: +408 436 7276.

Venture Audio Pte Ltd.
Singaporean company that manufactures high end loudspeakers, hi-fi amplifiers including valve based ones, cables and interconnects and car audio loudspeakers. Also acts ass the distributor of J. C. Verdier in Singapore and Indonesia..
Distribution: In Taiwan by SK Audio
Homepage: .
Venture Audio Pte Ltd, 52 Ubi Avenue 3, #01-46 Frontier, Singapore 408867.
Tel: +65 6844 8694. Fax: +65 6844 8664. E-Mail: info /at}
Venture B.V.B.A., Hanendreef 23, B-2930 Brasschaat, Belgium.
Tel: +32 3 653 07 32. Fax: +32 3 653 13 49.

Venturer See --> Alco

Verastarr Audio
USA based manufacturer of multichannel power amplifiers, interconnects and cables.
Verastarr Audio, 3468 Cedar Valley Ct SE, Smyrna, GA 30080, USA.
Tel: +1 770 433 9434. Fax: +1 770 433 0799..

French manufacturer of analogue audio such as valve amplifiers and turntables, strictly high end and full name is actually Laboratoire Verdier.
Distributed in Germany by Auditorium 23, in Indonesia nad Singapore by Venture, in Malaysia by Wisma Audio, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, in Portugal by Imaginaria, in Russia by Nikitsky 12 and in the UK by GT Audio

Verity Audio
Canadian maker of high end loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Reference Audio Visual, in Belgium by Multitrade Belgium, in Scandinavia by PS Audio, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Russia by Qvinta, in South Korea by Audio Gallery and in Taiwan by Hi-End Technology.
Homepage: .
Verity Audio Inc., 840 rue Sainte-Therese, Suite 110 Quebec Canada G1N 1S7
Tel: + 1 418 682 9940. Fax: +1 418 682 8644. E-Mail: verity /at:

Verity Group PLC. See --> NXT

Vers Audio
USA based company that makes earphones, docking stations and other personal audio accessories such as skins.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
VersAudio, P.O. Box 5265, Wayland, MA 01778, USA.
Tel: +1 866 224 6795. E-Mail: info /at#

Vertex Aq
British manufacturer of acoustic, mechanical and electronic isolation products, in addition to cables and interconnects that they sell under their own name in addition to DAC's that they sell under the Aletheia brand.
Distribution: In Mexico by Armonia AVM and in Monaco by Sound Galleries
Homepage: .
Vertex Aq Ltd., The Old Surgery, Spa Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5EY, UK.
Tel: +44(0)1597 825993.

Vetrabim See --> Mitshubishi Media

Italian company that manufactures valve based amplifiers, unusually enough in addition to the usual home hi-fi amps they also manufacture valve amps for use in car audio systems.
VEXO SRL, Via Buozzi N. 15, 20090 Buccinasco (MI), Italy.
Tel/Fax: +39 02 39 44 84 27. E-Mail: info at

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