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NHT See --> Now Hear This (NHT)

Italian manufacturer of high end audio electronics, daughter company of the Simetel military and telecomm electronics giant.
Distributed in Romania by In Auditu

Nikic Audio Team (NAT Audio)
Serbian manufacturer of valve amplification.
Distribution: In Austria and Germany by TCG Handels and in Mexico by Audiomex.
Homepage: .
NAT Audio, P. FAH 77, 34000 Kragujevac, Svetozara Markovica 99, Serbia.
Tel: +381 34 305 172. Fax/Tel: + 381 34 305 171. E-Mail: info &at(

Niles Corp.
Manufactures equipment intended for multiroom audio installation including multichannel amplifiers, integrated controllers and loudspeakers. Company based in the USA.

Nippon Atsudenki
Japanese manufacturer of transducers such as headphones and microphones that sells it's wares using the Azden trademark, has recently exited the phonographic pickup market.
Homepage: - USA homepage.

Nippon Electric Company (NEC)
One of the largest Japanese electronics companies and the longest running, and has supplied electric and electronic components for more than a century and has production facilities on every (populated) continent. Pioneered the digital transmission of audio and manufactured the first commercial digital audio products in 1965 but has mostly remained out of sight to the consumers since the company has concentrated on the manufacture of components on one hand and professional, computing, communication and broadcast products on the other, that is with the exception of Australia where the company has for a long time been a supplier of both brown goods and other consumer products that have traditionally been produced locally. NEC has recently entered the consumer AV market globally with home theatre projectors and suchlike and they supply consumer computing equipment including some AV equipment under the Packard Bell trademark. Note that the authorities in a number of Asian countries recently liquidated a large counterfeiting ring that specialised in making products with the NEC brand on it, this was an unusually large and sophisticated operation that sold possibly millions of items over a number of years, so if you have a NEC branded audio or AV product bought between 2001 and 2006 in Asia it's worth checking out if it is real or not, since obviously the original company provides neither service nor support for those products.
Homepage: - NEC Home Electronics (Australia) - Projectors homepage
AV projector products from the company are distributed in Romania by Avitech while consumer electronics in general are distributed in the Czech Republic by Eurostrar Ostrava, and in Poland by EIC.

Nippon Gakki See --> Yamaha Corp.

Nippon Precision Jewel Industry Co. Ltd.
Japanese manufacturer of replacement stylii and pickups sold under the JICO brand, these are above average in quality and while primarily a manufacturer the company usually has an English language site that sells them directly to end users, but it was down when this was being written.

Nippon Victor Co. See --> JVC

Nirvana Audio
US based cable manufacturer.
Distributed in Greece and Cyprus by MF Audio and in Holland by Dynamic Solutions.

Nissha Giken Y.K.
Japanese manufacturer of high end audio amplifiers and related accessories.
Distribution: In the USA and Canada by Yama's Enterprises
Homepage: .
Nissha Giken Y.K., 2187-3 Kisomachi Machida, Tokyo 194-0033, Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)42 789 5805. Fax: +81 (0)42 789 5315.

Nittobo (AGS Room tuning) See --> Nittobo Acoustic Engineering

Nitty Gritty
USA based maker of record and CD care and cleaning products.
Distribution: In Canada by Liberty Trading, in France by Technology Science & Art, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Poland by F.H.U. RCM and in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore.
Homepage: .
Nitty Gritty Record Care Products, Inc., 4650 Arrow Higway #F4, Montclair, CA 91763, USA.
Tel: 888 447 4889 (Toll free, USA only) or +1 909 625 5525. Fax: +1 909 625 5526 E-Mail: gayle /at(

NLU Products LLC

USA based company that sells protective skins, shells, cases and similar products for MP3 players and phones under the Bodyguardz name in addition to selling earphones under the Earjax brand that they acquired from SoundVision Technologies in 2011. Company originally founded in 2002, in the nearby town of Draper.
NLU Products LLC , 775 W Concorde Park Dr., Bluffdale, UT 84065, USA.
Tel: +1 801 495 3415. Fax: +1 801 495 3516..

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